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The Preaching of Peter

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The Authentic Peter


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The Nazarene Acts of the Apostles, aka The Recognitions of Clement, a new, true names translation of one of the most important sources of first-century religious practice.  Generous Glossary. (Hear an excerpt.)


The Odes of Shalome, A New, True Names Setting
of the earliest excusively Nazorean songbook. 

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The Odes of Solomon Shalome - Extraterrestrial Love

Greetings in Messiah Yahshua from Jackson Snyder.

The Head of Jackson SnyderDid you ever wonder why Simon Peter, though famous in the ancient world as a traveling preacher, only got a couple short letters in our Bibles?  Wouldn’t you think someone would have recorded Peter’s acts and preaching?  Wouldn’t his disciples or secretary see to it?  Of course his preaching was recorded.

Yet Peter’s authentic preaching and teaching was relegated to an obscure closet in the “Church Fathers” library – never lost, just hidden away – hidden away from YOU.  Why, do you suppose, would the so-called “Church Fathers” bury the preaching of the one they like to call the “first pope”?  Especially since Peter's preaching was, by their own admission, recorded by the man whom they call the "second pope": St. Clement.  It seems that Peter’s preaching and teaching, and Clement’s background, were just TOO HEBRAIC for the new Orthodoxy that later came to be known as The Roman Catholic Church.  It seems that once again church officials of the past have censored our True religion in favor of their own brand of heresy.

I discovered a small portion of Peter’s material, known as The Clementia, in 1988.  I St. Clement, say the Catholicsthought it was great reading, but the commentary said that this was a novel  – mere fiction.  As I looked at other texts either by or about the earliest disciples, the famous old commentators always said the same things – that these acts and teachings are fictions created to strengthen certain sects of Christians from the long-distant past, and it was only by chance that such fictional histories of the disciples had been preserved at all.  I suspect many manuscripts that did not adhere to the party line were condemned to fire – including whole books that were once a part of the canon of Scripture.   

Not many years ago, the view of scholars regarding the Clementia and other surviving ancient documents began to change.  One of the most tenacious, best read and cutting-edge scholars of our time, Dr. Robert Robert EisenmanEisenman, began to take the Clementia, the Dead Sea Scrolls, and historians like Clement, seriously.  Eisenman found within these surviving books too many similarities of practice, preaching and teaching with the Dead Sea Scrolls for them to be relegated to the closet any longer.  After all, there is no fiction at all in the Dead Sea Scrolls; they are Dead Sea Serious – a testament to a real community of people in the middle of the first century.  To find a overabundance of unique similarities between the Scrolls and the Clementia confers a great stamp of authenticity to the material we now present for you on our Acts, Preaching and Teaching of Simon Peter CDs.  Eisenman has shaken the world of Bible scholarship and rendered the opinions of many earlier Bible scholars on these and related subjects totally obsolete.

Robert Eisenman is currently Professor of Middle East Religions and Archaeology and Director of the Institute for the Study of Judeo-Christian Origins at California State University, has been on the cutting-edge of authentic Scripture scholarship for 25 years.  His incredible discoveries about the lives of the sect of the Nazoreans (mentioned in Acts 24:5) may be explored in his writings; especially The Dead Sea Scrolls Uncovered, The Dead Sea Scrolls and the First Christians, James the Brother of Jesus and The New Testament Code

My dream has been to get the important apostolic texts out of the Church’s closet and into the hands, ears and heads of believers.  To find the historical Peter, James the Just, Barnabas and John is to also find the historical Jesus.  You have found the Jesus of faith; finding the Jesus of history should not be a matter to fear (as many churchmen have posited) but a matter to be anticipated with great enthusiasm.  In reading and listening to the Acts and Preaching of Peter recoded in our volumes, you will come very close to the flesh and blood Yahshua ha Mosiach ha Nozrim.  And you will be blessed. 

Like a dream come true (or prayer answered), Ted Dornan, a scholar and actor in Colorado, has done the LION'S SHARE of WORK in making the acts and preaching of Peter and Clement – Barnabas too - a reality.  He has brought the real Peter out of obscurity and into the light.  Thank you Ted for a job well done.

Ted has transmitted the contents of Clement’s journals for into the Ted Dornan - Performervernacular of a first century Hebraic community of faith by using authentic names for the people mentioned in the discourses, including the names of Peter (Kefa), James (Ya’akov) and Zacchaeus (Zacchai).  Knowing these will help you to catch on to the other Aramaic names and terms used.  If in doubt, check out www.Apostolia.com for correspondences.

Finally, in order to get the most from Peter’s teaching, I suggest that you concurrently read Eisenman’s The Dead Sea Scrolls and the First Christians or his James the Brother of Jesus (which is more challenging), as well print a hard copy of the CD text or buy it bound.  The e-book of the CD is free; the others you may purchase from the www.EloHymns.com or www.Apostolia.com websites.  You may also address your comments or questions to either site, or leave us a message at (801) 605-1715.

Pray with us!

Father Yahweh,

Thank you for bringing this teaching text to our attention at this most timely hour.  Bless the hearer with good retention of the content.  And help us all to live up to the expectations of the Apostle Peter and our common sovereign Yahshua ha Moshiach, for it is in the name of Yahshua-Yahweh we pray.  HalleluYah!

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