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Authentic Nazorean / Nazarene Communications Materials

Including printed books, portable documents, audio books, electronic books & original Hebraic music

Ancient Manuscripts, Translated, in Paper, Digital, and Audio

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Kata Mattyah: According to Matthew | Translated from 3rd Century Sinaitic Manuscript א   

Available printed, in ebook, and audio


The Odes of Shalomé | Translated from the 1st century Odes of Solomon, attributed to the Savior's sister

Available printed & in ebook, audio book expected January, 2010


The Authentic Peter | The Recognitions of Clement | The Preaching of Simeon Kefa, T. Flavius Clemens

Available printed, in ebook, and audio


Khanokh the Sky Tripper: 1 Enoch (Ethiopic) | A New Translation True Names Version

Available printed & in ebook


To the Children of Love & Peace: The Letter of Bar Naba (Epistle of Barnabas, Greek & English)

Available printed, in ebook, and audio


Mixcraft 4 Manual: Acoustica Mixcraft: Why read that PDF when you can get the manual in a ring binder?  www.acoustica.com/mixcraft



Contemporary Nazorean Spiritual Worship and Gifts


Sing the Scriptures! And Discover Your Hebrew Roots

Over 100 original, manuscripted sacred name Scripture songs in ring binder format


EloHymnal: 100+ True Name Scripture Psalms

Over 100 original, manuscripted sacred name Scripture songs including worship services, prayers, how tos & orchestrated accompaniments ring binder format.


EloHymns I: Arise, O YAH! (CD)

20 original, fully-orchestrated sacred name songs and choruses from the Elohymnal.


EloHymns II: I Stand for Peace (but They Are for War) (CD)

20 more original, fully-orchestrated sacred name songs and choruses from the Elohymnal.


EloHymns III: Days of Awe and Joy (CD)

16 more original, fully-orchestrated sacred name songs and choruses from the Elohymnal.


EloHymns IV: Slave of Elohim (CD)

19 more original, fully-orchestrated sacred name songs and choruses from the Elohymnal.


EloHymns V:The Tall and the Smooth (CD)

16 more original, fully-orchestrated sacred name songs and choruses from the Elohymnal.


EloHymns VI:Eli, Eloi  (ai-LEE, ai-lo-EE) (CD)

16 more original, fully-orchestrated sacred name songs and choruses from the Elohymnal.



Classic Scriptures


Codex Sinaiticus: The New Testament in English | Translated from the Sinaitic Manuscript

Discovered by Constantine Tischendorf at Mt. Sinai And begun in 1861 by H. T. Anderson

Available printed hard or softcover & in ebook

The Codex Sinaiticus Workshop | Everything you need on 1 CD to translate your own Ancient and Authentic Version


Kata Mattyah: According to Matthew - A New Translation from the Sinaitic Manuscript

Kata Mattyah: According to Matthew

KATA MATTYAH: According to Matthew: A New Translation from Ancient Witnesses. Translated from 3rd Century Sinaitic Manuscript א And Diligently Compared With The H. L. Anderson New Testament (begun in 1861), The Dead Sea Scrolls, The Aramaic Peshitta, and The Nestlé-Aland 26 Greek Text: For Readers of the English Language.


Available in Printed, Audio, and Ebook


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Kata Mattyah is very useful for gaining a command of the biblical Hebrew language. As the reader progresses through the text, common English words (usually already familiar to the reader) are replaces with Hebrew transliterations.  Note how easy it is to learn the Hebrew words as you read through this familiar passage:

Mattyah 5:17 Think not that I have come to destroy the Torah or the naviïm: I have not come to destroy, but to fulfill. 18 For amein I tell you, until shamayim and h’eretz pass away, one yod or one point will in no way pass from the Torah until all is accomplished.

Annotations, glossary, and pronunciation helps are provided on a page-by-page basis.


Kata Mattyah 1:18 The birth of Yahshua the Anointed was like this: After his mother Maryah had been betrothed to Yosef (but before they came together), she was found with a child of the Ruach haQodesh. 19 Yosef her protector, being  a tzadik and not willing to make her an example, intended to loose her privately.

Ruach haKodesh = the Spirit, the set-apart one.

tzadik = one who strictly follows the Torah and prophets.

20 While he thought of these things, hinneh! a malach of Yahweh appeared to him in a dream, saying, Yosef ben Dawid, fear not to take Maryah your isha to you; for the one conceived in her is of the Ruach haKodesh. 21 She will bear a son. You will call his name Yahshua, for he will shua his people from their sins.

hinneh! = look! behold!

malach = a spiritual messenger, an angel.  Malach of Yahweh = The angel or messenger of Yahweh.

shua = save; and part of the name Yahshua, which means Yahweh Saves.

22 All this happened so what was spoken by Yahweh through the navi might be fulfilled, saying, 23 Hinneh! The virgin will be with child and will bear a son, and they will call his name Immanu-El, (which means when translated) Elohim with us.

navi = prophet.

El, Elohim = the title of Yahweh, meaning “Mighty One” – often plural indicating the family of spiritual beings.

24 Yosef arose from his sleep and did as the malach of Yahweh had commanded him, and took his isha to him. Yet he knew her not until she brought a son. He called his name Yahshua.

Yahshua = correction of the traditional English “Jesus.”  Yahshua means “salvation” or “deliverance  of Yahweh.”


New learnings are reinforced throughout the translation, with the frequency of Hebrew substitutes increasing with each page.  By the last few chapters, common Aramaic, Greek, and Latin transliterations are also employed when the story character would normally be speaking one of those languages. 


