Lamar Hayes Institute

An Executive Summary, 2008


The vision of the Lamar Hayes Institute (LHI) is to glorify Yahweh by helping all Judaic/Christian believers become supernaturally empowered for more effective ministry service.  Through this same work, His  Good News will be declared, workers will join the harvest, and many will become healed through His grace, mercy, and love; for Yahshua is alive!

The Lamar Hayes Institute mission is to deliver a teaching ministry to the world, to empower the individual believer, and strengthen the body of Yahshua by increasing unity through diversity of all believers. 

At the foundation, work of the Lamar Hayes Institute is largely based on years of study in the field of pneumatology and psychology, with extensive documented research, and practice by Dr. Jackson Snyder.  In essence, these years of research and practice have evolved in revealing a highly effective integrated approach to individual spiritual assessment, and group counseling.  Dr. Snyder has developed and refined several spiritual-based assessments, and discovered new dimensions by integrating ancient with other widely accepted psychological personality assessment work.  This new integrated approach is the most advanced and reliable work in its field.

The organization’s founders and leaders include Jackson Snyder and Jay Ayres.  The organization will draw upon the work and expertise of Dr. Jackson Snyder.  A former minister and leader in Methodist churches, Dr. Snyder received his Masters in Divinity, magna cum laude, from Emory University (United States), and his doctorate in Humane Letters honoris causa from The Wesley Synod for outstanding service to other ministers and spiritual-minded laity.   Jackson has is the author of several books and many published scholarly works.  His years of counseling individuals, marriages, and groups has helped innumerable fellow believers, and led many to the enlightenment and saving favor of Yahshua Messiah, the living Son of the Almighty Yahweh.  Jackson and his wife Mignon, reside in Florida.

Also joining Jackson is Jay Ayres, a fellow believer and Kingdom servant.  Jay has many years of practical experience in management, marketing, and organizational development.  Jay received his bachelors in Business Management and Business Marketing from The University of Phoenix.   He has worked and lived for large and small international companies in several industries, and held several directors seats with profit and non-profit organizations.  He has lead small and focused spiritual life groups for several years, and been instrumental in helping further the development of para-church ministry organizations.  Jay currently makes his living by consulting and the marketing of e-learning and collaborative enterprise software systems, having customers at all levels of government and industry.  He currently serves on the board of directors of Event Evangelism, Inc.  He and his wife, Penny, also reside in Florida.

Collectively, the founding management team members have many years combined experience with marketing products and services over the Internet, business start-up, and a deep sense of calling for Kingdom work.  Both are considered “thought leaders” in their current respective areas of interest.  Individually, Jackson has accumulated substantial research and counseling experience, resulting in intellectual property in the form of new research-supported evaluation methods, books , and supporting online libraries.  Peers consider Jay to be an industry leader in the field of organizational collaborative technologies.  Jay also provides counseling services to corporate and government trainers, and professional educators, in matters concerning distributive e-Learning systems and blended learning program development. Combined, the founders have the product and distribution expertise necessary for creating a wide footprint of distribution.

The core LHI products are a collection of spiritually-focused and traditional psychologically-oriented assessments, with stand-alone as well as integrated evaluations.  LHI products are believed to be more accurate in assessment outcomes than others known by the founders.  The assessments lead students through a self-discovery process, helping them identify their own spiritually granted favors, gifts, and for many, personal spiritual callings.  Many positive outcomes have resulted from these assessment consultations, including various types of healing, freedom from spiritual bondage, revelations, long sought-after confirmations, and life-changing experiences.  For the individual, this can easily equate to a significant increase in confidence, fueling a more productive ministry work; practically everyone has a desire to better understand the self, especially to discover previously hidden strengths. 

LHI products are also unique to leadership, organizational development, and general team leadership.   The original motivation for development of the LHI products was to create a system for new pastors/ministers to quickly gauge the make-up of a congregation or group, so as to spend a minimal time trying to determine who was suited for what type of work.  This is especially appropriate for leaders thrust into new environments.  Through LHI products and services, organizations and groups can easily be strengthened in unity for greater benefit, by acquiring a new-found understanding of self and the others around them.  

