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Qadosh Shabbat Siddur 8, Vero Essene Yahad

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Our service is Messianic in structure, with acts of worship gleaned from Judaism, Nazarene Yisrael and pre-Nicene Christian sources.  We have also included some Acts of Worship from our own prayers and anointing. 

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¶We understand that the Tetragrammaton (YHWH) is commonly pronounced several different ways. We approve of most, but we cannot use them all in this service. Our preference (and the scholarly standard is) “Yah-weh”; however, we leave the pronunciation up to the speaker’s preference in this service.

¶This service is ancient and composed of responsive reading, please join in, if you will, on all bold text, and raise your voice in song where appropriate.  (Please mute your microphones to save bandwidth!)

¶Those who are ministering this service to you have rehearsed very hard to make this ancient service available to you today.

¶You have the opportunity to be a a co-minister in this service.  If you would like to be a part of a ministry that reaches 750 people a month, please let us know. 

¶We begin with readiness, music, praise and blessings to our Creator and Father!



Blessed are you, YHWH our Elohim, Sovereign of the Universe,

Bah-ruch ah-ta YH-WH, Eh-lo-hay-nu meh-lech ha-o-lam,

who sanctifies us by your mitzvot and calls us to hear the qol shofar.

A-sher kid-sa-nu beh-mitz-voh-taiv vitz-e-vanu lesh-mo-ah kol sho-far

(sound of the shofar to gather us and to be heard in the heavens, as well)



Avenu YHWH Elohim, King of the Universe, let our praise, blessings, and prayers rise up through the shamayim and be joined and magnified through all the ascending levels of the heavens by all who serve you therein, culminating in united, joyful, resounding music and a sweet savor to Your very Throne and Your Presence.

Blessed be Your Name! May You hear us on this qadosh day!



Hear O Yisrael, YHWH is our Elohim, YHWH is One.

♫ Shema Yis-ra-el, YHWH E-lo-hey-nu, YHWH E-chad.

Blessed is the name of his esteemed realm forever.

♫ Ba-ruch shem ke-vod mal-chu-to le-o-lam va-ed (You may be seated)



♫ Bar-chu et YHWH Ha-meh-vo-rahch.

♫ Bar-uch YHWH ha-meh-vo-rahch leh-oh-lam va-ed.

Bless YHWH, the Blessed One.

Blessed is YHWH, the blessed One, for all eternity.

Remember the Shabbat day to keep it qadosh.

Six days will you labor and do all your work; but the seventh day is the Shabbat of YHWH your Elohim, in it you will not do any work.

For in six days YHWH made the heaven and the earth, the sea and all that is in them, and rested on the seventh day; that is why YHWH blessed the seventh day and qadosh.

Speak also unto the children of Yisrael saying: Above all, my Shabbatot you will keep; for this is a sign between me and you throughout your generations, so that you may know that I am YHWH who sanctifies you.

The Yisraelites are to observe the Shabbat, celebrating it for the generations to come as an enduring covenant.

It will be a sign between me and the Yisraelites forever, for in six days YHWH made the heavens and the earth, and on the seventh day he abstained from work and rested.

And it will come to pass that from one new month to another and from one Shabbat to another,

ALL flesh will come to worship before me, says YHWH!



“Who is like You, O El Elyon of Israel, in heaven and on earth, that he can perform in accordance with Your great works and Your great strength. Who is like Your people Israel, whom You have chosen for Yourself from all the peoples of the lands; the people of the covenants, learned in the statutes, enlightened in understanding.”


O King, helper, Savior, and Shield!

Blessèd are You YHWH. Shield of Avraham.

♫ Baruch Atah YHWH, Magen Avraham!

Blessèd are You, O YHWH Elohim, King of the universe,

♫ Baruch atah YHWH Elochenu, Melech ha-olam,

who has given us the Torah of Truth,

♫ asher natan lanue Torah emet,

and has planted everlasting life in our midst.

♫ v’chaiyaeh olam natah b’tochaenu.



Blessed are you, YHWH our Elohim, Sovereign of the Universe, who has given us the way of salvation in Messiah Yahshua. Amein.  (pronounced ah-MAIN)

♫ Bah-ruch ah-ta YH-WH, Eh-lo-hay-nu meh-lech ha-o-lam,

♫ Ah-sher na-tahn la-nu et deh-rech ha-yeh-shu-ah beh-ma-she-ach Yah-shu-a

So with joy we draw living water from the springs of deliverance!

♫ Ush-av-tem [cha-yim] ma-yim beh-sa-sone mi-ma-ay-nai ha-yeh-shu-ah!



♪ I waited; I waited; I waited so long.

I cried out; I cried out; I cried out so strongly.

Out of the pit of destruction, Father, out of the muddy clay.

I waited; I cried out; for I had lived so wrongly.

But you drew me from the pit of destruction;

Lifted me from the quicksand of my sin.