At this link is a longer excerpt of Mattyah 27 [pdf] that fully reveals the languages of the speakers.


In other places, special figures of speech are retained in the transliterated original so the reader may also enjoy the craft of the writer. Here is a rather extravagant example:

Kata Mattyah 13:31 Another mashal he laid out before them, saying, The malkuth shamayim is like a zerah of zinapi that a man took and sowed in his field. 32 Indeed, this is smallest of all zerayim, but when grown it is larger than the garden plants and becomes a tree. The birds of shamayim come and roost in its branches. 33 He told them another mashal, The malkuth shamayim is like zumé that a guné took and hid in three zata of ground-up-zitos so that the whole was ezumized.

This little volume includes full text of Matthew, annotations, pronunciation guide, and a complete Hebrew / Aramaic / Latin / Greek Glossary. By request, you may also download the audio version without additional cost so that your comprehension of the Hebrew will come all the sooner.


KATA MATTYAH: According to Matthew: A New Translation from Ancient Witnesses
Paperback, 86 pages, includes audio and digital book by request.

under $15, ships in 3 - 5 business days

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The Odes of Shalomé:

Ancient Netzari Songs of Extraterrestrial Love

"Not churchy at all, but personal - cutting to the heart."

Available in Printed and Ebook

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The Odes of Solomon / Shalome: Ancient Netzari Songs of Extraterrestrial LoveShalomé was the sister of Yahshua (Jesus) of Nazareth. She is mentioned several times in the New Testament Scriptures as a witness to her brother's execution - there - beneath the stake.


When the Shabbat had passed, Maria Magdala and Maryah the mother of Ya’aqov and Shalomé bought herbs, so they might gather to anoint him. (cf. Mark 16:10ff.)


The Egyptian Scriptures portray her as a person of much more importance than a mere onlooker. In them, she is a fervent disciple who harbors and nurtures her brother as she learns the Way of the True Worshipper. Forty-one songs composed in the Aramaic language have been attributed to this Shalomé . Her spiritual insight has much in common with that of the Beloved Disciple and the Teacher of Righteousness. Yet Shalomé has more to offer than a religious comparison of darkness and light. Her songs comprise a young woman’s unique and often mystical vision of the ‘divine feminine,’ love both mundane and ethereal, and hope that reaches far beyond the boundaries of earth and sky.

From the Introduction:

THE ODES OF SHALOMÉ is generally known as The Odes of Solomon.  At least one of the Odes is directly attributed to Shalomé, the disciple/sister of Yahshua Messiah (Jesus), in an early witness.  Internal evidence of female authorship includes frequent recitals of the Most High’s feminine aspects. Reading evokes the pen of a woman of great faith and spiritual clarity.

Trustworthy contemporary scholars tell us that

(1) The original language of the Odes is Aramaic – the language of the Messiah and the sect of the Nazoreans,

(2) The origin of the Odes may be Edessa in Adiabene – a sanctuary land for persecuted followers of the Messiah,

(3) There is affinity between the language, sentiment, and theology in the Odes, the Gospel According to John, and the Dead Sea Scrolls,

(4) The Odes do not contain Gnostic concepts or New Testament quotations.

(5) Since all the Odes end with HalleluYah! and water is mentioned throughout, these songs may have been utilized in the early baptismal liturgies of Nazorean assemblies.

Recent archaeological discoveries point to The Gospel According to John as originating in the second half of the first century. The similarities between John and the Odes indicate they may be contemporaneous compositions arising from the same community.

Let us then assume that The Odes of Shalomé constitutes the earliest Nazorean hymnbook. As such, this compilation repositions the Odes in their original setting, rewording and reworking them to make their meaning more authentic than existing scholarly or ‘churchy’ translations.



Ode 10. 'Lips'

MarYah directed My lips with His Word and opened My heart with His Light. He made His abundant life to dwell within Me; He allowed Me to announce the fruit of His shalom to change the lives of all who want to come to Him, even as those who are caged up want to come to freedom.

I took courage and became strong. I captured the world; I owned its capture for the sake of the Shekinah of El Shaddai Elohim Avi.

Elohim Avi = My Father, the Strong One.

The dispersed tribes were gathered in; I was not tainted by My love for them (though they praised Me in high places). Light-sparks showered their hearts; they walked in yachad with My life and were rescued. They became My people in timelessness.  Halleluyah.  

Yachad, yahad = together or one in Yahweh

Ode 14. Eyes 

As the eyes of a son look upon his father, so are my eyes, O Yah, turned You-ward at all times. My breasts and my delight are with You. Do not turn your mercies away from me, O Yah; do not remove Your kindnesses from me.  Stretch out Your right hand to me always, Sovereign. By Your will, be my guide until the very end.

Let me be pleasing to You in accordance to Your fame and Your name. Save me from the Evil One; allow Your gentility and the fruits of your love linger with me, O Yah. Teach me the odes of Your truth so I am able to render fruits in You.  Play the harp of Your Ruach haQodesh for me; with every note I can praise You, O Yah. In your multitude of mercies, grant me these requests; yes! Hurry to grant our requests, since Yours are enough to fulfill all our needs. Halleluyah.

Ruach haQodesh = set-apart (holy) spirit


The Odes of Shalomé: Ancient Netzari Songs of Extraterrestrial Love

This little volume is personal, Hebraic, and fully annotated.

Paperback, 37 pages, includes audio and digital book by request.

