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First Enoch 85 - 90 - My Translation

The “animal apocalypse,” excerpted from Khanokh the Sky Tripper.

1 Khanokh 85

1,2 After all this, I had another dream.  Now I will show the whole dream to you, beni. So Khanokh raised himself up and told Methuselah:

‘Now I will speak to you, beni. Listen to my words.  Turn your ear to the dream-vision of your father.

‘Before I took your mother Edna,[1] I saw a vision while in my bed.  Hinneh!  A bull came out of the land, and that bull was white. A heifer came out after it, and along with the heifer came two bulls, one black, 4 the other red. The black gored the red and chased him across the grounds until 5 I could see the red no longer. But that black bull grew and the heifer followed him. Then 6 I saw lots of cattle coming out of him. They all looked like him and followed him. That first heifer left the first to search for the red, but did not find him. 7 She cried out for him with a great howl while continuing to search.

‘I watched until the first 8 bull came to her to calm her down. From then on she did not cry anymore. After that she bore another white bull, then after him she bore many bulls and black cattle. 9 I saw in my sleep that the white bull likewise grew up and become a great white bull. From him proceeded a lot of white bulls. They all looked like him. And they all begat many more white bulls. They all looked alike, one following the other, and many.’

1 Khanokh 86

1 ‘Again I saw something with my eyes as I slept: I saw the skies above, and 2 hinneh! A star fell from skies. 3 The star got up and began to pasture and eat with the cattle. 4 After that I saw very big, black cattle. Hinneh! They all changed their stalls and pasture lands; the young crying among themselves.

‘Again I saw in the vision by looking skyward, and hinneh! I saw many stars fall, casting themselves down from the skies to that first star. 5 They became as bulls amongst those young cattle and pastured among them.  I looked at them and saw them; and hinneh! They all let out their members, just like horses. They began to cover the female cattle, 5 which all became expectant. They bore elephants, camels, and asses. All the cattle were afraid and very anxious about them, for they began to bite with their teeth and gulp down, and to gore with their 6 horns. They began to swallow up those cattle; and hinneh! All the young ones of the earth began to tremble and shake before them, and run away from them.’

Sky beings in white

1 Khanokh 87

1 ‘Again I saw how they gored and swallowed each other down.  Then the earth 2 began to cry out. I raised my eyes again to the skies, and I saw something in the vision: hinneh! Out of the skies came beings like white men. Four left that place 3 and three went with them.

‘Those three that came last grabbed me by my hand and took me up, away from the families of earth. They raised me up to a high place and showed me 4 a tower rising high above the earth; all the hills were down lower. One of them said to me, “Stay here until you see all that happens to those elephants, camels, and asses, also to the stars and the cattle; all of them!”’

1 Khanokh 88

1 ‘I saw one of the first four beings. He seized the first star that had fallen from the skies. He bound it up hand and foot then cast it into a pit. Now this pit was 2 deep and narrow; it was dark and horrible. One of the beings drew a sword and gave it to the elephants, camels, and asses. They started to strike one another, and the whole earth shook 3 on account of them.

‘While as I was watching in the vision, hinneh! One of those four who had come out cast stones from the skies. They rounded up all the great stars (those whose members were like horses’ members) and took them, binding them hand and foot in order to throw them in an abyss.’

Great ship

1 Khanokh 89

1 ‘One of the four went to thet white bull and gave him secret orders (yet without scaring him).  He was born a bull but he became a man! He built himself a great ship and lived on it. 2 Three bulls stayed with him in that ship, and they were all covered over. Again I raised my eyes towards the skies and saw a high roof with seven waterways on it – and the white-water 3 flooded down (with the rest of the water) into a reservoir.

‘Again I saw something! Look! Fountains opened up on the surface of the great reservoir, and water rose and swelled on the surface. 4 I watched that ship until its shell was completely covered with water. The water, the darkness, and mist multiplied upon it. As I looked at the hill of water, I saw it had risen higher than the ship.  It was streaming over it as though it were situated on land.

5 ‘All the cattle in that reservoir were rounded up until I saw them sink, 6 swallowed up, perishing in the water. But the ship floated in the water while all the cattle, elephants, camels, and asses sank to the bottom with the rest of the creatures, until I could see them no longer, for they could not escape. They all perished, sinking into the depths.

