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Archives of Ancient Apostolic Autographs

Note:   All are True Names Versions, most are new translations, found nowhere else, no pagan names, titles, or worship words added. Some of these historical selections are available in three possible formats: manuscript with class study guides, MP3 download, and audio stream.  Streaming is possible on broadband (cable, DHL, wireless) only.  Most include the narrative, transcript, and study guide for use with study groups.



The Dead Sea Scrolls: Teacher of Righteousness

Jewish Pseudepigrapha, so-called, including New, True Names Translations (such as Enoch)

Scriptures Discarded by the Rabbinical and Protestant Reformations (such as Maccabees)

Apostolic Literature Discarded by Rome and the Church

The Apostolic Letters of Hillel III regarding Shimeon Kefa and the Nazorean Movement

Newly Discovered Resource Bearing Upon the Nazoreans

Narratives, Essays, Apologetics, Articles Bearing on the Sect

Logue's Historical Abstracts - 1st Century Jewish History and Archeology


The Dead Sea Scrolls:  Teacher of Righteousness: Autobio Sections:

The Community Rule - excerpt including the Teacher's autobiography < 20 min   transcript    MP3    stream   

The Hodayot (Thanksgiving Psalms) Col. 8 - an autobiographical psalm   < 10 min                    MP3    stream  

The Damascus Document (CD) - Exhortatory Sermon (50 AD) < 20 min    transcript & guide  MP3    stream

The Shapira Manuscript - the most ancient Torah (?), 830 BC.                               transcript      MP3     stream 


The Jewish Pseudepigrapha, so-called, Including New, True Names Translations

I, Enoch, Sky-tripper - First (Ethiopic) Enoch, a New, True Names Translation        annotated manuscript


Scriptures Discarded by the Rabbinical and Protestant Reformations

1 Maccabees: Map of the Seleucid Dynastic Kingdom and 1 Maccabees 1 & 2

2 Maccabees: The Righteous Priest's Dispute Against Egypt's Banker              transcript      MP3     stream 

3 Maccabees 3: The Righteous Eleazer Verses 500 Drunken Elephants              transcript      MP3     stream 

The Book of Tobit, aka "Tevit and Tevyah" Audio with Chapter Questions          guide                          stream

Enoch and the Dead Sea Scrolls: Quoted in Jude, Banned for A Thousand Years   transcript                   stream

1 Enoch 85 - 90: The Animal Apocalypse - this text is perfect for getting into the mind of a major prophet.  All historic people and movements of the Pentateuch are represented by animals.  With but a little brainwork, a student of Scripture will surely be able to interpret this text for a class.

Judith and Susanna personify true daughters of Israel; it is remarkable that in the Books of Judith, Susanna and Esther,  Israel is saved by a woman. The fervent nationalism of these books is tempered by openness, for even the pagans recognize the power of YHWH, protector of Israel. The readings are based on the New Jerusalem Bible Books of Judith and Daniel & Susanna.                  Audio only:      stream Judith and Susanna 
                                                                                                       Read Judith online     Read Daniel & Susanna online

Apostolic Literature Discarded by Rome and the Church

NEW!  The Didaché, or Hora'ah ~ The Teaching of the Twelve Apostles ~ a new annotated translation interpaginated with the received Greek originated as a practical manual for leaders in the Nazorean (Netzari, Nazarene) movement of the first century (for Yahshua was to be called a Nazorean). The Apostles relay the teachings of the Master on ritualistic life in the kahal, including the Two Roads doctrine, eating, baptizing, fasting, praying, the Todah Rabbah (Communion), teachers, apostles, prophets, overseers and deacons, self-examination among equals, and the Last Days.  We use the Hora'ah when making decisions in the business of the Qahal

Buy the paperbacks here    Greek / English / Annotated [HTML]     (Earlier versions:) MP3     stream  

                                                                  Another True Names Version here based on Garrow 2004

The Odes of Shalome (or The Odes of Solomon). Solid tradition attributes these forty ancient songs of love to the sister of the Messiah; they remain the earliest Nazorean hymn book outside of the Psalms

                                                 Buy the paperbacks here      read the webpage   get the annotated text [PDF]     stream  

T. Flavius Clemens, The Ancient Sermon known as 'Second Clement' or "Clement's second Letter to the Corinthians"  Not only the earliest 'Christian' sermon (so-called), but also one of the best. The author insists on the proselyte's commitment to the Torah and the Way of the assembly.  This sermon is a far cry from today's proclamation of grace justifying everything one does.                                                                                                                 transcript & guide  MP3   stream < 22 min 

Yosef bar Naba, "The Epistle of Barnabas": To the Children of Love and Peace [PDF] : The Epistle of Barnabas is included in the earliest versions of the New Covenant . It is Hebraic in character and explains several hidden meanings of the Hebrew Scriptures, including the higher meaning of sacrifices, food ordinances, the 8 day prophetic week and what it really means to be a a follower of Yahshua the Messiah.                                                     Buy the paperback here (Greek & English)      annotated text [PDF]    audio stream  

The Torah of Zillai, "The Teachings of Sylvanus": This is a letter from Silas (Zillai) to his son, bar Zillai, which attempts to dissuade the younger man from joining with the zealots.  The text is specific enough to convey the message but general enough to be of no threat to establishment powers.      annotated text     stream  

Kata Mattyah: The Good News According to Matthew.  This is a NEW TRANSLATION based on the Codex Sinaiticus.  It is very useful for gaining a command of the biblical Hebrew language.  Many common transliterated Hebrew words replace their English counterparts so that the student progressing through this version will gain a basic Hebrew vocabulary.                         