About $10.00, Ships in 3–5 business days

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Codex Sinaiticus: The H. T. Anderson New Testament

The New Testament in English
Translated from the Sinaitic Manuscript
Discovered by Constantine Tischendorf
at Mt. Sinai by H. T. Anderson
And begun in 1861


Translated and Edited by Rev. H. T. Anderson, Dr. Jackson H. Snyder, Dr. Jack Williams, Dr. Roy Shurtleff Miller.

NEW IN HARDCOVER BY POPULAR REQUEST. Anderson's famous yet very rare English translation (1866) of the 3rd to 4th century Sinaiticus Greek New Testament, thought by scholars to be the earliest complete New Testament manuscript in existence.




H. T. Anderson Codex Sinaiticus New TestamentAnderson Sinaitic Manuscript New Testament


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THIS IS NOT A CHEAP, SCANNED COPY. This is a first edition of the text published in easy-to-read Georgia font with 2 points between verses. My publication also includes public domain versions of the last books of the Sinaiticus; that is, Epistle of Barnabas and Shepherd of Hermas. I also included the Didache, or Teaching of the Twelve, since it has such affinity with Barnabas. Please check out my new translation of Barnabas from the Sinaitic Greek.



If your Bible has a verse and the Sinaiticus says there is no verse, you can be pretty certain that someone has added that verse to your Bible at one time or another.  Look:

Matthew 16  1 And the Pharisees and Sadducees came, and tempting, asked him to show them a sign from heaven. 2 But he answered and said to them: 3 [no verse] 4 A wicked and adulterous generation seeks for a sign, and no sign shall be given it but the sign of Jonah. And he left them and departed.


Anderson translated accurately even if the traditions of the churchmen were opposed. Notes explaining these variances are abundant in our version:

1 Corinthians 15  42 So also the resurrection of the dead. It is sown in corruption, it is raised in incorruption. 43 It is sown in dishonor, it is raised in glory: it is sown in weakness, it is raised in power: 44 it is sown a psychical body*, it is raised a spiritual body. If there is a psychical body, there is also a spiritual body.

                *  soma psuchikon = flesh soulish or soulish flesh. ed.

45 So also it is written: The first man Adam was made a living soul, the last Adam a life-giving spirit. 46 But not first the spiritual, but the psychical: after that the spiritual.


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On of several special bonuses in our volume is the addition of Acts 29 from the Sonini Manuscript.  The Sonini tells us the further journeys of the Apostle Paul after leaving Rome:

Acts 29   1 And Paul, full of the blessings of Christ, and abounding in the spirit, departed out of Rome, determining to go into Spain, for he had a long time proposed to journey thitherward, and was minded also to go from thence to Britain. 2 For he had heard in Phoenicia that certain of the children of Israel, about the time of the Assyrian captivity, had escaped by sea to ‘the Isles afar off’ as spoken by the Prophet, and called by the Romans Britain. 3 And the Lord commanded the gospel to be preached far hence to the Gentiles, and to the lost sheep of the House of Israel.


The Sinaiticus New Testament has two additional books.  One of these is a letter from Barnabas, which is set right after The Revelation, because Barnabas reveals some of the difficult passages of that book, and also of the Torah:

Barnabas 15   3 He speaks, too, of the Shabbat in the beginning of the creation: And Elohim made in six days the works of his hands, and finished them on the seventh day, and rested in it and sanctified it. 4 Consider, my children, what signify the words, He finished them in six days. They mean this: that in six thousand years Yahweh will make an end of all things, for a day is with him as a thousand years. And he himself bears witness unto me, saying: Behold this day a day shall be as a thousand years. Therefore, my children, in six days, that is in six thousand years, shall all things be brought to an end. 5 And the words, He rested on the seventh day, signify this: After that his Son has come, and has caused to cease the time of the wicked one, and has judged the unrighteous, and changed the sun and the moon and the stars, then shall he rest well on the seventh day.


The other extra text in the Sinaiticus New Testament is a lengthy storybook of prophecies evidently used to teach children and newcomers to the Hebraic faith true discipleship. It is known as Shepherd of Hermas, Hermas being a disciple and the Shepherd being the Good Shepherd.  This book is a favorite of many believers.

Hermas 22  1 When then I ceased asking her concerning all these things, desirous of beholding, I was greatly rejoiced that I should see it. 2 She looked upon me, and smiled, and she saith to me, Seest thou seven women round the tower? 3 I see them, lady, say I. 4 This tower is supported by them by commandment of the Lord. 5 Hear now their employments. 6 The first of them, the woman with the strong hands, is called Faith; 7 through her are saved the elect of God.

8 And the second, that is girded about and looketh like a man, is called Continence; 9 she is the daughter of Faith. 10 Whosoever then shall follow her, becometh happy in his life, for he shall refrain from all evil deeds, believing that, if he refrain from every evil desire, he shall inherit eternal life.

11 And the others, lady, who be they? 12 They are daughters one of the other. 13 The name of the one is Simplicity, of the next, knowledge, of the next, Guilelessness, of the next, Reverence, of the next, Love. 14 When then thou shalt do all the works of their mother, thou canst live. 15 I would fain know, lady, I say, what power each of them possesseth.

16 Listen then, saith she, to the powers which they have. 17 Their powers are mastered each by the other, and they follow each other, in the order in which they were born. 18 From Faith is born Continence, from Continence Simplicity, from Simplicity Guilelessness, from Guilelessness Reverence, from Reverence knowledge, from knowledge Love. 19 Their works then are pure and reverent and divine.

