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The Preaching of Simeon Kefa

from the Journal of Flavius Clemens (Clement)



The Nazarene Acts of the Apostles, aka The Recognitions of Clement, a new, true names translation of one of the most important sources of first-century religious practice.  Generous Glossary. (Hear an excerpt.)


The Odes of Shalome, A New, True Names Setting
of the earliest excusively Nazorean songbook. 

(Hear an excerpt.)

These and many more rare new translations
are available at

The Odes of Solomon Shalome - Extraterrestrial Love
Map of Lebanon Including Tripolis

The Preaching of Peter

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The Authentic Peter


“It is enough to make anyone
curious about the early days
of Christianity weep with
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The Following all reviewed by
Dr. Jackson Snyder for the
Believer who need more than
Senior's Class Sunday School.


‘Avodah service, temple service, labor, work
‘Avodah divine nature or purpose
‘Avodah tove good work
‘Esher  Blessed!
Adamah Adam
Adamyah Andrew
amein amen, truly, true
Atzvus sadness
av, avi, abba, abbi father, a term of endearment
Avraham Abraham
azari, azariïm attendant, attendants
Bar purity; though in Aramaic it means son
barNaba Barnabas
Basilisk legendary snake that could kill with a glance
Belial Ba’al of pride
besora, basar Good News, Gospel, body flesh
Chai, Chaim  life, live, living.
Chaim Life
Chatta’ah sin
Chochmah Wisdom, often personified
Daleth Door
Dameshek Damascus
Davar Word, Logos
Davar ki your word
davar, davarim word
deus, dei deity, deities, a god, gods
echad one, united; one begotten son
ehvel unrighteous, not following Torah
El Elyon an ancient title of YHWH - strongest of the strong ones
El hagadol  great power
El Shaddai an ancient title of YHWH - highest of the strong ones
El, Eloha, Elohim the common title of YHWH - the Strong or Mighty One
Elohim Mochin Great Mind
emet true, truth
Emuna faith
Et time
exactor tax collector (Latin)
Gibbor tyrant
Gibborim the race of might monsters, offspring of angels and humans
Goy, Goyim all people outside of Israel - dog, dogs
Halakah an interpretation of the laws of the Scriptures
halakah community rules, "the walk" or "teaching"
Harab sword
HaShatan Satan, the Adversary
Hekel the temple in Jerusalem
Hellebore an attractive but poisonous flower
Hovah ruinous
Ioue / Iove Jove, YHWH
Iuno Juno
Iupiter Jupiter, Zeus
Ivrim Hebrews
Kadoshim, Qadoshim set-apart, devoted ones
kahal, kahalim, qahal the assembly, assemblies or congregation
kavod radiance, esteem, glory
Kavod, kwod ha gadol  great honor, esteem, glory or radiance
Kayafa Caiaphas, the High Priest
Kefa Cephas, Peter - also Kepha (Aramaic)
Kethoneth priestly robe.
kiddush Spirit baptism, moving on to perfection
Kisei throne
Kohen priest
Kohen haGadol  High Priest
kohen, kohenim priest, priests
Laodike Laodicea
Leb heart
Levi levite, minister
lulay he'emanti This I Believe Ps. 27:13
malach, malachim messenger or angel, often disguised as a man
Malachim angels or messengers
Malachim angels, spiritual beings
Malachim haGadol Archangels, Seraphim
malkuth kingdom or nation
Malkuth Shamayim Kingdom of the Heavens
Mattityahu Matthew
mebakker, mevakre the highest authority in a congregation
Melech, Melechim  king, kings
melek, melekim king, kings
mikvah, mikvot ritual dunking in water, immersion, baptism
Milchamah war
Mitsrayim old term for part of Egypt
mitzvah, mitzvot rule, rules, commandments
Mitzvot commandments, ordinances
Mochin mind
Moreh teacher
Moshe Moses
Moshiach Anointed as King, Messiah
Nabal fool
nagid, nagidim leader, president
Nassi leader
Navi 'Emet, ha The True Prophet - a lost teaching rediscovered
navi, naviim prophet, prophets - those who see the future
Nazar keep, guard, consecrate
Nefesh life-force, soul, essence of life
Nephilim the race of fallen angels
Ner light
Ner h’emet TrueLight
Ner Olam Ever-burning light
Neshamah life-force, soul or psyche
Neshamah Mind
nevuah prophecy
Nezer crown
Noach Noah
Noetic mindful, intelligent
Paraclete one who stay alongside to be an advocate or counselor
Personae characters in the drama of life
Philippos Philip
Pneuma Theou Spirit of Elohim (Greek)
Prush, Prushim Pharisee, Pharisees
Pythagorians a cult of mathematicians founded around 500 B.C.
Qahal congregation
Ra’a evil
rabbi great one, often referring to an authorized teacher
Rabbi great one, usually refering to a great teacher or leader
Rauch wind, spirit
rex, regis king, king (Latin)
Roeh Tov Good Shepherd
ruach spirit
Ruach haKodesh Set-apart or Devoted [Holy] Spirit
Ruach haKodesh the Devoted ("holy") Spirit
Sapientia Wisdom personified as a female (Latin)
sar, sarim prince, princes
Shachath abyss, pit, death
Shai gift
Shalit ruler
Shamayim skies, heavens, the invisible heaven
Shamayim skies, or realm or dimension of the Elohim.
Sharathim ministers, servants
Shaul Paul of the Bible
Shemesh haChaim Sun of Life
Sheol netherworld or pit of death
Shimeon, Simeon Kefa's name; Acts 15:14, 2 Peter 1:1
Shimon Magus Simon Magus. Acts 8:9
Shofet judge or rabbi
shofet, shoftim ruler and judge
sholiac, shlichim emmisary, apostle, office of Apostle
Shomar guard, aramaic
Shomron, Shomronim Samaria, Samaritan, Samaritans
Shua, yeshua rescue, save, deliver
Silah, Selah a connection or segue from one phrase or person to another
Simcha, Gila, Oneg joy
Sophrim secretaries, scribes, journalists of religion
Tahara complete purity, physically and ritually
Talmidim colleagues in learning Torah; students
Talmidim official students of the Torah under a teacher
Talmidim of Yochanan the followers of John the Baptist
Tanakh The books of what we call The Old Testament
Teshuvah contrition, repentance
teshuvah return to Father YHWH through repentance
Thoma Thomas
Torah the ordinances given Moshe on Sinai
Tov good
Uzi Power
Ya’akov ha Zaddik James (Jacob) the Just, brother of Jesus
Ya’akov ha’Alef James (Jacob) the Priest
Ya'akov Jacob, James
Yahad an exclusive assembly of believers in YHWH
Yahrushalayim Jerusalem
Yahud, Yahudaïm Jew, Jews
Yehosef, Yahosef Joseph
Yericho Jericho
yeshua deliverance, salvation, resuce and related words
YHWH Creator's name, often pronounced Yahweh, Yahuweh
Yisrael, Yisraelim Israel and those of Israel
Yochanan John
Yosef bar Naba Joseph Barnabas
yud and tagin jot and tittle, a small letter and a mark from Hebrew
Zacchai Zacchaeus, the wee little man
Zaddikim first meaning: the Sadducees, lovers of fame
Zaddikim second meaning: the Zadokites, righteous followers of Torah
zaken, zakenim elder, elders, "beards"
Zebah sacrifice
Zebah, Zebahim sacrifice, sacrifices of animals
zedekah righteousness, justice, Torah observance
Zohar good will or intention

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