‘Again I watched the vision until the white-water torrents were pouring from of the sky-high roof while the land rifts 8 were leveling things up and other pits came opened. The water began to run down into the abyss until the land again became visible.  The ship settled on the ground; the darkness 9 vanished and light appeared.

‘The white bull (who had become a man) came out of that ship, and the three bulls came with him. One of those three was white, just like the bull –one of them was red as blood and one was black. Then the white bull left them alone.’  


Flood to the great tripping out

10 ‘Those who were left began to bring out wildlife and birds, so that there arose different kinds, like lions, tigers, wolves, dogs, hyenas, wild hogs, foxes, squirrels, swine, falcons, vultures, kites, eagles, and crows. Among them a white bull was born. Again they began to bite one another; the white bull born among them engendered a wild ass and with it a white bull, and 12 wild asses multiplied. But the bull born from him begat a black wild boar and a white 13 sheep; and the former engendered many hogs, while the sheep generated twelve sheep.

‘When the twelve sheep had grown, they gave one of themselves up to the asses. Then the asses gave that sheep over to the wolves, so the sheep grew up among wolves. Their leader brought the eleven sheep to live with the one sheep, to pasture with it among the wolves, and they all multiplied to become many sheep herds. The wolves began to fear them, so they oppressed the sheep, destroying their little ones by casting them into a very wide river.

‘The sheep began to 16 cry aloud for their little ones, complaining to their Shepherd. One sheep that had been rescued from the wolves ran away, escaping to the place of wild asses. Then I saw all the sheep – how they wailed and lamented; how they sought their Shepherd with all their might, until the Sheepmaster descended from the heights at the sheep’s voice, came to them, and pastured them. He called on the sheep that had escaped the wolves, and spoke with it concerning the wolves, that it should 18 give a warning to them not to touch the sheep.

‘So the sheep went to the wolves in accordance with the command of their Shepherd, and another sheep met that sheep and went with it, and the two went together to enter into the assembly of wolves.  They spoke with them, warning them not to touch the 19 sheep from then on. I saw the wolves, and how they oppressed the sheep greatly, 20 with all their power – and the sheep cried aloud.

‘Their Shepherd came to the sheep, which began to strike at the wolves.  Now the wolves were howling. This quieted the sheep, 21 and afterward stopped there crying. I saw the sheep until they left the wolves. The wolves’ eyes were blinded. Still the wolves left in hot pursuit of the sheep with all their might. 22 The Sheepmaster went with them as their Leader, and all His sheep 23 followed Him: and his face was dazzling and glorious and terrible to see!

‘Still those wolves 24 pursued the sheep until they reached the great sea. This sea was torn in two; and water stood up on this side and that, right before their faces, and their Shepherd led them, putting Himself between 25 them and the wolves. Since the wolves did not yet see the sheep, they advanced into the middle of that sea, and the wolves followed the sheep, chasing after them right into the water.

26 ‘When they saw the Sheepmaster, they turned to run away from His face, but the sea gathered itself up and became just as it had been created – rising and swelling until it enclosed 27 the wolves. I watched until all those who pursued the sheep were drowned and thus perished.

Sheep in the wilderness

28 But the sheep escaped the sea for a desert. There was no water or grass. They began to open their eyes to see. I saw the Sheepmaster 29 pasturing them, giving them water and grass, and a certain sheep coming forward to lead them.

This certain 30 sheep climbed to the top of a lofty rock.  Then the Sheepmaster sent him back to them. Afterward I saw the Sheepmaster standing before them: His appearance was so great, 31 awesome, and majestic, that all the sheep beheld Him, standing in awe before His face. They all quaked in fear on account of Him, and they cried to that certain sheep with them, 32 “We cannot stand before our El nor gaze at Him!”

‘That certain sheep who led them went once again up to the top of the rock, but the sheep were losing their vision and wandering off 33 the pathway he had shown them (though that certain sheep did not know it).

The Sheepmaster was greatly angered against them, and that certain sheep learned of it. He descended from the summit of the rock and came to the sheep. There he found most of them sightless and fallen 34 away.  When they saw him they were horrified, and they quaked at his presence. They wanted to return to their 35 folds.

