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This website contains over 2,000 pages, including sermons, podcasts, rare books, antiquities, courses and links, all pertaining to the religion, theology and history of nascent Christianity from a Hebraic perspective. It is seldom up-to-date, so please contact us for more information.  You may also check our Membership page.   Thank you for visiting. 


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Here are the upcoming LIVE events from the Vero Yahad and the New Earth Restoration (ENERG - "Energy," Elohim's New Earth Group). All are welcome to attend. Most of these will be recorded and uploaded to YouTube1. If you are not using YouTube anymore, you can also find the recordings at Podbean. All recorded events are at JSPresents (uploaded there once a quarter). Facebook for friendship and invitation to our Think Tank. We are presently looking at YouTube alternatives on account of YT's policy on religious and political censorship.


To join these events, download and install the free meeting software then surf to or use your phone: (408) 638-0968  Meeting ID 240-482-4530. Presently, we are serving in excess of 3,000 viewer a month. The news is getting around. Life in the Kingdom is exciting! Thank you.


"New Earth Restoration Online Shabbat Service"
Rotating Speakers: Dr. Mark Heston, Eld. Kenneth Kimmons, Dr. Jackson Snyder, Eld. Ray Boshers, Eld. Marcelle Logue, Prof. Gregory Smith, Evan. Greg Holsapple and several more.

SHABBAT 12 PM - 1 PM ET Discussion


1st Day 8 PM - 9 PM ET

Continuing Ministry Education w/ Dr. Snyder


3rd Day 10 PM - 11 PM ET

"Let's Talk About It" with Dr. Snyder


5th Day 9 PM - 10 PM ET

"Let's Talk Some More" with Shawn McKinley


Last 4th day of the month - 8 PM - 9 PM ET

Leadership Meeting


Sukkot Information at this link



Others Events as announced or requested. These events are currently posted on Facebook, but several of our Events have recently been censored by Facebook administrators, evidently because of our common viewpoint regarding the present political situation, religious topics and who knows what else.

We feature rotating speakers; all speakers are ordained ministers or doctors, and some have Masters degrees. Each service is LIVE and about an hour in length, featuring an ancient liturgy performed by several ENERG ministers in both English and Hebrew, a time of prayer with unique prayers offered, sometimes music when the connection is good, the voice of the shofar and blessing of the Messiah. New Earth Restoration Online Shabbat Service is Messianic Essene Judaism or, if you prefer, Hebrew Essene Roots. All are welcome. You may attend in your home - then all service are recorded and available online. We also provide High Day and Feast training and online services.

Vero Essene Yahad is "Essene" because our Hebrew Roots group researched the Dead Sea Scrolls and the New Testament and found for ourselves many very similar beliefs and practices between the two, especially in Matthew. Acts of the Apostles, Clementine Homilies and Recognitions and other Apostolic writings. We have come to the conclusion that certain segments of those called "essene" were the forerunners of the Messianic, Apostolic Movement. Neither the New Testament nor the Dead Sea Scrolls give us the whole story about primitive Messianic beliefs and practices, but we thought that if we would we put them together and add the Clementia and a few other apostolic books, we would then have a much clearer picture of first "Jesus Movement" and what Yahshua himself believed, taught and practiced. Rather than call ourselves "Jewish Roots" or "Hebrew Roots," two terms associated with Pharisaical / Rabbinical practices, we decided to follow what we had researched as much more authentic.


Furthermore, since Yahshua warned his disciples about the "leaven" of the Scribes and because so many rabbinical practices are foreign to the founders of our faith, we reject them in favor of a more authentic path we call "Essene Hebrew Roots" or "Enochian Judaism." Since that time, we have recorded our findings in numerous books and articles for our Hebrew Roots and Christian friends' encouragement.
Among some of the significant practices of the Rabbinate that we reject:

(1) the lunar calendar (favoring the 364-day Zadokite calendar)
(2) the degrading status of women in today's denominational Judaism
(3) the traditional head-coverings for both men and women
(4) the Jewish conflict directed against the Christian Church and Messianic Jews
(5) the Christian and Jewish canons of Scripture.  Christian holidays Christmas and Easter
(6) the authoritative and sometimes despotic power of assembly leaders
(7) the worship and veneration of the Torah scroll, Mishneh, Talmud and Zohar.

On the contrary, we embrace Yahshua as the Messiah of the world and look forward to YHWH's promise of Messiah's return, the Millennium, the Judgment, and restoration of all creation.

Today the research continues. We might now say that the latest incarnation of the Vero Essene Yahad focuses on promoting our research through social media, videos, audios, essays and printed literature. We provide those with no local congregation with a fine Sabbath service every week through our New Earth Restoration division. In the last few years we have become an institute for training, ordaining and promoting pastoral ministers. On addressing social ills, we are engaged in the distribution of food, supplies and funds to individuals and an overlooked and underprivileged population. Though we do not ask for donations, our work is funded through membership dues and occasional donations from folks who appreciate our work. If you would like to know more, please reply or complete a short information form at


The Vero Essene Yahad is a non-profit voluntary org chartered in Florida. 

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An Equal Opportunity Messianic Ministry 



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