The Messiah Iasu 
Sol Justitiae
Albrecht Durer


for the Revelation of King Iasu

A digest of Articles from the 
be Prepared
Prophecy letters 
1998 - 2000

originally published and distributed by the New Millennium Y2K study group, 
Sarasota, Florida

1998,2000,2006 ATC


The Snyder Bible

Comments Appreciated


The Martyr



The Gymnast


The Last Fuhrer


The Coptic Pope


The Cub Scout


Iasu Revealed in 2007?

Approaching The Fourth Reich

The Final Emperor 2002

How Full the Bloody Chalice?

Other Voices

Westminster Martyrs 

The Koran a Bible?

The Satanic Verses

David Allen, Martyr

Food for Disaster

Solar Maximus 2001!

Like a Hurricane...

Silver & Gold: Have You Some

Pure Water: Essential...

A Dozen Things to do now...

Red Cross Prep Guide