Greetings from Vero Beach and from the Yahad.  Here are a few opportunities and announcements for you who are following the ministry.  For you who are not, kindly opt out by replying with 'out' in the subject line.

"Unity in Diversity, not Diversity in Conflict."



Our Savior would have kept Passover this year on April 4th - that according to the Davidic Priestly Calendar.  If you are local, we will be offering the Passover service (Seder) in Vero Beach on that Tuesday.  This will include the full retelling and a meal of lamb, chicken or vegan.  The venue has not been set yet, but it will probably be at 51 Old Dixie Hwy.  You are invited to feast with us and stay a few days if you like.  Please RSVP by March 24th.


If not, consider doing your Passover at home.  We have an easy Seder for you and full recorded instructions.

Teaching Passover - Learn How to Conduct the Seder (audio) (no charge)

My True Names Messianic Passover Seder and Haggadah (pdf) (no charge)

The True Names Passover Seder softcover can be purchased here.  These are very inexpensive, but if you need more than a few and you want a price break, let me know by reply.



As for the Calendar - we have done extensive research on which calendar our Davidic Messiah used.  If you didn't know, many calendars were used in Israel in the first century, but only one was ordained the Messianic by the Creator (Eze 44:28ff).  Called by various names - Enoch Calendar, Davidic, Zadokite, Old Priestly, etc. - we have committed ourselves to five years of research into discovering which Calendar the Scion of David would have used in his day with the assumption that, when he returns, he will restore the set-apart calendar in his reign.  Canadian artist Norman Gray has built us a printed calendar that he has made available to us at  At that page, he will explain in an audio lesson exactly how we did it, and you may see a sample there and get your own calendar if you like.  The Hebrew Priestly Year starts March 22nd, so you may want to get a copy (print or electronic) so you can get your feast calendar set up for the year. 



Although the Yahad has been at work since 2001, in January of 2016 the Vero Essene Yahad was chartered for the first time as an academic-religious institute falling under the IRS definition of what constitutes a church (though we would not call it so).  Since the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls and many, many other "lost" documents pertaining to the historical Savior, sundry scholars have located Him in the religious milieu of his times as being a leading voice in the Nazorean-Essene Messianic movement.  

Since 1990 I have personally studied countless hours seeking the MAN behind the religious dogma of today.  Since 2014, many who identify with the concept of yahad (unity) have taken up this subject as well.  We have learned countless things about his characteristics and movement that should be made known to the religious world.  We are trying hard to do that.  Obviously, there are many points of contradiction between the historical "Jesus" and the accretions of dogmas that have collected through church and synagogue over the last two thousand years.  It is our intention in the academy and religion to which we now ascribe to return to the Man we call Messiah and away from teachings and practices that have been put in place through the years by those who may have meant well but haven't had the advantages of our age, technology and archaeological discoveries.  

Many like us have found that the Man Yahshua (Jesus) - as he is portrayed in our most primary sources - would not be involved in such religious institutions as we have today.  Though he spoke with authority, he would have nothing to do with authoritarianism.  Although he corrected the Law of Moses, he would have nothing to do with abolishing it.  Although the world was already celebrating Christmas and Easter in his time (under slightly different names), he ignored such and observed the days that his Father and our Father had set aside in the Torah for us.  And though he admitted that He and His Father were one in purpose, he would never, ever agree that they were one in substance.  Therefore, it is our intention to get back insofar as possible, using the resources that have, in the last several hundred years, popped up out of the ground, to the historical man and start again to believe and act like Him - in Torah, in service, in the spreading of good news, in breaking up teachings of devils in disguise of saints - in ameliorating all of creation, in revealing the elect of the Father, in alleviating the pain of the suffering - and in keeping, insofar as possible - unstained from the world.

In the first year of our chartering, our Father has been with us.  Through his help and little money of our own, we have instituted FIVE week-long "Boot Camps" in which we teach what we have learned, bringing the 'better news" to a different state for each.  These have been very well attended!  Personally, in this first year, I have traveled to 20 states and Canada, speaking at gatherings, with individuals, ordaining, baptizing and teaching - a remarkable feat for a man of my age and frail health.  We have as a Yahad (a Unity) attained a Facebook Group of well over 500 members, and opt-in email list of another 500, and a greater list of 2,000 people who are either associated with Yahad now or interested in what we are doing.  We have baptized 30 or 40 people, many of whom are active in full-life ministry now, and have ordained through the succession of the Apostles 20 Elders from 17 states and Canada, who have been active in seeking the direction for us to follow as Yahad now.  

In addition, we have published numerous new translation of some of these 'lost' accounts that have resurfaced after being destroyed by early Roman zealots - including probably our most influential publication - The Nazarene Acts of the Apostles - the which you may have your edition free of charge at this link.