‘That certain sheep took other sheep with him, and came to those fallen sheep and began to slay them. These sheep feared his presence, and since that certain sheep brought back those 36 others who had fallen, they returned to their folds. In this vision I watched until that certain sheep became a man. He built a house for the Sheepmaster and put all the sheep in that house. 37 I watched the leaders of the sheep, who knew that certain sheep, falling asleep. Yes, I watched until all the great sheep died off and the little ones arose in their place; until they all came to a pasture 38 near a stream.

‘Then that certain sheep, their leader who had become man, left 39 them and fell asleep. All the sheep went out after him and wept over him with a great wailing. I watched until the lamenting sheep had crossed the stream. Then there arose two sheep for leaders in the place of the former – those who had fallen asleep. 40 I watched until the sheep came to a good place, an agreeable and wonderful country, and I watched until the sheep were satisfied in the house that stood in their midst: there, in that pleasant country.

Great house

41 ‘Sometimes their eyes were open; other times they were shut – until another sheep arose to lead them.  He brought them all back, and their eyes were opened. 42 But dogs, foxes, and the wild hogs began to devour those sheep until the Sheepmaster raised a ram from their 43 number who led them. The ram began to charge the flanks of the dogs, foxes, and wild 44 hogs until he had destroyed them all. That sheep (whose eyes were open) watched the ram among the sheep until it abandoned its good repute and began to butt the other sheep, trampling them down and conducting himself 45 in a contrary manner. 

 ‘Then the Sheepmaster sent the sheep to yet another lamb, raising it to become a ram, even the herd’s prince and leader (in the place of the 46 previous ram of forsaken reputation). This former approached and spoke to the other alone, raising it to be a ram, and made it the prince and leader of the sheep (as he was instructed).  Yet during all this time, dogs 47 exploited the sheep. The first ram (of the lost reputation) pursued the second ram, and the second arose and escaped. Then I watched until the dogs dragged 48 down the first ram.

‘The second ram arose 49 and led the little sheep. They grew and multiplied; still dogs, foxes, and wild hogs were afraid and fled out from before it. That ram butted and slew all the wild beasts until they no longer had any power over the 48b little sheep. They stole from them no more.

‘That ram bore many sheep and fell asleep; a little sheep became a ram in its stead – even the sheep’s prince and leader. 50 The house became greater and wider. It was built larger for so many sheep. A very high tower was constructed as an addition to the house.  This was constructed for the Sheepmaster. The house was quite low, but the tower was raised up very high. So the Sheepmaster stood upon that tower while a fully laden table was brought for Him.’

Destruction of the great house

51 ‘Then I watched those sheep. Once again they strayed into error, going many ways. They left their house, so the Sheepmaster called on certain sheep, sending them forth to redress the rest. 52 Yet these sheep began to slay the others. However, one was not killed, but was rescued. It hurried away to cry out over the sheep. They wanted to kill it, but the Sheepmaster rescued it from 53 the rest and brought it up to me, causing it to live right there. He sent many others to testify to and cry out over the sheep.. 

54 ‘Afterward, I saw they had forsaken the Sheepmaster’s house. His tower fell completely away. Because of this, they all became blind. I watched the Sheepmaster, how He caused a great slaughter in their herds. 55 Such sheep invited it by betraying His house. So He gave them to lions, tigers, wolves, and hyenas, even to foxes and all the wild 56 beasts.  Beasts tore the sheep to pieces.

‘As I watched, He left their house and tower, giving them over to lions (that tore them to devour them), 57 even to all the beasts. I started to cry out with all my might, appealing to the Sheepmaster, interceding with Him on the sheep’s behalf, because they had been devoured 58 by wild beasts. Yet He remained unmoved even though He saw it happening; He was glad they were robbed, swallowed, and devoured. So He left them to all such beasts to be consumed.

59 ‘Then He called seventy shepherds. He placed the sheep with them for pasturing before speaking with them and their companions: “Let each one of you pasture these sheep 60 from now on, and all I command of you, do! I will deliver them over to you in numbers correctly counted.  I will tell you which are to be destroyed, and you will destroy them!” 61 So He gave the sheep over to the shepherds.

‘Then He called another and spoke to him, “Watch! Make note of everything the shepherds do to the sheep.  They will slay more than 62 I have commanded. Regarding every excess killing done by the shepherds – record the number killed on my command plus the number they kill by whim. Record the destruction 63 caused by each shepherd.

