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"The Nazarene Acts of the Apostles"

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3 Volumes in 2 Perfect Paperbacks

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 Edited by Jackson Snyder of Yahad

Totalling Nearly 900 Pages of Text


Simon Peter, Flavius Clemens,

James the Just, Paul of Tarsus, Josephus,

Nero the Incendiary, Adventures, Speeches, Debates, and Martyrdoms in Rome.

Authoritative, Ancient accounts.

Modern English Language.

Edited by Jackson Snyder

"the genuine article"


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The Nazarene Acts Vol. 1

"The Recognitions" and the Letters to James

with the Arabic Rescention

Download Volume 1 PDF


The Nazarene Acts of the Apostles - Another "Acts"

Books I - X, Clement's Reports to James the Just

& the Great Demise, 300+ pages, 9/3/19

Includes a Glossary of Hebraic Terms

Download PDF Book Vol. 1


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The Nazarene Acts Vols. 2 & 3

"The Homilies," Peter in Rome & Secret Clement

23 Books, Letters, Histories & Martyrologies

Download PDF Books Volumes 2 & 3


Nazarene Acts 2 & 3 Cover

Books I - XX, Peter & Clement's Reports to James the Just

& Many Obscure Apostolic Histories

about 600 pages at 6" x 9" - 2/8/24

Download PDF Books Vol. 2 & 3


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Download PDF Book Vol. 2 & 3 - Free of charge, 600 authentic pages

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Vols. 2 & 3 Table of Contents

Download Audio (coming 2025) 

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LEGEND: (most of these translated or edited by JSnyder]

OA= Works by Other Ancient Witnesses

        OA: I Enoch: Sky-tripper: Enoch in Hebraic English with Glossary [PDF]

        OA: The Wisdom of Zillah / Silvanus: Against Military Service [PDF]

        OA: Flat Earth: A Key to Decrypt 1 Enoch [PDF]

        OA: The H. T. Anderson Codex Sinaiticus Civil War Bible [PDF]

        OA: A Great Sermon, Commonly Known as 2nd Clement [PDF]

        OA: A Great Sermon, Commonly Known as 2nd Clement [MP3]

DS= Works from the Dead Sea Scrolls

       DSS: The Damascus Rule: Qumran Excerpts [PDF]

         DSS: The Damascus Rule: Qumran Excerpts [MP3] 

        DSS: The Yahad / Community Rule: Qumran, Ethics & Conditions [PDF]

        DSS: The Yahad / Community Rule: Qumran, Ethics & Conditions [MP3]

       DSS: The Cupbearer, Thanksgiving Psalm [MP3] 

        DSS: Was Jesus a Qumran Essene? Read then Choose [PDF]

    IG= Works By or About Jesus' Family & Disciples 

         IG: The Odes of Shalome: The Aramaic Songs of Jesus' Sister [PDF]

         1G: The Manual of the Twelve, The Didache:  Shimon b. Yosef [PDF]

          1G: The Acts of Peter, Paul, Simon Magus, and Nero in Rome [PDF]

       IG: Apocalypses I & II of James, Restoration [PDF]

      IG: Apocalypses I & II of James, Restoration [MP3] 

       IG: The Epistle of Barnabas [PDF]

        IG: The Epistle of Barnabas [MP3}

        IG: Kata Matyah: Learn Transliterated Hebrew in a Day (MP3)

        1G: Kata Matyah: The Workbook [PDF]

       JS= Works by Jackson Snyder & Friends

              JS: Assess Motivational Gifts (Charismata) [PDF]

                 JS: Assess Motivational Gifts (Pneumatikoi) [PDF]

                 JS: Tales of the Messiah & Friends: Mysteries, Stories, Histories [PDF]

                 JS: The Tribes in the Parables of Yahshua [PDF]

                 More Later 


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