                                                              Buy the paperbacks here    annotated text, MP3 download, and audio stream

The Letter of the Smyrnaeans of The Martyrdom of Polycarp. We write to you, brothers, an account of what befell those that suffered martyrdom and especially the blessed Polycarp, who endured the persecution, having set his seal on it by his martyrdom. For nearly all the previous events came to pass so that the Master might show us once more an example of martyrdom that is conformable to the Evangel.

True Names Version based on Lightfoot  

Excerpt The Teaching of the Apostles informing us about the locations in which the Apostles ordained priests.

True Names Version


Hillel III's Letters Regarding the Nazorean Movement in Jerusalem: Presentations of Hillel's first and second letters from Letters regarding Elohim's Providence to the Jews.

Hillel III, Letter 1 Reporting his Personal Observations of Simon Peter      < 16 minutes    MP3   stream

Hillel III, Letter 2 Reporting Jewish History Leading Up to the Present       < 22 minutes   MP3   stream 


Newly Discovered Resources Bearing Upon the Nazoreans

Ancient Nazarene Commentaries on Isaiah conserved by Jerome - Jerome (347 – 440 AD) was an ecclesiastical historian best known for his many translations of scripture into Latin, including his best-known work, the Vulgate.  He may well have been in contact with the ancient sect of the Nazarenes, which he speaks of in favorable terms, and we suppose the following commentaries proceeded from common discourse with them.  If so, these commentaries may well be one of the most important and most neglected sources of Nazarene lore in our possession. 

The Hazon Balaam, or Balaam / Bilam in the Tell Deir 'Alla Inscription - The Deir 'Alla Inscription (or Bala'am Son of Be'or Inscription) was the product of a 1967 excavation in Deir 'AllaJordan. The excavation revealed a many-chambered structure that had also been destroyed by earthquake, during the Persian period at the site, on the wall of which was written a previously unknown prophecy by the seer and prophet Bala'am, son of Be'or.

The Hazon Gabriel, or Revelation of Gabriel, the "stone" Dead Sea Scroll - Scriptural scholars are abuzz over a stone tablet that is said to bear previously unknown prophecies about a Jewish messiah who would rise from the dead in three days. But there are far more questions than answers about the tablet, which some have suggested could represent "a new Dead Sea Scroll in stone."

Historical Documents Showing That The Rabbis destroyed the Aramaic and Hebrew New Testaments, thus explaining why YHWH's Full Name is no longer included except in the conjugated Aramaic form of MAR-YAH, or Master YAH, or Adon-Yah.

The Shocking True Story Behind the “Jesus Family Tomb” - The Discovery Channel recently aired “The Lost Tomb of Jesus.” The filmmakers claim with perfectly certainty that they have found the tomb of the entire family of Jesus, that they had his DNA, that Mary Magdalene is in there, and a boy, "Little Jude." Although religious folks are burning books, "The Family Tomb" has a great deal of information to add to our quest for the historical Yahushua ben YHWH.

Here is the original version Hebrew technical terms and True Names intact.

Here is a summarized version without the Hebrew or technical terms.  

Narratives, Essays, Apologetics, Articles Bearing on the Sect

Classic Gnosticism (The Catholic Encyclopedia): Whereas formerly Gnosticism was considered mostly a corruption of Christianity, it now seems clear that the first traces of Gnostic systems can be discerned some centuries before the Christian Era.

Pilgrimage to Yerushalayim (Jerusalem): Yahshua’ First Feast of Tabernacles, 8 A.D. This is the marvelous story-like narrative of the family of Miryam (Miryam) making pilgrimage from Natzeret to Yerushalayim for the Feast of Tabernacles in 8 AD.                   manuscript & study guide        audio stream

The Shocking True Story Behind the “Jesus Family Tomb” While the eldest brother James is studying Enoch and becoming “James the Just” in Jerusalem, his twin (toma), Jude, is studying current political events with John, an Egyptian Essene.

Jeremiah in Ireland Excerpt from The Lost Ten Tribes by Rev. Joseph Wise, D.D. - Jeremiah was the patron-saint for Ireland for a long time. Simeon the Welsh have David ; and as surely as the Welsh have kept their saint, so surely ought Ireland.

Christ's-Mass: The Real Reason for the Season (excerpts): (Nydle) Within the Christian Church, it was not till the fourth century was far advanced did Christ Mass gain much observance.

The Most Ancient Symbol of the Nazarenes: The Messianic Seal: “For the Oil of the Spirit”

Nazoreans, Christians, and the Famine of 46 AD: Let us judge history based on other important ancient Scriptures, including Josephus, Barnabas, and Judas Didymos Thomas.


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