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  October 17, 2008


Prayer for a Wider Vision
Based on Oswald Sanders
Acts 9:10

My Sacrifice, A Prayer
and a Poem, by CT Russell

The Mansions of the Lord
Lyrics for the hymn featured in the motion picture We Were Soldiers

Try to Praise the Mutilated World
A Poem by Adam Zagajewski

God's Boxes
A Poem by Unknown

The Doxology
A Traditional Hymn

Of the Fatherís Love Begotten
A Traditional Hymn

My Perfect Prayer
An Original Song about Praying in Tongues

Children Will Listen
A Song by Stephen Sondheim

Island of Freedom
Henry Longfellow

Light Walking
Charles Wesley

A Child of Mine




Sevenfold Millennial Prayer
Pray and meditate quietly daily

Night Prayers and Poems

Two Tiny Pistols
Spiritual warfare for beginners

A Simple Deliverance Prayer  also the Korea Prayer

Deliverance and Protection Prayers
Frances MacNutt and others

Deliverance from Idolatry and Generational Curses
Ezekiel's Prayer

The Lordís Prayer
A Biblical Prayer

The Prophetic Word for Ministries
Affirmation by Stephen D. Johnson

Communion at Home
Or while visiting others

Communion at Home 2

Short Eucharist
Based on the Didache - "Teaching of the Twelve"

Blessings for Water, Oil and Objects
Ancient Prayers

Healing Prayers And Choruses
With a poem and choruses

Self-healing Prayer  
With Anointing
and Hands

Holy Spirit Prayers
Including a prayer for Baptism in the Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit Baptism
Seven Steps

Prayer for Travelers Visiting the Sick
With appropriate choruses


Heart Prayers - and "Cognitive Pneumatology"
Get in touch through rote prayer; Sacred Name and traditional - Mark Downham

All About Prayer
From the Gospel of Luke

Prayer that a Church will Receive a Vision for Mission

Proclamation and Prayer for the Beginning of Lent
The United Methodist Book of Worship

Litany on the Decalogue 
The Two Great Commandments
The Prayer of David

Service Prayers
Readersí Prayers
Prayers of Andrew Murray
Harvestersí Prayer
Prayer for Salvation

Prayer for Healing of Cancer

Acts of Spiritual Self-healing
Seven Acts

Prayer for Veterans and Those in the Armed Forces

Prayer for Deacons and Church Workers

St. Patrick's Breastplate
His history and prayer

Nehemiah's Prayer of Faith

Are You A Cultist?
Attributed to
Janet Reno, later informed to be a hoax

The Think and Do Book
Quotes from  Martyrs & Madmen