Vero Essene Yahad, Who Are We?


Vero Essene Yahad Is An International Think Tank Providing A Safe Environment For
Those Perplexed By Pan-Biblical Texts And The Practices Of The Religious

Unity in Diversity; not Diversity in Conflict.
The Yahad Is An Independent Voice;
Not Affiliated With Church Or Synagogue

At present we are 500 strong with affiliates.
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Mevaqqre Daniel ben Regesh    Elder Michael Clark, Georgia    Elder Lizbeth McGee, Connecticut

Dr. Jackson Snyder ("Jackson Snyder Presents"), Florida


Live Events: Shabbat 11 AM ET, 1 PM & 3:33 PM

Tues & Friday, 9 PM.   Thurs 7 PM.  Others as announced.

Sacred Feminine: 3rd Tuesday of each month.

CALL IN (408) 638-0968 Meeting ID 240-482-4530
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  Active Personnel

  Mevaqqrim: Daniel ben Regesh (TN), Marcelle Logue (TN), Dr. Jackson H. Snyder II (FL)

   Founding Zachenim: Sandra Whatley (TX), Valerie Mangeot (GA), Lee Hayhurst (FL),

   Zachenim: Yochanan Staten (TN), Allyson Gary (VA), Brenda Westbeld (OH), Liz McGee (CT),

                   Ray Boshers (TN), Gregory Smith (SC), Craig Rogers (IA), Ela Conner (WA),

   Shoter:     Gregory Campbell (KS)

   International: Europe, Henry Roth | Australia: Aliyah Ness | Manitoba: Brian & Leona Toews |  

   Affiliates: Mark Heston (WA), Norman Gray (ON), Stephanie Heldlebaugh (TX), Lizette Fischer (TX)


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