he Authentic Peter The Preaching of Simeon Kefa (Simon Peter) From the Journal of T. Flavius Clemens (Clement) also known as  The Recognitions of Clement, The Clementia The Clementina. Kerygmata or Kerygma Petrou Epistle of Barnabas Judith & Holofernes Wisdom Sophia Speaks!  The Book of Tobit Teaching of Silvanus Pilgrimage to Jerusualem



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Greetings in Messiah Yahshua from Jackson Snyder.

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Greetings in Messiah Yahshua from Jackson Snyder.

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The Authentic PeterThe Authentic Peter: The Preaching of Simeon Kefa from the Journal of Clement [pdf]

Epistle of Barnabas - a new translations from the Sinaiticus GreekThe Letter of Bar-Naba, A New English Translation with Interpaginated Sinaitic Greek [pdf]

Spiritual Gifts Revelation 1 - CharismataSpiritual Gifts Revelation I: Charismata Theory, Assessment, Problem-solving [pdf]

Pneumatikoi Theory and PracticeSpiritual Gifts Revelation II: Miracles By the Book  Pneumatic Gifts and Deliverance Ministry[pdf]

Messianic Passover SederMessianic Passover Haggadah, a new setting [pdf] Great for the beginner at Passover.

The Famous EloHymnalThe Famous EloHymnal: 100+ True Name Worship Songs, plus several services (siddurim) and prayers

Sing the ScripturesSing the Scriptures and Discover your Hebrew Roots!  Like the EloHymnal, but music only

Hebraic New Testament: MattyahKata Mattyah, from The Hebraic New Testament [pdf] translated from the Sinaiticus Greek informed by the Received Greek and Ruach Qadim.

Anabathmoi IacobouThe Ascents of Ya'akov
(Anabathmoi Iacobi and Apocalypse of James)

new, readable translation of a very obscure Nazorean text [pdf]

Enoch the Ethiopic

'Enoch of Ethiopia:
a new and readable translation from the best and latest Coptic translations [pdf]

Wisdom of Zillah - Teaching of Silvanus

The Torah of Zillah (or Teachings of Silvanus) - introducing a lost Nazorean text - Zillah pleads with his son to forsake the Terrorist's path


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