By the grace and guiding truth of Yahweh, the Lamar Hayes Institute will execute a marketing strategy by using an Internet web site, print published materials, executing in-person and online live seminars, and developing unique licensing distribution model for carrying-out the organization’s mission.   There are three strategic phases in year one.  In essence, the first phase focuses on developing a branded integrated marketing communications message, creating maximum web site exposure/traffic, offering 12 different assessments, and marketing several LHI published books and workbooks.  The key promotional tool will be offering the first three (3) assessments free, with the other nine (9) for a nominal fee.  Pre-packaged leader guides and workbooks for small groups will also be offered, especially to those indicating an appropriate level of interest, or gift.

The second phase focuses on customer feedback analysis, operational process efficiencies, emphasizing product development for group seminars, including group leader tools and recruitment and live online seminars.  The founders expect a formal certificate program and institutional accreditation to evolve from this process.  Phase three (3) will focus on developing a leadership network of various types of constituents as a primary and unique channel of product distribution.  Each of the three strategic phases creates a foundation for the goals of each following phase. 

Initially, the founders expect to position the product offering to compete with other spiritual gift assessments; traditional personality tests are almost completely secular.  Dr. Jackson Snyder continues to take competitors’ spiritual assessments in order to benchmark accuracy.  LHI positioning includes “the most accurate and comprehensive spiritual assessment, optionally integrated with ancient and modern personality tests, for a 3-dimensional outcome.”   Marketing efforts will be focused on targeting, wherever possible, relationship-oriented segments (i.e marriage, ministry, para-church, church, home churches etc.).




Associate /Partner


Inventories / Assessments (12)

1) Free

2) Free

3) Free

4)  The balance of these need

5) some form of logical grouping.


7)  The next step should be

8) $29.95 and include book #1


10)  The next $????




Gifts – Leader Guide & Student Workbooks

     6 pack - $119.95

     12 pack $209.95


(each pack includes 1 leader guide and the stated number, 6 or 12, Student workbooks)


Based on Spiritual Gifts Revelation  I


     Gifts     $45

     Advanced   $45



     Spiritual Gifts Revelation I


     Spiritual Gifts Revelation II


Advanced – Leader Guide & Student Workbooks

     6 pack - $129.95

     12 pack $219.95


(each pack includes 1 leader guide and the stated number, 6 or 12, Student workbooks)


Based on Spiritual Gifts Revelation  II


Certifications (licensing)

     Level    I     $150

     Level    II     $150

     Level    III     $350

     Level    IV     $795



Promotion – Initially, we will offer the product over the Internet and via in-person seminars as we can arrange them.  Phase III of the marketing strategy emphasizes partner/network development.  LHI currently plans to offer seminar leaders a personally branded web presence from the LHI web site facility.  The founders expect significant growth in in-person seminars as the partner network develops.

Product promotion will initially seek to leverage web and electronic conferencing technologies, including a broad variety of search engine optimization tools and techniques, opt-in e-mail, and viral marketing technologies.  These methods will expand over time, as the network of leaders, and accreditation grows.  Seminar leaders, leaders achieving certification status, and accreditation partners will be offered a free turnkey program for marketing their own LHI seminars.  A standing promotion, from launch of the web site, will offer three free spiritual gift assessments to every web site visitor with the intention of building critical mass quickly.  The packaged home seminar offering, purchased over the web/phone by leadership-motivated individuals, we will structure to create additional home seminar opportunities naturally.

The primary financial objective for LHI is to create a high quality, effective offering, never accrue debt for any reason, and provide adequate financial support to the founders.  Founder Jay Ayres will continue with his current work (this would be in addition to and secondary to his other interests) and rely upon his current income.  Initially, excess cash flow will provide income and support to Jackson Snyder.  A ceiling will be established for the purpose of future institution of equal provision for Jay Ayres.   Mignon Snyder will oversee administration duties and receive appropriate compensation as LHI income is able to provide.