Free Sermons
Challenging Sermons
ALL SERMONS HERE -- 500+ most are ready to preach, in textual and preaching order.  Sermons based on the Apocrypha here too.
New Century Sermons  
What's Preaching Now, Lectionary Year A, plus the New York Disaster and perspectives on terrorism.  Archive completed 2002. 
Innovative Sermons  
In Topical & Church Year order. Archive completed 2003.

Prophetic Sermons  
Bible Prophecy, Enoch, Revelation.  Archive completed 2003.
Into Thin Air   
Allegorical Messages based on 2 Peter 1-3 and the book Into Thin Air  by Jon Krakauer.

Rabbinical Sermons
Divrei Torah by  Rabbi Dr. Barry Leff.

Evangelical &
Charismatic Sermons

Including series based on Faith Sharing by Fox and Morris and another on 'spiritual gifts.'

The Gospel According to Chief Slacabamorinico
Mardi Gras, Circuit Riding and Country Western Sermons

Neo-Arian Sermons
Is the Nicene Creed, the Trinity and Eternal Torment biblical?  Nick Tatakis makes a pretty good case for  not.

Holiness Sermons
Old timers in the public domain.
Hebraic Nazorean Messages


Don't Expect the Ordinary!
These messages are
  & 98% grammatically correct.



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