20 Whosoever therefore shall serve these women, and shall have strength to master their works, shall have his dwelling in the tower with the saints of God.


Finally, we have included the famous Didaché, or Teaching of the Twelve Apostles.  This book is something of a "Community Rule" for the first assemblies that followed our Savior.  It includes the way the Apostles baptized, served meals and communions, and treated traveling evangelists.

Didachē 12  1 But let every one that cometh in the name of the Lord be received; and then when ye have tested him ye shall know him, for ye shall have understanding on the right hand and on the left. 2 If the comer is a traveler, assist him, so far as ye are able; but he shall not stay with you more than two or three days, if it be necessary. 3 But if he wishes to settle with you, being a craftsman, let him work for and eat his bread. 4 But if he has no craft, according to your wisdom provide how he shall live as a Christian among you, but not in idleness. 5 If he will not do this, he is trafficking upon Christ. Beware of such men. 

Didachē 13  1 But every time prophet desiring to settle among you is worthy of his food. 2 In like manner a true teacher is also worthy, like the workman, of his food. 3 Every firstfruit then of the produce of the wine-vat and of the threshing-floor, of thy oxen and of thy sheep, thou shalt take and give as the firstfruit to the prophets; for they are your chief-priests. 4 But if ye have not a prophet, give them to the poor. 5 If thou makest bread, take the firstfruit and give according to the commandment. 6 In like manner, when thou openest a jar of wine or of oil, take the firstfruit and give to the prophets; 7 yea and of money and raiment and every possession take the firstfruit, as shall seem good to thee, and give according to the commandment.


CODEX SINAITICUS: The New Testament in English, Translated from the Sinaitic Manuscript Discovered by Constantine Tischendorf at Mt. Sinai by H. T. Anderson And begun in 1861

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The Codex Sinaiticus Workshop

Everything you need to translate your own Ancient and Authentic New Testament Version


The Codex Sinaiticus Workshop CD contains :Codex Sinaiticus Workshop

1) Scrivener (1863): Full Collation of C Sinaiticus with the Received Text of the New Testament

2) H. T. Anderson (1866): The New Testament in English Translated from the Sinaitic Manuscript Discovered by Constantine Tischendorf at Mt. Sinai

3) Miller (1888): A Greek Testament Primer: An Easy Grammar and Reading Book

4) Conybeare (1910) History of New Testament Criticism

5) Lake (nd): The Text of the New Testament

6) Heinfetter (1863) Rules for Ascertaining the Sense Conveyed in Ancient Greek Manuscripts

7) Stephanus (1550) Greek New Testament [pdf]

8) Snyder (2008) Chanoch Alef (1 Enoch): A Teaching Translation

9) Snyder (2008) Kata Mattyah (According to Matthew): A Teachin



Ships in 3–5 business days under $20.

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The Authentic Peter: The Preaching of Simeon Kefa from the Journal of T. Flavius Clemens (Clement)

The Authentic Peter | Epitomes | Recognitions of Clement

Ever wonder why Simon Peter only got a couple short letters into the New Testament?

Wouldn’t someone have recorded Peter’s AUTHENTIC acts and preaching for posterity?

Of course 'someone would!

That someone was Flavius Clemens, an affluent, educated Gentile convert. 

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James the Just sent Clement to Peter so he could record Peter's acts, ways of ministering, and speech for those who would never get to know this remarkable man.

This being the case, why would the Church Fathers decide to bury the preaching of the one they considered the first pope since Clement himself was their second pope?


Here's the reason - the authentic Peter (Shimeon Kefa) taught Torah, Deliverance, and the ministries of Spiritual Gifts.  Peter's authentic way was HEBRAIC.  He kept the Sabbath, he did not eat meat sacrificed to idols, he healed the sick, and he outed false prophets. Such a Peter just wouldn't do for the anti-Semitic Roman Catholic church, so "Clement's Epitomes" were buried in Volume 8 of the church fathers, along with romantic novels and ridiculous myths.


This volume is one-of-a-kind, containing teachings on many subjects, including deliverance, healing, true worship, lost doctrines, the standing man, the confrontation between James and Paul on the steps of the Temple, the True Prophet, and Peter's debunking of Astrology, Gnosticism, and lawless religion. 


Further, there are numerous historic markers in the text, including the confrontation between Paul (later Saul) and James the Just.  Here's a preview:


The Attack of Shaul / Paul and his men upon Ya’akov haZaddik / James the Just


Book I, Chapter LXX: Tumult Raised by Shaul 

“And when matters were at that point that they should come and be immersed, some one of our enemies, entering the Hekel[1] with a few men, began to cry out, and to say, ‘What mean you, O men of Yisrael? Why are you so easily hurried on? Why are you led headlong by most miserable men, who are deceived by Shimon, a magician?’ While he was thus speaking, and adding more to the same effect, and while Ya’akov the Mebakker[2] was refuting him, he began to excite the people and to raise a tumult, so that the people might not be able to hear what was said. Therefore he began to drive all into confusion with shouting, and to undo what had been arranged with much labor, and at the same time to reproach the kohenim,[3] and to enrage them with revilings and abuse, and, like a madman, to excite everyone to murder, saying, ‘What do you? Why do you hesitate? O sluggish and inert, why do we not lay hands upon them, and pull all these fellows to pieces?’ When he had said this, he first, seizing a strong brand from the altar, set the example of smiting. Then others also, seeing him, were carried away with like readiness. Then ensued a tumult on either side - of the beating and the beaten. Much blood is shed; there is a confused flight, in the midst of which that enemy attacked Ya’akov, and threw him headlong from the top of the steps; and supposing him to be dead, he cared not to inflict further violence upon him.”


