Bloom Where Youre Planted

Dedicated to the memory and mission of the martyr Martin Burnham,

1959 - 2002.

Somewhere between the toll booth and the table, Matthew answered the call on his life the call to dedicate his all, his time, talents, money, service, heart, life, death to the task of gathering in the lost children of Israel. Matthew had considerable THINGS to leave behind in order to acquire the powers of righteousness and meekness of love. But though the call and his affirmative answer may have been sudden, they were most certainly real supernatural immediately life-changing.

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On a recent ministry visit to Georgia, I passed through one of the quaint mountain towns at the verge of the Blue Ridge Mountains. There I saw an oak tree growing straight out of a buildings concrete wall, probably four or five feet out above a sidewalk. I wondered how that tree could possibly thrive, considering the perceived impenetrability of its foundation and the constant passing-by of people on the sidewalk beneath it. This was a graphic example of a seed being sown by a mysterious sower, then blooming right where it was planted.

Matthew 9:9 And Yahshua passing by thence saw a man, called Matthew, sitting at the customhouse, and