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Were People on Earth Before Adam and Eve?  -or-  Was There a Pre-Adamic Race?

(Genesis Debunking) Creation Myths of the World by Manali Oak


Transliterated Shema Complete

The Ten Commandment Found in the Shema / More About the Shema

What Was It You Said When You Rolled Out of Bed? Shema, Yisra'el!  Yahweh Eloheynu, Yahweh echad! How to Love with Heart, Soul, Mind and Strength


To Eat or Not to Eat, That is the Question: The Torah and the Lost Tribes - an extensive study on Torah keeping emphasizing the "Law of Beasts," or Food Ordinances.

This is How I Eat: How to Eat Common - a very short lesson on eating.  Best through IE.


Why Disasters Happen: If He is Good, Why Does he Allow Evil?  Hearken to the Thunder of his Voice: For Days of Awe, Natural Disasters, Hurricanes, Earthquakes, Unnatural Weather.  (Link to Snyder Bible.)


A Synopsis of Giving: The Tithe(s), Firstfruits, and How to Give if There is no Temple.

Tithes - Exactly What Were Tithes of Israel? The Allegory of the Unrighteous Steward (read or listen)


Some Sound Thoughts About the Order of Elder & Proposed Siddur for the Consecration of Elders


Lectionary Series 2753: The Synoptic Problem, Alternate Readings, an Comparable Apocryphal Passages: The Dove, the Evolution of a Testimonial, and an Introduction to the Synoptic Problem


The Dove and the Evolution of a Testimonial: The dove flies from Noah's Ark and reappears in the gospel account of Yahshua's dunking in the Jordan.  Here is an opportunity to sort out the various testimonials to this dove and and the same time find a reason or two for the Synoptic problem.

Christ's-Mass: The Real Reason for the Season (excerpts): (Nydle) Within the Christian Church, it was not till the fourth century was far advanced did Christ Mass gain much observance.

When Does the Year Begin?  The New Moon and Green Ears.  "Rosh Hashanah," or, "Jewish New Year," is not the beginning of the year, at least not according to the Scriptures, or for the purpose of calculating the rest of the Set-apart Days of the Year.


A Jewish View of Jesus:  Rabbi Barry Leff (Jerusalem, - Jews rarely, if ever, talk about Jesus. I’ve never given a sermon about Jesus, not even at this obvious time of year, and I’ve never heard a rabbi speak about Jesus from the pulpit. I assume, and I presume most of my colleagues presume, that congregants would completely freak out if a rabbi were to speak about Jesus . . .


Was Yahshua Married? Pray that our leaders are willing to courageously guide us up instead of down to hell. 


How to Blow the Shofar, with an easy true name home Shofar Service

Were People on Earth Before Adam and Eve?  -or- Was There a Pre-Adamic Race?

Intention and Decision-making: The Creative Process and the Beautiful Garden of Rotting Endless Possibilities

Why Would Anyone Want to Study Kabbalah? Madonna, Britney Spears, Demi Moore, Paris Hilton, and Marla Maples all study Kabbalah.  What’s the fascination?  What’s it all about?


What Is a New Moon? - Yahweh in His wisdom has given us a calendar in the sky for all to see. He uses the sun and moon to establish days, months, years, and also His appointed observances, Genesis 1:14.  A critical component to His calendar is the new moon, which starts each Biblical month.


Why Believers Resist the True Name: Is there a difference between Classical Roman Catholic worship and that of Mainline or even Evangelical in the ritual and the calendar?  No. 

What Is the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit?  A Vital Message for Practicing, Church-going Christians.

Converting Your Bible Reading  to Conform with the True Names Method and keeping thus observing the 3rd commandment.

Who is Yahshua?  “I, even I, am YAHWEH; and beside Me there is no Savior” (Isaiah 43:11)

Ask Anything in My Name: Before Yahshua went to be with the Father, He taught his disciples that up until this time they had asked nothing in His name.

Yeshua is our example: and He never used the name Yahweh. At least this is what FFOZ claims.  Let us learn the truth together.


The Family of Jesus (Yahshua) by E. McNamer - This article, from a Roman Catholic publication, is a very good quick study of the royal family from Egypt to the Ascendancy of Simon bar Cleopas. Bare bones, every Netzari should know al least this much about the Savior's lineage and descendants.