‘“Then read out to me the number they kill and the number they delivered over for execution, so I may keep a record as evidence against them. I must know each action of the shepherds, so I may identify each and understand what they do, whether or not they obey my 64 orders. They are not to know of this.  You will not tell them, nor accuse them; only record each destructive act against each individual shepherd, 65 each in his own time – then lay it all out for me.”

‘I watched until the shepherds pastured in their season. They started to kill, destroying more than were ordered, transporting 66 sheep over to lions. Lions and tigers ate and consumed the better part of the sheep, and the wild hogs ate right along with them.  They even burned the tower down after tearing up 67 the house. I became very, very upset over the destruction of the tower because the entire house of the sheep was demolished. Afterward, I was not able observe whether any sheep came into the ruin.’[2]

Exile and return

68 ‘The shepherds and their herdsmen delivered all the sheep over to the wild beasts so they might be consumed. Each received a certain number in his time. The number each destroyed was recorded 69 in a book by another, for each destroyed many 70 more than was permitted. I started again to weep, grieving for the sheep. In the vision I saw the scribe; I saw exactly how he recorded every single one destroyed by the shepherds, every day.  He carried it up and set it down, showing the entire book to the Sheepmaster, containing everything the shepherds had done, all that each had 71 given over to destruction.

‘The book was read before the Sheepmaster. Then He took the book in his hand, read it, sealed it up, and laid it down. 72 Right away I saw how the shepherds pastured for twelve hours, and I witnessed three sheep turning back.  The entered into the ruin of the house and starting rebuilding all that had fallen 73 down.

‘The wild hogs tried to hinder them, but were not able. So they started building as before, even raising up the tower.  It was named Ha Migdah Gaboa.[3] Again they placed a table in front of the, but all the bread on it was polluted and impure.

74 ‘Yet the sheep’s eyes were blinded to these things. They could not see; so they were handed over in large numbers to their shepherds for 75 destruction; they trampled upon the sheep and gobbled them down.

Shepherds vs. eagles

‘The Sheepmaster was firm in his resolve; all the sheep were dispersed over the field and mingled with the 76 beasts there. The shepherds did not rescue them from the beasts.

‘The recorder carried the book up, showing it to the Sheepmaster, reading it before him. He implored the Sheepmaster for them, and seeking His favor as he reported all the 77 shepherd’s actions. He testified before Him against all the shepherds. Then he took the book, placed it beside the Sheepmaster, and departed.’

1 Khanokh 90

1 Then I watched until thirty-five shepherds undertook the pasturing of the sheep, and they each finished their terms as the first. Others then received them 2 into their power, pasturing them for their terms, each shepherd with his own term. After that I saw in my vision all the birds approaching: eagles, vultures, kites, crows; but the eagles led them. They began to devour those sheep, picking out their eyes, 3 eating their bodies. The sheep cried out as their bodies were being eaten by the birds.

4 As for me, in my sleep I watched and grieved over the shepherd who pastured the sheep. I watched until the sheep were devoured by the dogs, eagles, kites – and they left neither meat, skin, nor tendon on them. Only their bones stood out; even their bones fell 5 to the ground. The sheep were few. I watched until twenty-three had attempted pasturing the sheep, completing their terms fifty-eight times.


Conviction of the shepherds and blind sheep

6 But hinneh! Lambs were borne to the white sheep! They began to open their eyes to see, 7 and to cry to the sheep. O yes, they cried to them, but they did not heed what they said to 8 them. They were profoundly deaf; their eyes exceptionally blind. I saw in the vision how the crows flew upon those lambs, taking one of them, then dashing the sheep 9 to pieces and eating them up. I watched until the lambs grew horns; the crows tossed down their horns. I watched until a great horn pushed out from one of the sheep; and their eyes 10 were all opened! It looked over them all, crying out to the sheep; and all the 11-18 rams saw it and all ran to it.

All the same, the eagles, vultures, crows, and kites continued tearing the sheep, swooping down on them to eat them.  Still the sheep kept quiet. But the rams grieved and cried out. The crows battled against the horned sheep and tried to break off its horn, but they had no power over it. All the eagles, vultures, crows, and kites were gathered together, and with them came all the sheep in the field! O yes! They all came together to help one another break that horn off the ram.