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Book I, Chapter LXXI: Flight to Yericho

“But our friends lifted him up, for they were both more numerous and more powerful than the others; but, from their fear of YHWH,[4] they rather suffered themselves to be killed by an inferior force, than they would kill others. But when the evening came the kohenim shut up the Hekel, and we returned to the house of Ya’akov, and spent the night there in prayer. Then before daylight we went down to Yericho, to the number of 5000 men. Then after three days one of the brethren came to us from Gamali-El, whom we mentioned before, bringing to us secret tidings that that enemy had received a commission from Kayafa, the Kohen haGadol,[5] that he should arrest all who believed in Y’shua,[6] and should go to Dameshek with his letters, and that there also, employing the help of the unbelievers, he should make havoc among the faithful; and that he was hastening to Dameshek chiefly on this account, because he believed that Kefa[7] had fled thither. And about thirty days thereafter he stopped on his way while passing through Yericho going to Dameshek. At that time we were absent, having gone out to the sepulchers of two brethren which were whitened of themselves every year, by which miracle the fury of many against us was restrained, because they saw that our brethren were held in remembrance before YHWH.”


[1] Hekel = the Jewish temple in Jerusalem.

[2] Ya’akov the Mebakker = James, the brother of Jesus. As Mebakker he was the chosen leader of the Assembly of Yahweh in Jerusalem.

[3] Kohenim = Jewish priests.

[4] YHWH = the Tetragrammaton designating the Sacred Name of the Almighty, commonly pronounced Yahweh.

[5] Kayafa, the Kohen haGadol = Caiaphas, the High Priest.

[6] Y’shua = Yahshua, commonly but incorrectly known as Jesus.

[7] Kefa = Shimeon Kefa, commonly known as Simon Peter, who from here on becomes the protagonist of the work.


More Excerpts:

Click this link for a lengthy pdf excerpt of The Authentic Peter:
The Preaching of Simeon Kefa from the Journal of T. Flavius Clemens (Clement).


Click this link to hear a an excerpt of the audio book
(this reading is from an earlier edition, MP3 download)


In our account of Shimeon Kefa, we have dispensed with churchy language and restored the original Hebraic names and titles of people, places and concepts - and included a full GLOSSARY. Your purchase includes the AUDI


In addition to history and doctrine,  reading



The Authentic Peter:

The Preaching of Simeon Kefa from the Journal of T. Flavius Clemens (Clement) 


Paperback, 327 pages, Ships in 3-5 business days. $19.50

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Khanokh the Sky Tripper

1 Enoch (Ethiopic)

A New Translation

True Names Version

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Snyder's new edition of 1 Enoch takes into account Isaac's annotation on the Coptic Khanokh the Sky Tripper: 1 Enoch, A New Translationtranslation, the English translations of Isaac and Laurence, and the latest editions of the Dead Sea Scroll portions. Technical terms are rendered in Hebrew transliteration, as are proper names and places. Excessive wordiness has been eliminated, updated definitions clarify ancient word meanings, and the errors of pre-1950 translations are corrected. Includes a glossary of Hebrew technical terms left untranslated in this edition.

ssary; Book I: The Marot & Mashalim of Khanokh; Book II: Mashalim of the Ben-Adam; Book III: The Rules of the Skylights; Book IV: The Dream Visions; Book V: The Two Ways & Ways of Sevens; On the Books of Timeless Destiny.


Includes a full glossary and annotations throughout.  Comes in ebook or printed - no audio book, but planned for later.


Click this link for an excerpt, chapters 1 through 12 [pdf].

Click this link to sample the "Animal Apocalypse."


And here is the chariot / merkavah


Khanokh the Sky Tripper

I know a mystery.

I have read the sky tablets.

I have seen the sacred books.

I found written therein an inscription about the ones

For whom all goodness, joy, and admiration is prepared;

Written down for the ruachim of those who died in obedience.

Manifold good will be given YOU in exchange for your work;

Your fate is abundantly beyond that of any living soul.

In a blazing light, I will bring forth

Those who love My Sa cred Name.

I will seat them upon sky-thrones.

There will they dazzle timelessly,

For YHWH judged them obedient.
- 1 Enoch 103:2,3; 1 Enoch 108:13

Khanokh the Sky Tripper

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To the Children of Love & Peace: The Letter of Bar Naba

(Epistle of Barnabas, Greek & English)

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To the Children of Love & Peace | Epistle of Barnabas
This volume includes the following unique features:

     ۰ a scholarly introduction

     ۰ a brand new translation from the Greek with comparisons to

          the Hoole and Lightfoot translations

     ۰ Interpaginated with the Revised Greek of the Ante Nicene Fathers

     ۰ Over 150 annotations and Tanakh references

     ۰ Essays explaining the "Teachings of the Three Letters" and

          "The Teachings of the Eight Days"

     ۰ A mysterious IXQUS (fish) where it really shouldn't be

     ۰ Plenty of room for your personal notes.


Preview the Interpaginated Format here (jpg image).


Listen to a chapter here (MP3 download).


By the way, Barnabas is a MAJOR CHARACTER in the AUTHENTIC PETER (above), and the evangelist whom the Spirit used to bring Clement, Peter's secretary, into the Kingdom.


