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Port-au-Prince, Haiti, West Indies

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"Brother Jack, he starts to encourage me to know the truth about the plan of our Creator; he shows me that I was in the darkness.  And me and my father, we accept it, and brother Jack sent us two friends to teach us some lessons about Yahweh's plan: Brother Lee (Hayhurst) and brother David (ben Israel)."  -Phiney


Yes, you read the sign correctly - the school is named after me!  Our Torah-observant secondary school in Haiti, College Mixte Jackson Snyder, features long-time principal Jean Phiney Honore, a Yahad minister.  Several of us in the States have observed and evaluated his progress for a number of years, and now "Phiney" has an opportunity to attend college in the United States soon.  He needs this discipleship and education, and we want to help him all we can. But our finacial abilities are quite limited, so we appeal to you who have a heart for the youth of Haiti to invest in this very valid and vital ministry opportunity.  And yes, it's named for me, though I had nothing to do with that except that I and the Yahad have supported Phiney's ministry since 1996.


Phiney has written us a letter containing a little of his biography below.  As you read, recall that English is not his native language - and he has little opportunity to practice with it in Haiti.  But Phiney speaks and teaches three languages in his primary and secondary schools.  His native language is Haitian Kreyol. 


So here is that letter with a minimum of editing for your consideration- Jackson So here is that letter unedited for your consideration- Jackson


One language class at CMJS

An actual class at CMJS - these kids didn't come to fidget!  It is a rare privilege to attend school here because no one is guaranteed an education and most do not get any.  The kids are from the school neighborhood, in uniform and, at least when I was there, entirely serious despite thier poverty.  Notice this main classroom - concrete block walls on three side, a blue tarp on the other.  May Yahweh deign do complete this place of education and worship.  Are you called to mission?  Here is a perfect opportunity to heed the call in one way or another.


Dear Responsibles (Sponsors),

Today it's a great honor to tell you about me first of all: about my goals, about my school, about my father and (es)special(ly) about the first Yahad that we have in Haïti.


I am Honoré: Jean-Phiney, in this July I was married but I don't have Jean Phiney Honore, Principalyet children. After my classic study at the Lycée Jean Marie (high school), I was (attended) at the university to learn science éducation, to teach and share my knowledge. (Soon) after that, I have a friend (who) lives close to my house, (his) name is "Maestro" Saincius st Martin.  He has was traveld with many groups in USA to sing (as a musician) and he met the Snyder family (in 1967). Together then, (on his returns) we decided to create a school just to help the poor children in the area in Haiti.


The Snyder family, mother Bettie, his son Phillip Snyder, and specially brother Jack Snyder always supports us, like finding foods to give to those poor students and send us money to pay teachers. The school do not have the name of Jackson; I see and understand all things that brother Jack did for us and I tell Maestro to change the school name.  And since 1994, the school (name) has been Collège Mixte Jackson Snyder. I didn't have a great collaboration with brother Jackson because Maestro was always (the one to) make a trip with them and work with them, but since Maestro has become blind and deaf, he has me doing it all (in connection with the school and ministry).  (Maestro suffered from prostate cancer at that time.  He has been in active ministry now for over 65 years in Haiti and USA!)


Phiney, Marcelle, Maestro


One thing that brother Jack did to touch me a lot for all my life - Maestro was dying and must in a short time have an operation.  After looking for a long time, he can not find money to make that operation (and save his life).  I think about and decide to write brother Jack to give him a support.  After just a few hours, Jack sends us $3,500 dollars US to make that operation.  Sincerely, I could not never forget a thing like this.


After waiting in contact with brother Jack, he starts to encourage to know the truth about the plan of our creator, he shows me that I was in the darkness, he tells me and shows me some scriptures about Yahweh and his son Yashuah; but when Maestro knows that things, he don't want to accept it, and even Jack's brother Phillip don't share the point of view of Jackson about the gospel of Yahweh. Me and my father we accept it, and brother Jack sent us two friends to teach us some lessons about Yahweh's plan, Brother Lee (Hayhurst) and brother David (ben Israel).  (HalleluYah!  So few accept Torah!  But they did readily. -ed.)  They stayed with us for a week in my house with my family and me.


 David ben Israel, Phiney and a little niece.

David ben Israel O. B. M., Phiney & Niece


After that, always want to help me to know the true about Yahweh, brother Jack, send me a letter to go to the US embassy to try to find a VISA. But my trying don't have a good answer. I work, me and my father with sisters and brothers in the Yahad; however, I do not have enough knowledge about the real scriptures, about what I must tell them (the Yahad in Haiti) exactly because some of the things that I think was good, I see those things have a lot of mistakes when brother Jack shows me and give me explanation.  The I see and I accept.


Always having the determination to study, I find an university at USA, and i think I could have opportunity to move to study.  They ask me to have a lot of things and I asked brother Jack to gives me a support to be able to go, but now brother Jack don't have enough capacity and don't have funds - he tells me he'll try to do his best, and I think and believe Yahweh could provide for me, even if I have a short time, I still positive that Yahweh will provide.


Port is quite often riotous because the government is so corrupt.  Its people are the victims of such corruption.
The leadership of Haiti has been corrupt for a century, the people have fallen victim t

o the devils of ignorance and Poverty.  How can they learn without a teacher?


Once I am able to take that opportunity, i will meet brother Jack over there, meet the sponsors in the Yahad, learn from them, and go back in Haïti to share with sisters and father those knowledge. Sure, i will go to the university for a short time To study, and meet the faculty to learn from them.  I will do both things: first go to the university while trying to learn some gospel knowledge about Yahweh, all while continuing to find some opportunity to continue to help my poor students, continue to learn and support them.  Even nowadays Haiti is very difficult to live cause a lot of troubles politic, social and economic.


My dreams are: Go at USA to learn about the real and true knowledge of Yahweh and his son Yashuah. Study, and come back to Haiti, to share, because in Haïti, 90 percent of them, they don't know what is true about Yahweh, they follow the devil, and do bad things. The best gift i can give to myself is to help people, to give them a chance for eternal life and temporal success in spiritual matters NOW.


May our Saviour Yahweh and his son Yashuah provide wisdom in all your ways and success in your callings

 ... Your son and brother Jean Phiney Honoré

Secondary Students assembling for Devotions
Secondary students assemble


With this need, time is of the essence!  Will you invest in the youth and Kingdom of our poorest neighbor?  Help us get our Principal equipped to do more and do better for his people - our people. 


Ask of me, and I will make the heathen your inheritance and the ends of the earth your possession. (Psalms 2:8)

This donation is designated for Haiti School Fund

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