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September, 2019

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Freely you have received, freely give.  (Matthew 10:8)  We give freely.


HAITI MINISTRIES!  Learn more  If you read nothing more in this note, please do read this article.  It's short but packed with mission information you will enjoy.   "Phiney" Jean Honore, Port-au-PrinceOur Torah man in Haiti has an opportunity to journey to the US for training and discipleship.  "Phiney" has been with the Yahad for 7 years.  He has proved his courage, loyalty and love.  And now, he and we need your investment to keep him up-to-date for his most difficult mission ministry as well as this work on the cutting edge.  Read the article here!

Facebook Page   Invest in Education and Evangelism


DEVOTIONAL MINISTRIES! Pray often, your life depends on it!  By Louisette.  Louisette, the "Little Levite Girl"

We talk about saving time as if we can pack it into a box for a rainy day. But no matter what we do, the minutes and hours tick by, unaltered by our efforts to change their pace. So, instead, we try to caffeinate them or make them pass more quickly in any number of ways ...  Read the rest 

MINISTRY STORY! Newly ordained Rev. Kenneth Kimmons performs his very Kenneth Kimmonsfirst marriage of a good friend.  This fellow is stepping out in faith to fulfill his calling and ministry, and we recognize him for it.  This is his story of redemption, the process of ordination and the meaning of "calling."  You will enjoy this short story.  Read more 


Kratom and CBD for sale
A full report on the properties of Cannabinoids (CBD) and Mitragyna Speciosa (Kratom), and how these natural-occurring substances will make a difference in your livelihood.  Learn more about CBD | Learn more about Kratom  Introductory price special on both.


DOUGLAS ESSENE (FOOD) MINISTRIES!  Feeding the hungry. Clothing the Valerie Mangeotneedy. Providing day care and strengthening the family. Find out. Take Part. Do the work of an evangelist. The Douglas, GA vicinity has a hi population of low income families.  Valerie and her husband Mark saw the need and responded in an invaluable way. Learn more


TABERNACLES WITH US IN NORTH GEORGIA!  October 8 - 17, 2019.  Eddie Chumney, keynote speaker for Feast of TabernaclesAffordable lodge quarters, vegan / vegetarian friendly and EDDIE CHUMNEY is the keynote speaker. Also Jackson Snyder, Bishop Regesh, Rich Cook, Ya'aqov Israel, Michael Roman & Michael Windham.  Lots of free time near Atlanta. Speakers here. Details here.


MINISTRIES TO THE BLIND - BRAILLE & SCANNING!   This year we were Yochanan "Governor" Statenblessed by a sister who donated a very expensive Braille embosser to our Yahad of East Tennessee.  And we are using it!  Same with the new CZUR Aura Scanner.  You must know about this unusual yet important work.

 Learn more about Braille     Learn more about Scanning


INNER HEALING and DELIVERANCE!  With Allyson, Jackson & Kaye. Vital to Jackson Snyderthe body! There are so few with the calling to delve into this exciting and rewarding ministry.  We have ongoing classes and many recorded training sessions.  May be disturbing.  The recordings of training sessions are at this link.


MIGRATION!  We are growing!  We need more space!  We are moving to a new server during August and September, 2019.  Some links in our websites may not work.  If you encounter broken links, please report to


MINISTRY NAME AMENDED!  Call us the Vero Essene Yahad or call us New Earth Restoration; both are fine.  Restoring Creation and and Humanity to the Millennial Model is our goal and ministry. Learn more



Revolving Shabbat Worship - Saturdays, 11 AM ET

Controversial Topics Forum - Saturdays, 1 PM ET

The Mystery if History - Wednesdays, 9 PM ET

Inner Healing Seminars (occasionally) - Sundays, 9 PM ET

In your home, anonymous, free, convenient, commandment fulfilling.

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The Yetcast - Daniel ben Regesh and Yochanan Staten

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