Believers should study Bar Naba, as he reveals the solutions to many great mysteries, including:

  • the revelation of the fish sign  

  • Abraham's mysterious 318 and

  • the "Teachings of the Three Letters"

  • the identity of the "Black One"

  • the seven prophetic days of soteriological history

  • the millennial sabbath

  • the mysterious eight day revealed

  • the revelation of Moshiach - when?

  • who lives forever

  • the clever-level understanding of the food ordinances

  • many more explanations and a few mysteries yet unsolved....

To the Children of Love & Peace: The Letter of Bar Naba: (Epistle of Barnabas, Greek & English)

Paperback, 107 pages  Ships in 3–5 business days   under $16

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Sing Your Hebrew Roots with

The EloHymnal & Sing the Scriptures!

EloHymnal and Sing the Scriptures

The EloHymnal includes over 100 original and manuscripted sacred name songs written directly from the Scriptures.  The collection includes numerous worship services, prayers, how tos (how to keep the Day of Atonement, etc.), orchestrated accompaniments (MP3) for all the songs (free of charge). 

Sing the Scriptures has all the songs and accompaniments, but none of the extra worship service materials.

Hello.  This is Jackson Snyder, creator of EloHymns.  I feel a special anointing to write and produce two Jackson Snyder - Majorette for the Royal Klezmerineshundred original hymns and choruses directly from Scripture for those who prefer to sing praises using the true name of our Heavenly Father and his Son.  Our father has given me the opportunity in the last year to produce four CDs of orchestrated recordings for you.  Yet these Elohymns are meant not just to be listened to, but to be sung in your home group or congregation.  Therefore, I have made available to you manuscripted lead sheets of all recorded EloHymns plus Scriptural lyrics to many, many more free of charge on the web site www.Elohymns.com.  Also available at the site are accompaniment CDs without the singing.

EloHymns are different.  They are not what you might expect from Messianic music.   Elohymns are based on popular or classical music forms with a Hebraic idiom added.  Sound effects are frequent and drums are kept to a minimum – employed when necessary to convey the feeling behind the Scripture.

Now, Father Yahweh, we dedicate these hymns and spiritual songs to your service.  Let them go forth to bless this dear person who is now praying with me.  And may your Kingdom come on earth in its heavenly completeness.  Amein.

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Rab Moshe Koniuchowsky, Your Arms to Israel Worldwide. 
Jackson, Got your CD and love it. I Stand For Peace, EloHymns Vol. II NEW! A tremendous message recorded in music by Yaakov/Jackson Snyder. 20 super tracks lifting up the body of Yahshua to overcome the end times and the end time beast. All songs carry the message of Scripture using the true Names only. These are the true Hebraic Psalms presented with a creativity that is unsurpassed.

M. C. in Florida writes:
We had our holy convocation on Sabbath, we listened to one of your tapes on the Rapture  excellent, had prayer and sang some of the Elohymns. We prayed that you would be blessed in everyway, most especially financially with the beautiful music straight from the throne room.

Since I like to sing more than others in my family, I came in early and sang through the whole new CD you brought me. "A Good Inheritance" makes me want to dance and shout, also, "We Hoist the Victory Banner."  The music and the words to "Arise, O Yah" are so anointed, I love it and the new more worshipful ones "In the Morning" and "I Praise You, O Yahweh" help me to really open up and worship Yahweh.

I know there are many more people like me who long for music like this to worship with, and we are believing that the word will get out so they can be blessed and you in return.


Our intention is to provide a worship repertoire of all the Tehillim / Psalms especially for Sacred / True Name worshipers based not only in Scripture, but also in Hebraic musical style.  Hopefully, when Messiah gathers us together, we will be able to sing as one, having learned the Psalms in one accord. 

Psalm singing is hardly a new idea.  Classic Christianity has its Psalter which is based on the ancient Hebrew songbook.  (A Psalter is defined as "a book containing the Book of Psalms or a particular version of, musical setting for, or selection from it.")  Unfortunately, very few congregation use the Psalter anymore, preferring instead "pop" Christian music (pop as in popcorn) to the Scripture.

Psalm-singing need not be consigned to nuns nor need it be boring repetitions of chants, chamber music or cantor.

To date, we have composed and set to manuscript over two hundred Tehillim / Psalms  set-apart songs and choruses summarized from True (Sacred) Name Scriptures  including the Bethel Edition, the ISR Scriptures and our own Hebrew and Greek translations.  All these songs and the music to go with them have come in the early hours as a result of the anointing following an evening of serious Scripture studies. 

These 200 Elohymns were also set to paper in various settings and geographic areas I visited from December 2005 through June 2006.  If I visited you in that span of time, then some of these songs were inspired by your homes or places of worship.  And still the anointing that brought forth the 200 has not ceased.  These setapart songs of worship are still coming forth daily, HalleluYAH.

Michael E. Hampton, author Recovering and Hallowing God's Name, First Baptist Church, Micanopy, FL   I especially like the words to "Isaiah 43 Love Song." Yahweh has comforted me greatly through His words in Isaiah 43:913 ever since I was diagnosed with endocrine system cancers in 2001. It was because of that illness that I had time to study out the truth of our Heavenly Father's hallowed Name Yahweh and its connections with the Name of His Son Yahshua ha Moshiach. He is good! His faithful love is eternal and His mercies never end! Cordially yours, in the grace of Yahshua and the love of Yahweh.  Michael E. Hampton, author Recovering and Hallowing God's Name, First Baptist Church, Micanopy, FL


There are three major differences in the Elohymns "Psalter" that set it apart from all others:

(1) we use no pagan names  only the true names and titles of our Heavenly Father and Son; we avoid any language hailing back to paganism,

(2) ours are in the style of the Hebrew singers of yesteryear, brought up-to-date with more modern musical structures while retaining the best of tradition.  The Klezmer-style music of Elohymns is making a great comeback in our day.  I have never composed Klezmer music before; this is one reason that I believe the compositions are especially inspired.  Though many of the melodies are reminiscent of Hebraic liturgy, these are stronger, happier, more modern and far more Kingdom / Millennium oriented.

