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The Meaning of Mothers’ Day John 14:15-26 "If you love me, keep my commands."  Based on Gary Shaw: Jackson Snyder, May 12, 2002


Raised With Messiah: What Does it Mean?
Colossians 3:1-3
For you died, and your life is now hidden with Messiah.
Jackson Snyder, April 21, 2002 PM

April 21, 2002 Acts 6:1-7  The Nazarenes and the Deacons: The Real "New Testament Church" described. 

April 7, 2002 John 20:19-31 Known Only by a Nickname: "Reluctant Thomas" - quotes a story from the Acts of Thomas


March 23, 2002  Matthew 21:1-11 He Needs You Now! :Palm Sunday and Hand Grenades


March 17, 2002 Ezekiel 31, John 10 The Restoration of Israel and You: Where are the Lost Tribes?

March 10, 2002 John 15:1-12, Psalm 80  Abiding in the Vine: It Can't Be That Difficult

March 3, 2002 John 4:5-42 A Very Deep Subject: A Retelling of the Story of the Woman at the Well

February 24, 2002 John 3:1-17 Born New: An apocryphal encounter

February 17, 2002 Matthew 4:1-11 The Fifth Temptation of Messiah: What if there had been two more?


February 3, 2002 Matthew 5 – 7 The Sermon on the Platform: The Sermon on the Mount expanded and paraphrased 

January 25, 2002  Matthew 4:12 The Think and Do Book: Includes many quotes from Martyrs to Madmen

January 20, 2002 John 1:29-41 Letting Go of the Root: Billions of years distilled into one.

January 13, 2001  Isaiah 42:1-14  How Will Justice Come? Gradually or Suddenly?

January 6, 2002 
AM Proverbs 22:5-6 Children Will Listen: Scriptural Child Upbringing


December 30, 2001
AM Ephesians 5:15-16 The Dash Between the Dates: Between Birth and Death
PM Isaiah 43:19-21  Do a New Thing! Something New for 2002


December 23, 2001 Luke 2:8-16 The Nine Lessons and Carols of Messiah's Birth, with Bulletin

December 16, 2001 Luke 3:7-18  He's Not What I Thought He'd Be:  John the Baptist was Wrong


December 14, 2001 
1 Maccabees 2:15-28  The Nine Candles of Hanukkah: Concert Introduction


Messiah's Birth At Sukkot  By Dr. James Trimm

December 1, 2001  Matthew 28:5-10  Even Kentuckians! Mistrust Ruins Relationships


Pentecost June 3, 2001
AM Acts 2:1-4 Pentecostal Hand-me-downs: The Power of Tradition
PM Joel 2:23 The Latter Rain: The Holy Spirit in the 19th & 20th Century

Mignon's Testimony of Healing of Cancer
Mignon's "Cloud of Glory" Testimony

No One Left Behind!  A Critique of LaHaye's Left Behind series

Quotes and Such
Names and Titles of the Father: Corrected
Yahweh's Boxes: A Poem
A Cultist: Quote from Janet Reno

June 6, 2001Salvation: Saved from What to What?
November 14, 2001 Methodist Beliefs on Salvation

Jesus at 30 - Psychological ProfileJesus at Thirty - A Psychological and Historical Portrait   By John W. Miller / Augsburg Fortress

Has historical scholarship neglected the humanity of Jesus for the sake of presenting his divinity? Miller offers a psycho-historical assessment of family relationships, sexuality, temptations, midlife transitions, and more. Initially unsettling---and ultimately triumphant. Includes critique of previous studies, expansive endnotes, and bibliography. 177 pages, hardcover from Fortress.

The Holy Spirit, My Senior Partner

Important Intercessory Prayer Resources

Special Resources from David Yonggi Cho

Resources on Supernatural Topics

Christianity, Judaism and Science

Deliverance Ministry Resources
Guidelines on Fasting and Mysticism



November 1, 2001 The Real History of Islam: Many Qu'ran Quotes, by Michael Lamb

October 7, 2001 You Wanna Fight: The War on Terrorism -- What is anti-Semitism and how do Messiahians fight this war?  Many Quran quotations.

September 16, 2001 Holy War: Insight into Militant Shiite Islam  with Quran quotations.

