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The Yahad of East Tennessee

Daniel ben Regesh and Yochanan Governor Staten - Ministries to the Blind
Daniel ben Regesh                         Yochanan Governor Staten

They are the co-hosts of the Yetcast podcast.

This year we were blessed by a sister who donated a very expensive Braille embosser to our Yahad of East Tennessee. This assists us in publishing and distributing Braille literature to the visually impaired (which we both are). This machine also assists us in such tasks as creating our prayer book, Hagaddah (Our Pesach Seder) and any other correspondence.


The Braille embosser requires very expensive paper. Six Braille pages are needed to every printed page. It is not possible to print or distribute this literature without proper Braille paper. For example, my Bible here at home is eighteen oversized volumes, Old and New Testaments. The print Bible is just one volume. If you try to use different paper other than proper Braille paper it will eventually tear up the machine.


Braille Embosser

Braille Embosser


The Yahad of East Tennessee would love to have brothers and sisters who will faithfully sustain this ministry. Your monthly donation will assist our organization in the creation and distribution of Braille literature and also with our correspondence.


(Editor's note: We would be very effective in ministry if we could get everyone to send a package of Braille paper from Amazon.  A small package is less than $20.  You see, we broadcast literature throughout the world.  Our books and translations could have a significant impact on the sight impaired if we published and distributed a few copies of, say, the Nazarene Acts in Braille.)


To be a part of this ministry blessing please click the donate to partner with our Braille publications program.




In October of 2018, a generous donor (thank you!) heard a plea for funds to get The CZUR Aura Scanner - a revolutionary machinethis new concept in scanning over one of our radio broadcasts.  The urgency of the need was such that we could buy into the production of this machine and, when it was manufactured, we would receive one gratis for our own use.  The donation to the company was significantly less than the projected purchase price.  (Nearly $200 less!) Once the CZUR company received our investment, we received the Assurance that our machine would be delivered in December, 2018.  Lo, there were production problems.  Months went by.  It got to the point in which we thought that we  we had fallen for an elaborate scan (scam).  We continued to be reassured by the manufacturer that it was coming.  And it finally did come - in May, 2019 - after 7 months of waiting and wondering.


Since that time, our resident sailor, Commander Lee Hayhurst, has been glued to the machine, learning how to use the hardware and complicated software included.  The CZUR Aura promised to reduce the time and tedious nature of scanning all kinds of documents.  And indeed, it has.  What took hours of constant adjustment before now takes perhaps a quarter of the time.  So Lee is now using the Aura to improve our library of cutting edge religion, theology and history books pertaining to the origins of your authentic faith.  Also, this gives those who are site-impaired to study these books through the software's ability to not only scan, but convert the books to simple text or PDF so that the material may be read by computer software designed to aid the visually-impaired in this way. 


Commander Lee busy with equipment


Another use that we are considering is to perhaps bring in a little much-needed revenue to the Yahad through offering scanning and character-recognition services to the public.  Having our own fast scanner, extensive software and a faithful Apostle to run them both makes this not only possible, but feasible.  Various materials may be scanner - photos, certificates, old slides, legal paper, artwork (which we may also correct) and more may be duplicated digitally with the equipment very quickly and inexpensively.  Do you need your old pictures scanned for correction, storage and future viewing?  Contact Lee!  He'll do a great job for you for a nominal donation.



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Inner Healing Seminars (occasionally) - Sundays, 9 PM ET

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The Yetcast - Daniel ben Regesh and Yochanan Staten

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