A Research Paper on Spiritual Gifts with Documented Case Histories

By Jackson Snyder

Methodism and Movements of the Spirit

Prof. Hal Knight

November 23, 1992


Here is Charismata in a Wesleyan Framework complete (pdf)

A Letter from a Charismatic to a Skeptic (pdf)

Holy Laughter, or Cracking Up with the Saxons (htm essay)

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Thesis, Outline & Table of Contents

Thesis: The beliefs and practices of charismatics and pentecostals may be organized along the lines of the Wesleyan doctrines of justification (salvation, new birth #1, regeneration), sanctification (new birth #2, baptism of the Holy Ghost, entire sanctification), and holy life (fruits and gifts).


I. Introduction

        A. The Author's Perspective

        B. The Wesleyan Model

II. Case Histories

        A. Small Groups

        B. Veracity

        C. Value of Case Histories

        D. Characters Involved (mostly Methodist)

III. Salvation

        A. The Purpose

        B. The Ideal Model

        C. The Sinner's Prayer

        D. Water Baptism

IV. Baptism of the Holy Ghost

        A. The Purpose

        B. The Methods

        C. The Evidences

        D. As Sanctification, not Generally Emphasized

        E. Evidences V. Gifts of the Spirit

V. Gifts of the Spirit                       

        A. Gifts Easily Confused and Mixed

        B. Various Anointings

        C. Word of Wisdom

        D. Word of Knowledge

        E. Faith

        F. Healing

        G. Miracles

        H. Prophecy

        I. Discerning

        J. Tongues

                1. Xenoglossa

                2. Glossalalia

                3. Strateialalia

                4. Interpretation of tongues

VI. Common Manifestations "In the Spirit"

        A. Raising of Hands

        B. Singing

        C. Slain

        D. Laughing                        

VII. Conclusions