The Story Behind the Jesus Family Tomb | The Genealogy of Jesus | His Racial Inheritance

The Shocking True Story Behind the “Jesus Family Tomb”

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Jackson Snyder October 11, 2011.  I would suggest you read over the Discovery Channel site before delving into the historical fiction below.  The Lost Tomb Video on YouTube You will want to return here after you see the video program. If you didn’t know this already, the very Channel aired “The Lost Tomb of Jesus” (the Talpiot tomb) years ago (March, 2007). Genealogy of the Brother-in-Laws Yosef b. Alfai & Cleopas b. Alphaeus

The Genealogy of Jesus’ Family, out of Egypt

The claims made by the filmmakers were that they were certain they had found the tomb of the family of Yahshua / Jesus, that they had his DNA, that Mary Magdalene was in there, and that they had a son who was in there, too, little Yahuda, as well as other biblical characters (WHO?).Disco As a long-time student of archaeological findings and Christian origins, I found the discovery fascinating. What I couldn’t agree with was the direction in which the filmmakers took the discovery.  Their rock-solid conclusion was that Mary Magdalene was the mother of ‘Jesus’s’ son and that she took their son to safety in Europe. When the Magdalene died, she was then sent back to Palestine and interred in the Jerusalem tomb.  . . . . 

The Enigmatic Facade of the Talpiot Tomb 1


It Is the Real Thing
For the sake of my presentation, let’s temporarily believe that the “Jesus Family Tomb” is the real thing. I don’t have time to define all the terms or tell all the history behind what I am presenting to you. Rest assured what I’m writing is based in fact, not the incredulous presumptions of the DaVinci Code crowd. You may easily verify most of what I write by simple internet searches, reading Josephus, Philo or Eusebius, or purchasing or any modern scholar’s book of the subject. I have several excellent books listed here. Or I can offer you references or sources if you are really interested. Contact me here or at this email address.


Related: Jesus was not Jewish; he was Druzish.  According to DNA tests on the blood of the shroud of Turin and the Mandylion, the Savior was Druze, as are the majority of inhabitants today in the area of Nazareth.  Here is the video.

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