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We do  not agree with all the manuscripts or opinions provided on this site; however, we found each to be interesting or challenging enough to publish.  In some cases, both sides of an issue is published.

We of the Nazorean Faith (Netzari Yahadim / Nazarene Israel) hold to the Apostles' Creed (as redacted without pagan names & titles) and supplement it with these distinctions:

We hold to the restoration of appellatives "Yahweh" and "Yahshua" where appropriate in our scriptures and all manner of conversation, accepting pagan substitutes (such as God, Lord and Christ) only as teaching devices for or spoken errors of those less informed.

We understand that Yahweh is the creating force residing in the skies and spaces (in multi-dimensional spatial reality).  Yahweh is benevolent, compassionate, personal and imminent - but also just and set-apart

Before his appearance in Israel at the beginning of the fifth prophetic day, Yahshua pre-existed with "Yahweh of the Skies" as "Yahweh of the Earth."  Yahshua has always been Yahweh's emissary and the mediator between Elohim and creation. 

Yet Yahshua is not now nor has he ever been strictly a human being; rather, a body was prepared for him.  Neither is Yahshua "half god half man," nor "fully god fully man," nor "the god-man" nor any such thing.  Combinations like these are contrary to human and spiritual nature, exhibited only (to our knowledge) in the offspring of the Nephilim (fallen ones).

However, as Yahweh's unique Son, Yahshua the Anointed One, for whom the Father prepared a body of flesh, became the final atoning flesh sacrifice for the iniquity (badness, decadence) of all creation. 

As to the doctrine of the Trinity: strong cases may be made for the Trinity, especially if one seeks out late additions in Greek New Testament texts.  A stronger case may be made for Duality or Unity than Trinity.  We agree with John Wesley's assessment of the Trinity: "I have no concern with it: It is no object of my faith: I believe just so much as El(ohim) has revealed, and no more. But this (Trinity) he has not revealed; therefore, I believe nothing about it." (J. Wesley, "On the Trinity," 55:15)

We hold that Yahweh set the books of Scripture apart from the rest; and that they consist of the Seventy books of the ancient assembly. (For example, see the New Jerusalem Bible's Table of Contents.) In addition, other ancient books may be considered Scripture, such as Jubilees, Enoch, Barnabas & Didache. These manuscripts may be divinely interpreted by men and women through the lenses of Yahweh's anointing and/or his gift or favor.  

As Yahshua came (at the end of the fourth prophetic day) to die (at the beginning of the fifth), we understand that the 21st century represents the beginning of the 7th prophetic day, or Millennium.  We are living at the "event horizon" of the Millennium, having experienced 150+ years of constant warfare, even as Yahshua prophesied regarding the decades preceding the seventh prophetic day.

We hold to the conscientious practice of charity in all human relationships since Yahshua came to save all; thus we detest racism, sexism, party or political spirit, anti-Semitism, so-called "freedom fighting," hate speech & hate groups of any kind.  Were not the ancient Nazoreans of Jerusalem punished because they would not take arms against an invincible enemy? Nor did they join the enemy.

Though they give no ground, true Covenanters are charitable to even their enemies.  Those who call themselves covenanters, or Yahwists, or Israel, or Nazarenes, but hate are nonesuch.

We hold to the validity of the "Ten Commandments" and the Torah and ordinances of Scripture. We understand the Fourth Commandment to be specific to the seventh day of the week: in vulgar terms, Friday sundown to Saturday sundown.  We encourage worship on all other days, including Sunday.  However, the seventh-day is sanctified by Yahweh and must be observed in a biblical fashion in the two ways (pause and assemble), for Sabbath observance is a guarantee (a seal) of being in a Covenant Relationship with the Almighty.  Likewise, we keep the festivals of Yahweh to the best of our understanding and ability, since they were foreseen by the prophets and observed by Yahshua the Anointed One.

We hold that though humankind is naturally born in flesh and blood, they are not naturally born in spirit - the natural human is spiritually dead.  Each believer in Yahshua should seek to be born from above and thus enjoy the new life of the new and right spirit, progressing in maturity to completion in both flesh and spirit.  We understand the notion of "the immortal soul" to be a pagan myth; we reject it.  We also understand that the only means by which a person may be "created in the image and likeness of El(ohim)" is to be (1) born from above, proven by (2) obedience to the Word of Yahweh (one witness being an indication of the other).

We hold to the necessity of ritual water-washing (baptism) by the express order of Yahshua the Anointed One, and accomplished in his name.  We wash those who cannot speak for themselves, including infants, who, on account of their biological nature, are iniquitous from birth yet not necessarily sinful.  Water washing (baptism) is a means of favor through which Yahweh does far more than we in preserving the baptized while on their journey through life and forward to Yahweh's Hidden Sovereignty.