September 16, 2001 Signs of September: New York in Prophecy plus Signs of the Second Advent Coming to Pass in the Last Seven Years

September 29, 2001 Yom Kippur - Kol Nidre  Battling Evil  Dr. Barry Leff

Service of Prayer for the Tragedy of September 11, 2001

"Humans Build to Frame a Life" and "Earth Is Changed and Waters Roar" -- New Hymn Texts by Ruth Duck


Trinity Sunday June 10, 2001
AM Matthew 28: 19 Father is Not Alone: The Trinity
Through History

PM Mat 28:19 In the Name of the Father: The Name of the Trinity Revealed!

The Trinity: A Mans' Doctrine: An Evangelical, Unitarian point of view
Robert Capon's Creation Party from the Third Peacock

A Paraphrase and Amplification of 1 Timothy 2
Bible Translations: Which Do I Choose and Why
Psalm 18 Responsive: Use "I Love You, Lord" as the response tune


Messiah the King  November 25, 2001 
AM John 5:28-29 Messiah the King: and the Desire of Nations
PM 1 Pete 2 Mammoth Caves

Thanksgiving Sunday November 18, 2001 
AM Mat 3:8-10 A Thanksgiving Who's Who 
PM 1 Peter 1 Scaling the Everest of Perfection

Ordinary 22 November 11, 2001 AM Mat 25:1-13 Naming Ten Virgins: A Look at The Epistle of the Apostles
PM 1 Thes 4:15-17 Is the Rapture for Real?

All Saints The History of Hallowmas by Pete Bertolero

Ordinary 21 October 28, 2001 Matt 22:34-40 Gospel Sandwiches: Ten Commandments in Two

Ordinary 20  October 21, 2001 Mat 22:15-22   Out of a Thousand Stuffed Crocodiles - Using the Gospel of Thomas

Ordinary 19  October 14, 2001 Luke 14:15-24, Mat 22:1-14  RSVP - The Great Banquet in the Dead Sea Scrolls

Ordinary 18  October 7, 2001  Luke 21:1-4 Total Consecration

Ordinary 17  September 30, 2001 Mat 21:12-27  Whose Temple are You?  (with a Guided Meditation}

Ordinary 16  September 23, 2001  Matthew 20:1-16  Life Is Not Fair: A Monologue (Author Unknown)

Ordinary 15  September 16, 2001 Holy War! 

Ordinary 14 September 9, 2001  The Next Homecoming: Signs of the Millennium Made Plain

Ordinary 13 September 2, 2001  Qvo Vadis, Wither Goest Thou:  Messiah Crucified Again

Ordinary 12 August 26, 2001  Rocks and Living Stones: Who Do YOU Say I Am?

Ordinary 11 August 19, 2001  Dogs in the Lab: The Place of Foreigners in the Resurrection

Ordinary 10 August 12, 2001  The Secret Power of Water Baptism : Walking on Water

Ordinary 9 August 5, 2001 Matthew 14:13-21 Starving to Death: Loaves,  Fishes & the Prophecy of Elisha 

Ordinary 8 July 29, 2001
AM Matthew 13:31-35, 43-52  The Face on Mars: The Parables of Yahshua
PM Rom 8:28-39 Who Can Separate Us from the Love of G-d

Ordinary 7 July 22, 2001Mat 13:24-30 Is There a Tare in the House? (Note:  I haven't  preached this sermon)

Ordinary 6 July 15, 2001
AM Mat 13: 1-23 Appleseed Remembered: Three Easy Steps to Witnessing
PM "Seed to Need": Witnessing in Greater Depth

Ordinary 5 July 8, 2001 
AM Mat 11:16-17 Name That Tune: You and Me Against the World
PM 1 John 1:1-4 Negotiating the Great Divide: Capturing Yahshua

Ordinary 4 July 1, 2001 National Holiday
AM Mat 10:40-42 My Vision of the Restoration of America: Yahshua Crashes the Senate
PM 1 John 5:1-5 The Politics of Communion: The Eucharist is 'treason against common sense.'

Ordinary 3 June 24, 2001
AM Mat 10:24-39 Is There a Sword in the House?: Persecution at Home
PM Wanted: Dead or Alive: Far Out Exposition of Romans 6

Ordinary 2 June 17, 2001 
AM Mat 9:35-10:16 s Lie With the Dog: Compassion and Action
PM Romans 5:1-8 Pregnant Time: Justification and Timelessness