Nazoreans, Christians, and the Famine of 46 AD: Let us judge history based on other important ancient Scriptures, including Josephus, Barnabas, and Judas Didymos Thomas.

Why I Converted from Christianity to Nazorean Judaism by the Synonymous Son: According to the Scripture prophets, only those who know the Ordinances of Yahweh and practice them will be among the elect.

Called By the Prophets a Nazorean -  Now, granted that the name Nazareth, either in itself or in its adjectival forms, does not appear in the Old Testament, it is, nevertheless, our contention that a more complete analysis will indicate that true prophecy was fulfilled, and it is my purpose in the present article to indicate how. - from LIVING TRADITION: ORGAN OF THE ROMAN THEOLOGICAL FORUM.

The Most Ancient Symbol of the Nazarenes: The Messianic Seal: “For the Oil of the Spirit”


Unity in Community: The Aaronic Blessing: A Short Training Session for a Minyan

Should Believers Use the Word "Amen"? Is in not the name of an Egyptian Deity?

Why Do You Swear? If you can convince me that it is proper and profitable, as a reasonable man, I must withdraw my opposition to it. But if, on the other hand, I shall be able to show that it is highly injurious, and extremely dangerous, will you not cease it forever?

The Question of Psalm 104: Was it Written by David or Pharaoh? by Richard F. Hall - This story begins in ancient Egypt with Amenhotep IV. (l350-1334 BC).

What Was It You Said When You Rolled Out of Bed? Shema, Yisra'el!  Yahweh Eloheynu, Yahweh echad! How to Love with Heart, Soul, Mind and Strength


For more on Prophecy, go to Moreh's Notes or Snyder Bible

Is the Rapture for Real? A Brief Scriptural Summary of the Seventh Trumpet and the Rapture

Isaiah 66 – Second Class Visions - a Study in Prophecy: Since the sacred name is revealed and true worship re-established – on what kind of person will Yahweh be relying?

When Are the Last Days? Part 1: What the APOSTLES Thought and Taught

When Are the Last Days? Part 2: What the APOSTLES Thought and Taught

Like a Thief in the Night: Time, Millennium, Return or Messiah


Metanoia / Teshuva: Finding the Kingdom State Within: Metanoia is traditionally translated “repentance,” but Bible scholars agree that metanoia doesn’t mean anything like this. 


The Most Ancient Symbol of the Nazarenes “For the Oil of the Spirit” - The Messianic Seal


In Proclaiming the Commandment of Tzitzit: The Tallith Katan; when and how to wear it.

The Blue Thread & the Ecce Homo, Eved Chris Plourde - connecting the blue thread in the tassel to Pilate's statement, "Behold the Man" is a major feat in exegetical Scripture study. After I wrote that, I had to stand up and walk around – I was to excited to sit!

Out on the Fringe: Tassels & Fringes - all one needs to know about wearing tassels without the dogma or the minutiae.  Have you considered your Master's apparel?  He did not wear a necktie or Anglican collar, but he did wear tassels and fringes (tzitzim) - and so should you.

Ladies, Wear a Tallit...Go to Jail! There is technically under Jewish law no reason whatsoever that a woman cannot wear a garment with tzitzit. 


Feasts / Festivals - All Resources and Messages for the Set-apart Days of Yahweh are at this link.

Calculation Hebraic Time: There has only been one time in Salvation History that the Tribe of Judah (i.e. Jews) modified the Hebrew (Scriptural) calendar.  Knowing about this time of calendar change will open up some wonderful insight into our time. (Session Four, The Mystery is History: Our Time in Bible Prophecy)


What Part of the New Covenant is Part of the Old Covenant? There has been a lot of debate and confusion in recent years over what was the Old Covenant. Paul said it was done away. Which laws were specifically done away? Which laws were in the Old Covenant? Of the 613 laws of the Old Testament how many are still binding on Christians?


The Two Yahwehs: The Briefest Introduction to the Subject

On the Trinity in the Nicene Creed -  If you do not conform to the Nicene Creed, you cannot be a Christian.  Here is the Nicene Creed in three English forms, in Latin and Greek, with explanatory notes   and a short essay on how it was formed.  Also find its cousin, The Athanasian Creed.

Why Christian Apologetics is a Waste of Time: If you have the truth, it will stand on its own. 


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