We hold to the washing (baptism) in the Spirit of Yahweh as a work of favor separate from both the new birth and water washing, and that there are many evidences of Spirit Baptism, including zeal, gifts, power, results, praise, proclamation and obedience.  We do not believe that any of the Spirit's gifts, favors, or grantings have 'passed away' or have become obsolete; neither has any gift or favor of Yahweh ceased to exist, and will not cease to exist or be given as long as the Giver does not cease to exist.

Therefore, we hold to the reasoned and measured practice of the charismata and pneumatikoi, commonly known as 'spiritual' or 'motivational gifts,' within and without the assembly of believers.  We are "quiet charismatics," yet powerful in the sacred name of Yahweh, through whom all gifts and wonders are made manifest.

We hold to the Real Presence of Yahshua in the elements of the Communion (i.e. the properly consecrated and administered unleavened bread and wine) as plainly set forth in Yahshua's own words (John 6:55), which we affirm to be genuine.  The Communion is an extension of the Feast of Unleavened Bread and may be celebrated as often as we desire.

We hold to Wesleyan piety, practice and theology in most fundamental matters, as set out in the sermons of John Wesley, the hymns of Charles Wesley, the theological writings of John Fletcher, and the other primitive Methodists of the 18th and 19th century, realizing that their search for the Yahshua of history has no doubt effected the unearthing of so many marvelous proofs of Yahshua's earth-life, including texts, artifacts, discoveries, and scholarship in our day.  We believe that if such men and women were possessed of the amazing resources of our day, they would certainly abandon pagan and papal names and teachings in favor of the Nazoreans, who they so tried to emulate.

We support the sovereignty of the nation of Israel and its geographical boundaries as set in Scripture; we extend the hand of fellowship to the Jewish people (and of all tribes of Israel), especially those who earnestly practice religion in accordance with the teaching found in Romans 11, that all Israel will be saved.  We understand that the boundaries of Israel, as set out in Yahshua 1 and Isaiah 19 - from Egypt to the Euphrates - are even now taking shape, and that the current foment and widespread civil disobedience of the nations will result in peace, as Egypt, Assyria and Israel become one in the name of Yahweh.

We support the United States of America in her struggle against racism, lawlessness, anarchy & terror. We prayerfully support the US Armed Forces wherever they are stationed, and understand the United States and her allies to be an earthly power for good in fulfillment of Scriptural prophecy for this age of Millennium (Isaiah 18).  We know Yahweh uses nations and national armed forces as his own, whether governments may be cruel and oppressive or not. 

We hold to the imminent appearance of Yahshua as high potentate, the restoration of the two houses of Israel, the three-class resurrection of all dead, the "better resurrection," the millenarian judgment, the perfection of set-apart and the martyred witnesses, the priesthood of all covenanters with Yahweh, the election of the sons and daughters of Elohim from among humankind (spoken of as 'the chosen'), the impendent destruction of all evil, the Sky-Kingdom descending over the New Jerusalem, and a world without boundary, division or end. Amein.


I thank you for taking time to peruse and perhaps use my material.  May Yahweh bless you. 

In 1978 I had a religious awakening in which the Savior called me into the ministry of the Word.  I served as a lay preacher and musician until 1985 at which time I returned to college and accepted an appointment to a Methodist church.

At that same time I completed ministerial licensing school.  In the preaching segment of the training, students were encouraged to spend twenty hours per week setting their sermons to manuscript.  I had already been preaching from notes for years, but I followed the instructor's advice and began writing everything down. That practice continues to this day and this web site contains much of that.

In the years following, I finished university with high honors and went on to complete a Masters degree magna cum laude in 1994.  I completed a Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) in 1996.  I have been appointed to pastorates in Indiana, Georgia, Alabama and Florida. I have also had the opportunity to administrate a third-world Christian school system.

I discovered the Sacred Name Yahweh (YHWH) in 1978 while reading the study notes in the NEB Bible in preparation for a Sunday School class.  For the last twelve years, I have been studying the Hebrew Scriptures with Elder Jacob O. Meyer.  I am also a long-time student of New Testament Greek.  Many of the texts on this site are based on new translations I have completed.

Currently, I am also working with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and publishing, and I am currently (September 2008) working with Reformation International Theological Seminary.

ABOUT Snyder Bible:  Electronic ministry had been my calling long before there was an Internet.  I published my first digital book in 1993 and since have worked toward proficiency in web programming in order to get my work up and available for anyone who might find it useful in their spiritual development.  All my research and works are given free of charge.

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With this site, it is our intention to present or promote the following:

  • holiness in heart and life; goodwill to all those of good will

  • the theology of the sacred names and their restoration to Scripture and Biblical literature

  • a reasonable theology of the so-called 'charismatic gifts' and their orderly use within all assemblies of believers

  • the prophesied return of Yahshua-Jηsus as potentate, as set out in the Scriptures and proved by current events

Furthermore, there are hundreds of very good sermons on this site that share the distinction of our beliefs and mission.  These may be used, in toto or in part, free of charge.  The author asks only that proper credit be attributed.