19 Then I watched until a huge sword was given to the sheep, and the sheep went against all the beasts of the field to destroy them. The birds and beasts took off before them. I saw the book writer – the one commanded by YHWH. As he opened the book detailing all the destruction the last twelve shepherds had caused, he showed the Sheepmaster that they destroyed far more than their predecessors.

I watched until the Sheepmaster came to them and took the rod of His anger in His hand. He struck the ground and the ground broke into pieces. All birds and beasts among the sheets fell to the ground; the ground swallowed them all up and it covered them up.  

20 I watched until a throne was built in the pleasant land, and the Sheepmaster was seated thereon, and the other took the sealed books and opened them before the Him. 21 The Sheepmaster called the first seven white sheep, commanding them to bring all the stars (whose members 22 were like those of horses) before Him, beginning with the first star that led the way. So they brought all those stars before Him.

He said to the recorded before Him (one of those seven white ones), ‘Take those seventy shepherds to whom I delivered the sheep; those who took it upon themselves to slay more 23 than I commanded them.’ And hinneh! they seventy were bound up. I watched while they all stood before Him. 24 Court was held over the stars first; they were judged and found guilty. Then they were sent off to the place of conviction and cast into a pit full of fiery flame with the 25 pillars of fire.

The seventy shepherds were judged guilty. They too were cast 26 into that fiery pit. I saw how the pit was opened to the earth’s center; it was full of fire. Next they brought the blinded sheep. They were all judged guilty and 27 cast into this fiery pit. They all burned up.  Now this pit was just to the right of the house, so I watched those sheep, even their bones, burning.[4]

28 I stood up to watch until they folded up the old house. They carried off all the pillars; all the beams and supplies of the house were folded up with it. They carried 29 it all off and laid it in the south-land. I watched until the Sheepmaster brought a new house greater and loftier than the first, and He set it up in place of the first, the one that had been folded up. All its pillars were new, and its supplies were new and larger than those of the old one He had taken away. And all the sheep were inside.

30 I saw the remainder of the sheep, along with all the beasts on the ground and birds in the sky, falling down and paying homage to the sheep within the house – pleading with them – and obeying 31 them in every matter. Afterward the three white-robed ones – who had seized me by my hand (with the hand of that ram also seizing me)[5] – 32 took me up and set me down among the sheep just before their judgment.

Those 33 sheep were all white. Their wool was massive and clean. All that had been destroyed and dispersed, all the beasts of the field, and all the sky birds, congregated in that house. The Sheepmaster greatly rejoiced because they were all good and had returned to 34 His house. I watched until the sheep laid down the sword given them, for they brought it into the house. It was there sealed up in the presence of the Sheepmaster and the sheep 35 invited in. So it no longer harmed them.

For their eyes were all opened! They 36 saw the good, and there was not one among them that could not see. I noticed that the house was great, wide, broad, and full. 37 I saw a white bull with large horns born. All the beasts of the earth and 38 birds of the sky were afraid of him and persistently pleaded with him. I watched while all their generations were transformed into white bulls!

The first of them became a lamb, then a great creature with big black horns. The Sheepmaster 39 rejoiced over it and over all the livestock. I slept in their midst; when I awoke, I saw everything.

40 This is the vision that I saw while I slept. I awoke and blessed the Sovereign of Obedience and 41 honored Him. Then I wept with a great howling; my tears would not stop until I could stand it no longer. I noticed that they were flowing because of all I had seen; for all these things will 42 happen exactly as these histories were shown me.

On that night, I remembered the first dream; and because of it I wept and was very troubled – all because I had seen such a dream-vision.


[1] Edna = pleasure, also in Tobit 7:8ff.

[2] Ruin = is, entered into the house.

[3] Ha Migdah Gaboa = The High Tower. 2 Samuel 22:3; Psalms 18:2, 144:2, etc.

[4] Now we see that the entrance to the center of the earth was to the right of the house the house being the temple with the located in the valley of Hinnom’s son (Gehenna).  This was Jerusalem city dump, believed to be the entrance to a channel leading to the Lake of Fire between the 2nd and 5th ‘heavens’ (according to later Enochian sources).

[5] That is, ‘those who had taken me up before.’


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