If God Gave You One Wish...
If you want your wish, it is wisdom to first do his will.
Then, whatever your wish, it will come true for you.

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A hapless Chrysler dealer made a wish, "God, everything in my life has gone wrong, and now I'm losing my dealership.  If you love me, grant me the largest Chrysler dealership in the world and put it in one of the largest cities in the world."

When he opened his eyes, he found himself on the sales lot of an ocean of Chrysler - Chryslers as far as he could see.  And he was finally happy, until he learned that he was in downtown Hong Kong.  

If God gave you one wish, what would it be?  Most wishes are for self.

1 Kings 3:5-13 - Solomon's wish for wisdom

Wisdom is knowledge plus compassion.  Not unlike Jesus' admonition Mat 6:31-33.  Take care of the things entrusted you by God and personal "riches" will be yours too.

Jesus is the new Solomon.  He not only had wisdom, he was Wisdom (Mat 11:19b, Lk 7:35).  He embodies knowledge and compassion Mat 9:35-38.

Wise compassion two-fold:
(1) Pity: feeling sorrow for others.  As one professor translated the Greek, "Gut-wrenchedness." 
Upon whom do you take pity?
(2) Action: doing something about it.  What can you do for those whom you pity?

Jesus' example of Wisdom as knowledge plus compassion demands of us a new ethic for living: to seek after the righteousness of God as a priority AND It is an end-time ethic - Mat 25:31-46

     The Wisdom of God
     that becomes an Ethic for Living
     is the great gift to God's men & women
     through which to minister redemption
     in transitional times.

If you want your wish, it is wisdom to first do his will.
Then, whatever your wish, it will come true for you.

Jackson Snyder, April 6, 1997

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