(3) EloHymns are not produced to be the Golden Calf (a cash cow).  The music, words, engineering and packaging are all the products of the anointing of the Ruach ha Kodesh,  the Set-apart Spirit.  Every aspect of the project is anointed.  May Yahweh be honored through the work of his Spirit, and may his remnant be united in songs of praise!  All proceeds from the sale of EloHymns or our collections of texts go directly into the promotion of true worship.

EloHymnal: 100+ True Name Scripture Psalms

by Jackson Snyder

EloHymnal - 102 True Name, original, Messianic Worship songs directly from the Scriptures. Included are several worship settings and healing, deliverance and repentance prayers. Short lists on how to keep the Biblical Feasts. No pagan names of titles. Also available: fully orchestrated demo and/or accompaniment CDs from www.EloHymns.com plus technical help.

Ringbinder, 161 pages,  Ships in 3–5 business days,  < $27     Download the text only < $12

Sing the Scriptures! And Discover Your Hebrew Roots

by Jackson H. Snyder II

Sing the Scriptures! contains 102+ original manuscripted praise and worship songs written directly from the poetic passages of the Scriptures. These songs feature concepts from the Hebrew / Hebraic Roots of our faith. All are in English interspersed with important Hebraic terms. Many of the songs convey the Hebraic musical idiom or Klezmer style. Many are suitable for praise dancing. Fully orchestrated accompaniments may be acquired or downloaded from www.EloHymns.com. This work is the EloHymnal without the service orders and prayers - just great, exciting music.

Ringbinder, 130 pages,  Ships in 3–5 business days,  < $21      Download the text only < $12

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The EloHymns Cycles of True Names Songs

 Click the highlighted titles for a sample stream

EloHymns 1 - Arise O Yah!


1.  A Good Inheritance is Mine! Psalm 16:6

2.  Arise, O Yah! Psalm 10:12

3.  The One You Discipline, Yah Psalm 94:1216

4.  Cleanse Me, O Elohim Psalm 51:1

5.  The Way of the Righteous Psalm 1:6

6.  I Am Not Afraid (of 10,000 Enemies) Psalm 3:6

7.  Cry Out with Awesome Sound! Psalm 7

8.  Lift Up the Light of Your Face Psalm 4:6)

9. Yahweh Saw to That! Psalm 124:8

10. Great, Great, Great is Yahweh Psalm 97:9

11. I'll Sing Praises to My Elohim Psalm 146:2

12. I Know That My Redeemer Lives Job 19:23

13. This Day I Have Begotten Thee Psalm 2:7

14. My Flesh is Food Indeed John 6:52

15. In the Morning Psalm 5:3

16. Let the People Tremble! Psalm 99:1

17. Will the Dead Arise to Praise You? Psalm 88:9

18. Arise! Arise! Arise! Psalm 9:1

19. We Hoist the Banner High! Psalm 20:5

20. You Are Wonderful Isaiah 9:6

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EloHymns II | I Stand For Peace


1.  Let Us Boldly Go Hebrews 4:14
2.  Baruch! Baruch! Psalm 103:1
3.  Now and Forever Psalm 131
4.  For the Love of Thunder Psalm 18
5.  You Shall Arise and Have Compassion Psalm 102:13
6.  Show Me Your Ways, O Father Psalm 25
7.  From the Rising of the Sun Psalm 113
8.  You Have Been So Good to Me! Psalm 13
9.  By the Brooks of Babylon Psalm 137 (Tune by PIT)
10. He Called Out His Very Own Name Exodus 34
11. Light Child John 8:12*
12. I Stand for Peace (They Are for War) Psalm 12
13. I Called Upon Yahweh Psalm 120
14. Shine, O Elohim! Psalm 80
15. My Righteousness Shall Be Revealed Isaiah 56
16. The Secret Presence Psalm 31:20
17. I Will Not! Psalm 132*
18. My Inner Heart Proclaims the Name Luke 1:47
19. In That Day Revelation 19
20. REPRISE: To My Father’s House Psalm 122b

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EloHymns III | Days of Awe and Joy


1. Our City, O-E-O Isaiah 26
2. I Was Born for Such a Time Esther 4:14
3. Shabbat Shalom Luke 23:56
4. These Are the Days of Trouble Psalm 86
5. O Elohim, Do Not Be Silent Psalm 83
6. Yahweh Elohim Qadosh Psalm 71
7. Sound the Shofar on the Day of Awe!
8. We’ve the Burden for Lebanon Isaiah 10:24
9. I Cry Abbi Psalms 147-150
10. March Out the Tabernacles! Zechariah 14
11. Essene Dream Awry Deuteronomy 13:13
12. Children of the Maccabees (Ma'oz Tsur) 1 Mac 2:1-4
13. Elohim is Stomping Psalm 60
14. The Horn of a Unicorn Numbers 23:22-24
15. O Save, Yahweh, Save Psalm 12
16. Behold, I Do Something New! Isaiah 43



