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A Yahad Requirement for All Members
November 11, 2018 - March 11, 2019

Please read slowly and carefully:

Greetings in Unity and Peace! I want to let you in on some important Yahad opportunities and responsibilities. If you want to remain in connection, this is for you.

A ministry will succeed if there is a vision, a common vision, a vision from the sky, and each member works out of the common mission and vision. You are invited to take part in an ongoing envisioning and educational process with Messianic Enochians of long duration. 

I am writing you because you have signed the membership agreement for membership in the Venerable Vero Essene Yahad. I'm sorry for the lateness of the Epistle, but it has been the holiday season, and we have been busy, busy, busy. But allow us to address you now. We recognize that some will get enthusiastic when first reading about this organization. There is much to get excited about! There is always much happening as the Kingdom continues to be built and we ready ourselves to restore the foundations of creation. So if you no longer want to participate in the Yahad, do nothing and you will be taken off the rolls without prejudice in the next few days. 

However, if you are still wanting to be a part (and we want you!) then you will need to complete your obligations of the organization. And this is part of what we want to inform you about here.

The following books and studies need to be reviewed by each member. It's essential to the mission of the whole that we are on the same page, as we are to be an organic movement, attempting to reveal the elect, renew creation and live insofar as we can the model of Mashiach and Y'aqqov ha Zaddik.

You are to start with ONE choice from the material below. Read it, or as much as you can, and write up five or more good questions about it, then answer your own questions to an acceptable extent. (At least 75 words each.) Email your results to Ours is fundamentally an educational organization, and it is essential, especially right now, that we all get on the same page.  

You are also required to pay your dues, just like they paid the Temple tax in the Scripture. As a member, your dues are $17 per month. If you are ordained or on the track to ordination, your dues are $20 per month. You are paying to let us know you are serious before we put the our effort into your ministry. The best way to do this is to set up a monthly pre-authorized draft through Paypal. If you would like help with this, please contact us at the email address above or reply to this one. 

If you want to know what you will get out of this, look to our papers at and/or go to our site and click on the 'Docs' button. You're making an investment to and of yourself to gain entrance into an educational and behavioral society modeled after the great heroes of our faith. You are investing in a body, but more so in yourself.  

Besides your studies, which again, you choose, full membership requires a good start on the studies, 3 months of dues-paying and attendance online to AT LEAST our Shabbat service each Shabbat at 11 AM ET, as well as any others you care to attend. 

Within the next year, you are encouraged to travel to one of our Feasts or Boot Camps. The next feast coming up is Passover with a Boot Camp in May, 2018. You are joining the elite, the bacharim of YHWH. Best wishes and prayers from us all. 

Note: We work together primarily online. You will need a reliable PC or Phone. If you have neither or no internet, contact us and we'll find a way.

Note: In the past we have made most of our literature and studies free of charge to anyone. As of January 1, 2019 this will no longer be so. Free material will only go to members. If they want to share, it's up to them. We have distributed literally thousands of books and study materials, including hundreds of books that retail for as much as $40, free of charge. And we have a LOT of studies of the ancients in our library – perhaps more than any library in the world. And you may receive guided education from those who have been in the forefront of promoting the Nazarene Faith for many years.

For those with ministry in mind – we are a professional ministry organization. We have a fine educational and ordination program, with guided and supervised ministry experiences if you choose. In addition, we can teach you how you may finance your ministry. We have a plan, and you won't ever have to pay any more than your dues. You can tithe if you want, but we don't ask for tithes. Because the tithes go into the storehouse for priests; but the dues go into the organization for it's ministry administration needs. No one here gets paid a salary from the organization. But we can teach you a progressive and biblical way to get paid, if you will lend yourself to the plan.

Source material is found at the download links here. Remember, read as much as you will - but from just ONE source - then write an email or document with your 5 questions and answers.

(Some of these books require a password. That password is letmein. Please only download ONE. We make these available on the HONOR SYSTEM as samples of the incredible theological library we have acquired over the last 17 years.)

   Essay: Anonymous: Was Jesus a Qumran Essene?
   Nazarene Acts of the Apostles Books 1-4

   Didache, or Teaching of the Twelve
   YouTube Documentary: Evidence of Ancient Israel
   Who Wrote the Bible, Friedman
   Ancient Cosmic Covenant Revealed
   Beyond the Essene Hypothesis
   Didache or Teaching of the Twelve
   I Enoch: Sky-tripper
   Philo on Essenes and Therapeutae

   Clement - The Greatest Sermon Ever Written

   Ginsberg’s The Essenes

   New Insights on The Epistle of Barnabas

   Jesus Was an Essene and Your Bible Isn’t Enough

To reply to this note with your choice of material, click here. 


Yah's blessing be with you, fellow Nazarene. Click SUBMIT and we will get started.


Mr. Jackson Snyder, Associate
Essene Academy of Religion, Theology and History 



Attendance Required
December 16 - 18, 2018

Elders, Leaders, VIPs and Friends:

Oh, how good, how pleasant it is for brothers and sisters to dwell together in Yahad! (Ps 133)

Let us plan to get together for the annual organization meeting in Cleveland TN first day, December 16 through third day.  All Ordained Elders are invited to attend for these days.  Our emphasis will be on Case Documents and planning for 2019.  There are many opportunities before us right now.  But we must meet in person to exploit these opportunities for the sake of our Unseen Kingdom.  Please let us know you will attend.  Zoom will only be open to a few these days, so if you can, plan to be there in person.

Please click the SUBMIT / REPLY button to tell us you are coming.  We will then make plans once we get a count.  Please.  This is important - you know it is!





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