Then you set my feet on the sacred mountain;

You gave me songs of praise.

I waited; You saved me; I'm singing, ever singing,

Because my wait is o'er.



♪ Have mercy up-on me, O Elohim,

According to your loving-kindnesses,

According to your multitude of mercies.

Cleanse me from my iniquities!

Purify me with the hyssop!

Wash me whiter than snow!

Make me hear of joyful gladness!

Cleanliness shall I fin'lly know!



Shalom be yours, ministering malachim, malachim of the El Elyon,

Coming forth from the Sovereign of Sovereigns, the qadosh One, blessed is He.

♫ Shalom ah-lay-chem, mal-ah-chay ha-sha-rayt, mal-ah-chay el-yon,

♫ Mee-meh-lech mal-chay ham-la-cheem, ha-ka-dosh bah-ruch hu.

May your coming forth be in shalom, malachim of shalom, malachim of the El Elyon, Coming forth from the Sovereign of Sovereigns, the qadosh One, blessed is He.

♫ Bo-ah-chem leh-sha-lom, mal-ah-chay ha-sha-lom mal-ah-chay el-yon.

♫ Mee-meh-lech mal-chay ham-la-cheem, ha-ka-dosh bah-ruch hu.

Bless us with shalom, malachim of shalom, malachim of the El Elyon,

Coming forth from the Sovereign of Sovereigns, the qadosh One, blessed is He.

♫ Bar-chu-nee leh-sha-lom, mal-ah-chay ha-sha-lom mal-ah-chay el-yon,

♫ Mee-meh-lech mal-chay ham-la-cheem, ha-ka-dosh bah-ruch hu.



(Choose one or more below, A, B, C!)

A. DERASHA KATAN (from the Didaché and the Yahad Rule)

There are two roads: one of life, and one of death.

There is great variance between the two.

First of all, we will care for Elohim who brought us into being.

Secondly, you will care for your neighbor as yourself.

All that what we would not have happen to us,

We will make sure does not happen to another.

The Homilist (use the following or use your own): YHWH Elohim created humans to rule over the world, appointing for them two spirits in which to walk until the time set for His visitation. These are the spirits of truth and falsehood. An upright nature and destiny originate in the Territory of Light; a perverse nature originates in the Fountain of Darkness. The authority of the Prince of Light extends to governing of all righteous people; so of course, they walk in the paths of light. Likewise, the authority of the Angel of Darkness grips the government of all vile people, so naturally they walk in the paths of darkness.

Yet the Elohim of Israel and the Malach of His Truth aid all the Sons of Light. It is actually He who created the spirits of light and darkness, making them the foundation-stone of everything done, their impulses the reason for every act. Elohim's love for one spirit endures forever. He will always be pleased with such acts. But the counsel of the other He hates, despising its every impulse for all time.

Here are their operations in the world: one lights up a person's mind, straightening the pathways before him in true righteousness and causing his heart to respect the laws of Elohim. This spirit produces humility, patience, great compassion, continued goodness, insight, understanding, and powerful wisdom resonating to each of Elohim's works, kept by His constant faithfulness. It produces a spirit knowledgeable in every plan of action, zealous for the laws of righteousness, devoted in its thoughts, and unfaltering in purpose.

This spirit encourages plenty of compassion on all who hold tightly to the truth, and magnificent clarity combined with an instinctive hatred of impurity in its every disguise. It results in humble conduct combined with wide-ranging discernment, with an ability to conceal truth, that is, the mysteries of knowledge. So the earthly counsel of the spirit works to these ends for those whose character yearns for truth. Through a gracious visitation all who walk in this spirit will know healing, bountiful peace, long life, and a prodigious family, followed by enduring blessings and continual joy through a long-lasting life. They will receive a crown of favor with a robe of honor, dazzling forever and ever!

Let us choose Life! Let us choose to be Sons and Daughters of Light! Amein!


B. TESHUVA BAKASHAH (from the Ancient Syriac Prayer of Manasseh)

(Call to Teshuva)

Now, O Yah, we all have committed unloving acts and suffer justly. We deserve the troubles we encounter. Already we're caught in a trap: so held down by chains that we can’t even lift our heads to you. All this because we have sinned against you and your creation. We have angered you and we find no relief! Before your face we have done our wrong by setting up false gods and committing offenses against others and your creation. Now we bow down before you, and from deep within our hearts, we beg for your loving-kindness. We have sinned, O Yah, we have transgressed; we know the ordinances we’ve broken. Now we're praying in Yahad, begging you!

Forgive us, O Yah, forgive us. Don’t annihilate us along with our sins! Don't remember our badness forever! Don't sentence us to Sheol! For you, O Yah, are the Elohim of those who turn from their sins. In us will you not show how compassionate you are? Although we're not worthy, you rescue us according to your great mercy.