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1.  Slave of Elohim Isaiah 53
2.  Jael and the Nail Judges 4
3.  The Angel of Yahweh Exodus 23
4.  I Sought My Sovereign at the Midnight Hour Psalm 77
5.  Think Not! Matthew 5:17
6.  Lonely One Psalm 27
7.  Be Healed in the Name of Yahshua Isaiah 53:5
8.  Shema Ysrael (2 versions) Deuteronomy 6:4
9.  The Horn of a Unicorn Numbers 23
10. Out of the Mouths of Babes Psalm 8
11. Shattered Pot Psalm 8 Dead Sea Scrolls
12. The Rechabites Jeremiah 35 listen to demo
13. You Are Our Way, O Savior John 14
14. My Refuge and Strength Psalm 46
15. I Love You, YAH Psalm 116
16. Seek My Face Psalm 27:8
17. Lion, Leopard, Bear, Beast Hosea 13
18. From Everlasting Psalm 117
19. The Kindnesses of Yahweh Lamentations 3

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1.  We Lift Up Your Mighty Host Isaiah 13:3-5

2. Yah! Yah! Yah!! Psalms 68:1-4

3. Listen, My Daughter Psalms 45:10

4. The Tall and the Smooth Isaiah 18

5.  I Will Sing of Yahweh's Loving-kindness Psalms 89

6.  Why Do You Fear? Psalms 121

7.  The Head of the Corner  Psalms Psalms 118

8.  Whom Shall I Fear? Psalms 27

9.  Help Us Out, O Elohim Psalms 60:11

10. For All Your Houses Fine Psalms 84

11. How Beautiful the Messenger Isaiah 52

12.  Here My Prayer (Tevyah's Song) Psalms 47

13. James the Just (I Will Get Better) James 5

14. (We Were Like) Children in a Dream Psalms 126

15. Yahweh's Love Song Isaiah 43




1. On the Third Day Hosea 5

2. How Lovely Is Your Dwelling-place Psalms 84:2

3. Ever Live Psalms 49

4. My Perfect Prayer  Zephaniah 3:9

5.  (In Yahshua's Name) Deliver Me Psalms 70

6.  Lema Shevak Tani Psalms 22

7.  Lecha Dodi Song 7:11

8.  Upon this Sacred Mountain (I Waited) Psalms 40

9.  We Want to Know You More Jeremiah 31:33

10. I Stretch Out My Hands  Psalms 143:2

11. Good Morning Psalms 50:16

12.  Return to Us! Psalms 90

13. Consider the Poor (Tamborine Dance)  Psalms 41

14. Judge Me. O Yahweh (Duet) Psalms 26

15. The Passover (With Desire I Have Desired) Luke 22:15


A Passover Seder | Sacred NameA Passover Seder: True Names Messianic Passover Haggadah for All Believers

TRUE NAMES MESSIANIC HAGGADAH: A PASSOVER SEDER From YAH Prince of Peace Vero comes this easy and complete Passover for use with any family of believers in Messiah. Features: Full seder, parts for leader, six readers, and children; Large print, easy to read; Transliterated Hebrew names for people, places and things; Full glossary plus MP3 pronunciation download; The very rare Hebraic Thanksgiving service from the Didaché (Teaching of the Twelve) from the 1st century; Passover Peril: A Fun, Low Tech Game for the Family; 51 Questions about Passover; Links to resources, including music; Help by email or telephone. Compiled and Composed by Jackson Snyder.

Paperback, 33 pages + audio download  > $10

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Spritual Gifts Revelation One : CharismataSpiritual Gifts Revelation Volume 1:

Charismata, Theory, Assessment

Most approaches to Motivational Gifts assessment lend themselves to faulty results due to a one-dimensional inventory strategy & conclusions based on lack of practice & data. Results are often inaccurate because survey answers are self-perceptions rather than actions. The Integrated Approach is multidimensional, including 5x3 dimensions of Temperament, thinking v. doing exercises, & the 9-key Personality, to standard inventories. With help from 1000s of online participants, the author has found an "Integrated Approach”-a unique, accurate system that tears away the masks to the soul beneath. No longer mere Christian entertainment, the Rom 12 gifts render life-enhancing tools, helping participants analyze pathways accurately then make valid, prayerful decisions.

Paperback, 184 pages, Ships in 3–5 business days < $20

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Spiritual Gifts Revelation : Miracles by the BookSpiritual Gifts Revelation Volume 2:

Miracles by the Book

If the New Covenant accurately contains the teaching of the Son of Elohim, then should not his followers also be able to accomplish his feats? If Yahshua "ever lives and ever loves," then should not his people be the personal extension of his astounding capabilities? There are many evidences that indeed Yahshua still works miracles, both small and great, and that he PREVENTS evil. Snyder thinks he can help show those willing how they may proceed. He takes us on a journey through Scripture and his own life to expose tiny miracles and exposit what kind of discipline in love is required to achieve them. This book is a hands-on Spiritual Gifts course for individuals or teams that can lead to certification in supernatural ministry.
Paperback, 245 pages  Ships in 3 - 5 business days  < $20

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Mixcraft 4 ManualMixcraft 4 Manual: Acoustica Mixcraft

I simply could not bear to read a whole manual for this premier project in a PDF, so I told Acoustica I was going to have it printed up.  They didn't object, so here it is.  Here is the link to the Acoustica product, which I highly recommend.



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Check out the pdf / audio download page for many more titles.