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For Home or use in the Congregation

For Siddurim of the Feasts, please go to the Festivals index.

Call to Order - a Prelude to Worship

The Transliterated Shema - all of it.

A Traditional Nazorean Home Service with Music to Download or Stream

A Second Service that is a Manifestation of Praise with Music to Download or Stream

The Complete Todah Rabbah / Communion with explanations

The Brief Todah Rabbah / Communion DOC |

            The Brief Todah Rabbah in Double-sided PDF

Consecration of Elders - complete explanation and service

About Unique Baptism and The Nazorean Siddur Tevillah for the Long-distance Rite

The Blessing of Washing the Hands - from the Talmud but still worthwhile.

The Master's Prayer (Slotha d'Maran) DOC  The Master's Prayer  PDF

The Amidah, or 18 Benedictions - A Service of Standing Prayer.

The Havdalah (Separation) - Used at the end of Shabbat or anytime during the week.

About Mezuzot and Siddur Mezuzot - Mezuzah also means “post,” and that which is attached to the doorpost, that is, a mezuzah (Devarim 6:9)

Liturgy for Chag Yeshua Service - 3 Maccabees tells us that the day was celebrated with rejoicing and they “were crowned with all kinds of fragrant flowers.” A lost service found.  (James Trimm)

Siddur Erev Shabbat 4 - with music score & MP3

Siddur Erev Shabbat 5 - with music score & MP3

Siddur Erev Shabbat 6 - with music score & MP3

Siddur Erev Shabbat 7 - with music score & MP3



York 1910 and White 1920 silver cornets

I rebuild, restore & repair brass and silver musical instruments. The proceeds of sales go for our occupational rehabilitation ministry. Pictured are 1910 White and 1920 York silver cornets, which came to me each in very poor condition.  Each horn was chemically cleaned, de-tarnished, de-dented, re-soldered, padded and corked, with valves lapped and lubricated. They are ready as vintage instruments to go back into service, along with many more beauties.  Do you have instruments you no longer use - any make, model, condition or type?  We can put them to use in ministry.  Perhaps you are a player or need a used instrument.  Maybe I can help. Call (801) 850 6901 and leave me a message or use the contact form.  Jackson Snyder




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