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What Does 'Jesus' Say About His Coming --
1. The Warning - Matt 25
2. Journey to Kairos - Mark 13
3.  The Abomination - Mark 13:14
4.  The Date is Set - Luke 13:23
5.  The End From the Beginning - Mark 13:18
6.  RSVP - Luke 14:15

Why I Believe that Yahshua has Secretly Returned to Rule the Nations (2001)

Revelation Uncloaked -- an unorthodox commentary on the Revelation, identifying all the major signs.  (This links to an outside site.)
Initial Visions
The Woman in the Sun
The Colossus
Final Warnings
The Dragon Beast
The Whore of Babylon
Caesars and Kings
The Seven Seals / Trumpets / Bowls
Babylon is Fallen

The Restoration of the Fourth Temple (1996)

Neanderthal and Nephilim -- Are They the Same?  Scholarly Treatise Excerpts

The Ancient  Cosmic Covenant Revealed (1994)

The Books of Enoch

Preparing for the Millennium
Making Ready for Messiah, Part 1 - When is the Millennium and how shall we prepare in the meantime?
Making Ready for Messiah, Part 2 - The War on Terror and Bible Prophecy

Lost Tribes in Luke's Parables
#1 On the Jericho Road - the hidden meaning of the Good Samaritan for Messianic Israel.
#2 Out of the Napkin - the hidden meaning of the 10 Talents Allegory Luke 19:11
Riddle and Reward - Seven Husbands for a Bride, The Wise and Faithful Steward - Luke 20
Myth & Meaning: The Allegory of the Rich Man and Lazarus Revealed.  You'll be very surprised and probably angry.
The Sign of Jonah “What did Yahshua Do the Three Days his Body Was In the Grave?”
To Whom Did Jesus Preach in Hell? (1997)
#6 Up in Everlasting Skins: The Secret Meaning of the Parable of the Unrighteous Steward Luke 16:1.

Nostradamus and New York City

Nostradamus and the Fifth Seal (1999)
Signs of the Times in 1999
The Satanic Verses - Why Some Moslems Hate (1998)
The Next Homecoming - Undeniable Signs of the Second Coming in the Last Seven years (2001)

The USA In Prophecy - reworked from Herbert W. Armstrong


Who Is the Beast?  By using the Greek and Latin texts, the Beast and his mark are revealed

Is the Rapture for Real? (1999) Yes, but not when you think.

September 16, 2001 Holy War: Insight into Militant Shiite Islam

The Next Homecoming - Undeniable Signs of the Second Coming in the Last Seven years (2001)

My Vision of the Restoration of America: Yahshua Crashes the Senate

Signs of the Times
1. The Desolation and Hope of Israel - Hosea 3:5
2. Uncloaking the Two Witnesses - Rev 11
3. The Beast Revealed - Rev 13
4. The Conflict of Christendom - Hebrews 8:10