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The most accurate Motivational Gifts Assessment in the World!

"Thank you for the insightful results from the motivational gift, life support gift, and the pneumatic gifts inventories.  They really confirmed what I learned about myself.  Restudying them gave me a better understanding of the purpose God gave these graces to us for.  Thanks again."  DB, Oklahoma

What do you have? 

I have eleven integrated inventories (surveys) that have been completed by thousands world-wide; people like you who have needed to know more about themselves;

  • why they feel and do the way they do;

  • why and how they they make choices;

  • where are they gifted; and

  • where do they fit.  

How does it work?

Four of these inventories are free.  One of the free inventories is for youth.  The free inventories measure your "Motivational Grace(s)."  These are found listed in Romans 12 in the Bible.  They are the charismata

6. The charismata that we have differ according to the favor that was given to each of us: if it is prophesying, we should prophesy as much as our faith tells us; 7. if it is serving, let us devote ourselves to serving; if it is teaching, to teaching; 8. if it is exhorting, to exhorting. When you are sharing, you should give generously from the heart; if you are ruling, you must be conscientious; if you are caring, let it be because you enjoy doing them. 9. Let love be without any pretence. Avoid what is evil; stick to what is good. 10. Let your feelings of deep affection for one another come to expression; regard others as more important than yourself.

(We have discovered that there are two more charismata besides these seven.)

None of my free inventories are assessed by a machine, as are the the other gifts systems on the Web.  But by an educated, gifted human being - just like you.

What about the other seven integrated inventories?

The rest of the inventories are more complicated, tell far more about you and require time and prayer to gain an accurate assessment.  For these, a donation of any size is required.  With a donation, all the inventories will be integrated and you will receive the most accurate assessment of your gifts and personality in the world, along with a one-of-a-kind write-up plus access to my office via phone or email.  When you donate, make sure to use the PIN "honor" for your inventories.

Why donations?  To keep the Motivational Gifts Free for all.

Donations are accepted by the honor system for now.  They are tax deductible if you request it.  You may make them by check or card, or through PayPal. Please donate to keep the surveys here FREE.  Your donations allow me to keep assessing for you.

Help Keep the Gifts FREE!

When will my assessment be ready?

The free assessments are usually ready by 1 PM EST.  The full assessments may take up to three days. 

Why the wait?  I can get immediate results from other on-line surveys! 

That is because others are automated - a machine assesses your gifts!  How can that be?  How can a soulless machine be accurate in such  sensitive areas of life? 

Spiritual Gifts assessed by a spiritless machine? 

I am a human being with advanced degrees; a spiritually gifted believer!  I have been writing about, doing seminars on, and assessing spiritual gifts, temperament traits and personality for nearly twenty years - seven years by Internet.  And I will use my gifts to help assess your gifts - and far more accurately with more insight than any machine that I know.

At this link find a sample full assessment.  

OK! How do I access the Inventories?


==> You may use PIN "alpha-03" to complete the MGY, MGI, CMI and DWM - 4 Integrated Inventories for finding your Motivational Grace from among the Seven Graces found in Romans 12.  You will receive your Motivational Grace and Wing (if any) plus full descriptions of yours and all the graces - free of charge - by email.

Go to FREE Inventories - PIN "Ursus"

What if I want more?  

For a donation of any amount on the Honor System you may complete seven additional inventories and receive a complete Integrated Gifts and Personality Profile

A Full, Integrated Assessment Includes:

* Your endowment of the NINE (not SEVEN) Romans 12 graces, highlights, strengths & weaknesses, and surprises!
* Temperament Mask - what you wear for others but don't see yourself.
* 15 dimensional Temperament summary (not the age-old "flat four" temperament model). 
* 9-Key Personality Type profile, also known as the Enneagram, popular with Christian psychotherapists today (for instance, at The Enneagram Institute in NY) and used in seminaries across the world.
* Complete instructions and explanations, and further information if you want by email or phone.  Even a referral for deliverance or inner healing ministry is included if needed.
* For a limited time, an opportunity to be certified in Spiritual Gifts by a recognized leader in the field - free of charge.  But you have to work at this!

You will know more about yourself in a couple days than months on the couch or ten minutes of machine time - guaranteed!

Go to the Motivational Graces Inventories!  Use PIN "ursus" to get your free assessment. If you have made a donation or intend to, use the PIN "honor" for the rest of the inventories.  Again, these assessments are not automated (they are personally prepared by a degreed M.Div., Pn.C.P., DHL), so please be prepared to wait a short time for your assessment.

or write:

Dr. Jackson Snyder
3210 Old Bainbridge Rd.
Tallahassee, FL 32330
(801) 605/1715 Email

If you donated or are intending to, use PIN "honor" and complete your inventories now!  Donating at this point gives you the benefit of a LIFETIME PASSWORD for the MGI, CMI, DWM, TMI, BSE, AGI, BHS, CTI, 9KEY and 9KEY+ measuring Motivational Graces, Personality, 15-dimensional Temperament and Social Mask. New Inventories will appear later, and you will get them also.  Use the PIN "Life" after you have donated at this point.  You may use the button above or send a check or money order.

Get Certified Now!

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