My personal itinerary for March - May to spread the real Good News is as follows.  If you are in any of these areas and would like a meeting, please do let me know by return email or by calling (772) 480-8737.


March 20 - 24 - Pensacola, FL.

April 4 - Passover, Vero Beach, FL.

April 5 - 12 - Grand Rapids, MI.

April 28 - 30 - Tulsa, OK for a series of meetings with Prof. Robert Eisenman (James the Brother of Jesus)

May 1 - 4 - Wichita & Kansas City, KS 

May 5 - 6 - Des Moines, IA, then plenty of time on the trip home to Vero Beach, FL

May 11 - 13 - Springfield, IL then Indianapolis, IN

Contact me if you want to meet in group or individually.


May daily Radio Show, Jackson Snyder Presents, is heard on Hebrew Nation Radio each day in the red eye - 5 AM Eastern Time, 2 AM Pacific, and emanates out of Salem, OR.  History, theology, music, comedy, lessons on the Bible and Apocrypha and much more.  Our podcast site is and features a dozen other gifted historians, exegetes and preachers like Dr. Eisenman, Bishops Brad Brink and Daniel ben Regesh.  



We have four weekly LIVE Internet hours in which you may tune in and add your two cents by PC or phone.  If you want to download and install the free ZOOM chat client (from we can see what you look like.  This is an excellent piece of software for meeting purposes.  Or you can call on your phone to be a part.  From your phone, the number is (408) 638-0968.  Enter Meeting number 2404824530.  Or, from the Zoom app, enter the meeting number at the appropriate time.  Each are about an hour.  Times?

Tuesday    9 PM ET   Jackson Snyder Presents 

    - the current topic is the book of hymns written by the Master's sister known as The Odes of Shalome

Friday       9 PM ET   Jackson Snyder Presents

    - the current topic is Relationship Strategies Using Systems and Reframing

Sabbath   11 AM ET   Vero Essene Yahad Shabbat Service 

    - liturgy and preaching - a rotation of Yahad Elders

Sabbath   3:33 PM ET  The 333 Club

    - the current topic is The Mandylion and the Shroud of Turin

You are welcome to attend and may remain completely anonymous or join in the discussion if you please.



One year ago we established the Essene Academy of Religion, Theology and History (EARTH).  Our initial class to try it out was 50 students.  The subject matter was as the title tells us - from 1350 BC to the present, with courses in the following:

Melchizedek - All You Can Know,  Overview of the Dead Sea Scrolls, Advanced Scrolls, Essene Roots of Christianity, The Egyptian Connection, The Teacher of Righteousenss, Enoch, the Watchers, the Maccabees, the Shema, The Nazarene Essenes, The Historical Jesus, James, Paul and the Apostles, The Documentary Hypothesis, The Nazarene Acts and the Epistle of Barnabas, Gnosticism - Gospel of Judas, Didache, Wisdom and Orthodox Pseudepigrapha, Eschatology / Revelation, Soteriology and Spirituality.  We charge for these courses - about the cost of sack of grapefruits. 


For more information on any or all of the above, again, reply to this mail or call me.


Finally - I had hoped to get this letter out in January, but, well, you know - - kinda busy you see.  I want to reserve the rest of this note for Todah Rabbah - Great Thanksgiving - to the following Elders and Deacons of the Yahad, who have come together so powerfully in this last year while living so far apart:


Elders, Deacons & Associates: Daniel ben Regesh (TN), David Bradford Brink (AL), Henry Roth (Finland), Ela Conner (ID), Sandra Whatley (TX), Valerie & Mark Mangeot (GA), Jonathan and Kimberly Pendergrass (KS), Christian Smith (IN), Chris Plourde (FL), Robert Eisenman (CA), Allyson Gary (VA), Governor Yochanon Staten (TN), Mary Edwards (TX), Lee Hayhurst (FL), Marcelle Logue (NC), Leona & Brian Toews (MB), Brenda Westbeld (OH), Julie Welch (KS), Brian Lodge (IA), Keith Kressin (IA), Craig Rogers (IA), Norman Gray (ON), Ty & Carrie Wigal (VA), Jeremiah Ish Shavat (GA), Andrew Carlson (NY) and Leonard Wikberg III (GA).  


We could not put on the events we have and I could not do the traveling had it not been for A FEW loyal supporters who shall remain anonymous.  We love you!  I love you!  Yah be with you all.


Finally I wish to thank the only authoritarian in the entire group - that is, our Head - YHWH Tsaviot, his son our savior, Yahushua ha Mashiach and his Divine Hokmah.  

May favor and peace be yours throughout the coming Davidic year.


Dr. Jackson H. Snyder | Vero Essene Yahad

"Unity in Diversity, not Diversity in Conflict"
Jackson Snyder Presents | Hebrew Nation Radio

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