< Therefore Let Us Keep the Feast! HalleluYah!

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The table is set and ready. 

But no one feasted,

because no one came.


"Therefore, Let Us Keep the Feast.  HalleluYah!"

-Saul of Tarsus

The Feast is being held October 8 - 17 at Cloudland Canyon State Park in Rising Fawn, GA 30738 - the perfect time to see the colors of Creation changing.  We have made it affordable for all.  Eddie Chumney is the keynote speaker. 

The other speakers are at this link
Full details for all the Feast plus Registration is here.


My Feast Story, by Jackson Snyder: My favorite time of the year is Sukkot-time - Feast of Tabernacles!  How about you?  I attended my first Jackson Snyder 2019Tabernacles in 1989.  The Feast was put on by The Christian Embassy and was attended by believers from all over the world.  This was also my wedding "honeymoon," which included Mignon's (late wife's) birthday.  We enjoyed staying for the entire feast plus two more weeks of touring.  Blessed saints (who are even to this day in the Yahad Think Tank on Facebook) paid for my whole family to go.  We did not even know the people who picked up the tab until we were off to New York from Miami. 


My wife and I were missionaries to Haiti at that time.  We were in charge of Our Secondary Students in Haitithe home office in Fort Pierce, FL and made frequent trips to the "Pearl of the Antilles."  There was no way we could possibly afford to go!  But YHWH made a way through believers who were open to the Spirit enough so as to hear the Master's voice concerning us.  I wish there were more believers who could hear and who would obey!


The agenda was very full and there were many sites to see.  Perhaps the high My Sukkalehpoint of the whole pilgrimage was to take part in a service at Qumran - a night service that featured a light show.  The other services, held in the Embassy, consisted of a LOT of spiritual music.  My favorite was a singer / songwriter named Steven Fry.  His songs and voice were perfect for Tabernacles, and for Israel.  Perhaps you who are reading this might know who Steven Fry is - I haven't encountered him since.


I write these three paragraphs above to let you know that I have honored my Father through this ingathering feast ever since.  My whole life was set on a Tabernacle with us in Georgia!new course by this experience.  When we returned, I decided to put all my teaching and studying efforts into the origins of our faith - and his is what I have done since.  Yet the high point of each feast season in Tabernacles.  I consider this feast to be a time of vacation; I go to seek out YHWH, to teach what truth He has afforded me, and to see like-minded friends (who I talk to every day on through Facebook and email, but long to see).  Every Sukkot is a grand reunion!  And the Yahad feast administrators go the second and third mile to make it just as memorable as the first I attended in Jerusalem.  I haven't missed one since.


Perhaps you need a memorable event to form a bridge leading you from one life to another.   Psychologists and theologians alike tell us that if we want Tabernacle with me this year.things to change in our life, we need what they call a liminal experience.  Such bridges help us to re-direct our lives forward toward our destinies and our callings.  That first Tabernacles was certainly one for me.  Attending one put me on a completely new course in life.  When I returned, I went back to school (even while supporting a family).  I studied Hebraic roots in the university, and Jewish biblical literature - and I succeeded bridging the gap from a fairly mediocre and miserable a life toward that end-point in destiny where the Master wanted me to go.


Yes, maybe your life needs a bridge from one situation, the wrong one, toward a new destination, a new attitude, a new place, an answered prayer - a better form of holiness: OBEDIENCE to YAH's Torah.  If so, it's not too late to step into the water, join your friend (I am your friend - you are on my list) and perhaps even climb the mountain.  New Earth Restoration is here for you


New Earth Restoration Alliance

That's why we call it "New" and "Restoration."  We find in the book of Enoch (and many others including Romans 8 throughout) that YHWH made a covenant with humankind, the earth and all creation.  This covenant provided that, no matter what the enemy would do to spoil the creation, the Creator would, in time, ameliorate the whole thing.  (Ameliorate is a big word we like to use.  It means, "to make things better.")


We all have seen the Creator turn things around overnight.  You may have experienced your own amelioration that might have come through faith or works or - out of nowhere!  But if the latter, then you must know that your Father has stepped in to ameliorate you!  And attending his Feast with us jut may provide the stepping stones to newness.


Each year, in a symbolical way at least, our Feast is very simple and authentic, like my favorite Sukkot verse:


A Sukkaleh, quite small, wooden planks for each wall;
Lovingly I stood them upright.
I laid thatch as a ceiling and now, filled with deep feeling,
I sit in my Sukkaleh at night.
A chill wind attacks, blowing through the cracks;
The candles, they flicker and yearn.
It's so strange a thing that as the Kiddush I sing,
The flames, calmed, now quietly burn.
In comes my daughter, bearing hot food and water;
Worry on her face like a pall.
SheA Sukkaleh, quite small . . . just stands there shaking and, her voice nearly breaking,
Says "Tattenyu, the sukkah's going to fall!"
Dear daughter, don't fret; it hasn't fallen yet.
The Sukkah will be fine, understand.
There have been many such fears, For nigh two thousand years;
Yet the Sukkahleh continues to stand. 


Therefore, my friend, Let us keep the Feast together this year.  I would absolutely love to meet you and fellowship with you in this holy season in the forest of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  You can afford it.  You want to be there.  What's keeping you?  Maybe whatever it is, it may be what you need to leave behind, at least for these 8 days.


Blessings and mercy to you and yours.  Write me if you will; I'd enjoy hearing from you.

The Feast is being held October 8 - 17 at Cloudland Canyon State Park in Rising Fawn, GA 30738 - the perfect time to see the colors of Creation changing.  We have made it affordable for all.  Eddie Chumney is the keynote speaker. 


The other speakers are at this link
Full details for all the Feast plus Registration is here.


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