(The Host) Fear no more! To all who turn back to Elohim through the blood of Messiah, there is plenty of kindness and forgiveness. Friends - brothers and sisters, YOU ARE FORGIVEN!

Friends, brothers and sisters, YOU ARE FORGIVEN!

We will praise you continuously all the days of our lives as all the forces of creation praise you, and the esteem is yours forever and always. Amein.

C.  MIDRASH (Give a short MIDRASH of your own choosing)


TEFILOT (Prayers, requests, homilies and praise reports, whatever comes forth)

and / or Seven-fold Millennial Prayer

Pray for the Presence (parousia) of the Master Yahshua (Response: “kyrie eleison”)

the Return of YHWH's Ordinances to bless all people

the Elect, the Qadoshim, the Zadikim, and all Martyrs and Witnesses

the Peace of Jerusalem Chiefly and Peace on Earth

the Restoration of all Creation

the Advent of Equitable Justice for all Living Creatures

the Manifestation of the Visible Reign of the Master over all the World.

Further, let us remember our Mevaqqerim (overseers), Avarim (administrators), Sepherim (writers), Shoterim (ministers), Shamashim (servants), Morim (teachers), Rohim (shepherds) of the Yahad, and all the people who share our faith and vision.


♫ Baruch atah YHWH Eloheinu melekh ha-olam,
asher kideshanu be'mitzvotav, ve'tzivanu la'asok be-divrei Torah!

Blessed are You, YHWH Elohim, King of the universe, who sanctifies us with Your commandments and commands us to engross ourselves in the words of the Torah!

Let the words of MY mouth, and the meditation MY heart, be acceptable in your sight, O YHWH, our strength, and our redeemer!

Amein! Let the prophets prophesy!

Whenever the ark set out, Moshe said, “Arise, O YHWH, and let your enemies be scattered; and let them that hate you flee before you!”



The message is preached.

Response: When the ark rested, Moshe said, “Return, O YHWH, to the ten thousand thousands of Yisrael!”



Let us pray.

Our Father in the Sky, may your name be sanctified.

♫ a-vee-moo sho-ba-sha-mai-yeem yeet-ka-dash sheem-cha

May your Reign be blessĕd; your will be done in Sky and Land

♫ ve-yeet-ba-rech mal-choot-cha re-tson-cha

♫ yee-he-ye a-sui ba-sha-mai-yeem u-va-a-rets

Continually give us our bread; forgive us our sin-debts as we forgive the debt of those who sin against us.

♫ vee-tee-tayn lach-may-noo te-raee-deet oo-me-chal la-noo

♫ chee-to-te-noo ka-a-sher a-machnoo mo-cha-leem la-cho-teem la-noo

Do not bring us into the nets of a snare

♫ ve-al te-vee-e-noo lee-day nees-sa-yon

And protect us from the evil one. Amein.

♫ ve-shom-re-moo mee-kol rah, Yah-mien.



I pledge allegiance to the TORAH

of the Beloved Son's Nation,

and to the divine theocracy for which it stands.

One Eloha, one Nation, one Head,

one faith, one attitude, one goal,

one baptism, one communion, one body -

all ordained by YHWH the creator.

Our Nation is surely indivisible;

with divine liberty, equitable justice

and eternal life for all.  HalleluYah.  Amein.



May your departure be in shalom, malachim of shalom, malachim of the El Elyon, Coming forth from the Sovereign of Sovereigns, the qadosh One, blessed is he.

♫ Tzayt-chem leh-sha-lom, mal-ari-chay ha-sha-lom mal-ah-chay el-yon,

♫ Mee-meh-lech mal-chay ham-la-cheem, ha-ka-dosh bah-ruch hu.



♪ Shalom to you now, shalom, my friends.

May YHWH’s mercies bless you well, my friends.

In all your living and through your loving,

YHWH be your shalom, shalom, shalom,

YHWH be your shalom.



♫ Yeh-va-reh-cheh-cha YHWH veh-yeesh-meh-reh-cha,

♫ YHWH pa-naiv ay-leyh-cha vee-chu-neh-cha,

♫ Yee-sa YHWH pa-nahv ay-leyh-cha veh-ya-same leh-cha Shalom.

YHWH bless you and keep you,

YHWH make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you,

YHWH lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace.

Mar Anatha! Amein ve amein.

The service is finito! 


Core belief: Yahshua ben YHWH's blood was shed as a final sacrifice for the sins of all humanity.  One may appropriate this sacrifice for healing, restoration and ageless life.  The requirement for this appropriation is to believe whole-heartedly in the Eternal Father, receive the witness of Yahshua as recorded in the Scripture, and turn back to the perfect law of liberty found in the Torah.  If you love Yahshua, you will keep his commandments, which are the commandments of the Torah and the piety of Messiah, which includes working with the Living Yahshua to restore all Creation to its original perfection and beauty. 

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