Bohdan Piasecki's painting of The Last Supper

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Acts of Andrew
  "Your name is Fire."

Acts of John
  Jesus' earthly appearance.

Acts of Peter
  Secrets of physical healing.

Acts of Pilate
  "What is truth?" answered.

Acts of Thomas
  Jesus sells Thomas to an Indian!

Alternate Readings
  Of familiar Bible verses.

Apocalypse of Peter (Gnostic)
  Time is suspended.

Apocalypse of Peter (Orthodox)
  The Transfiguration Revealed!

Apocalypse of Thomas
  Earth's eight last days.

Apocryphon of James
  "Verily I say unto you..."

Apocryphon of John
  The "spring water of life."

Dialogue of the Savior
  Jesus answers More trick questions.

Epistle of Jesus
  As Verified per official records.

Epistles of Jeu
  From Heaven to earth and back.

Epistle of Peter to Philip
  Power over strong demons is given.

Epistle of the Apostles
  Jesus predicts Paul's advent.

Gospel of Bartholomew
  Bartholomew stomps the Devil's head. 

Gospel of the Egyptians
  Jesus spins motherhood.

Gospel of Mani
  Jesus instructs the Magdalene.

Gospel of Mark - Freer
  An insertion found in one version.

Gospel of Secret Mark
  Forgery? The "Homosexual Gospel"?

Gospel of Mary
  The Great Commission.

Gospel of the Nazaraeans
Gospel of the Hebrews
Gospel of the Jews
Gospel of the Ebionites (Poor)
Gospel of Matthew (Authentic)

  "Give me what is mine!"

Gospel of Peter
  "WHY Has My Power forsaken me!" 

Gospel of Philip
  The inner and the outer Again.

Gospel of Thomas
  "Become passers-by."

Gospel of Thomas the Athlete
  "Woe to you sex perverts."

Gospels, Unknown I & II
  Bathing with swine and dogs.

Interpretation of Knowledge
  Dead writings as textbooks.

Library of Oxyrhynchus
  Out of the Mouths of a thousand crocodiles.

Preaching of Peter
  Peter recalls his calling.

Pistis Sophia (Faith / Wisdom)
  The First Mystery of All Mysteries.

Sayings of the Savior
  From diverse sources.

Testimony of Josephus
  "He may have been the Messiah."

Wisdom of Jesus Christ
  Teachings of man immortal.