Some Theological Essays

1985 - 2005

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Apocalyptic / Enoch / Qumran 
An Ancient Cosmic Covenant Revealed: Its Elements Mined from 1 Enoch (1993)
An Alternative Origin of Evil and Good 
Age Level Stratification in the Qumran "Rules"  (1993)
   A Virtual Essene Social System   
Milik's Book of Giants (1993)
   Miliks' views and mine on the Enochan Penteteuch
Neanderthal and Nephilim: Are They the Same?
  by John Denton - startling similarities

Reviews and Critiques
Review of To Change the World
   Rosemary Radford Ruether
Refutation of Capon's  Temptation of Christ
Matthew 4 & Luke 4
The Apocalyptic Imagination (1992)
   A Considered Reaction to Raymond Collins
Enoch and the Growth of an Apocalyptic Tradition (1993)
   A Considered Reaction to James Vanderkam
The Books of Enoch (1993)
  A Considered Reaction to Joseph Milik 
Enoch: The Lost Prophet (1993)
     A Considered Reaction to Margaret Barker
The Meaning of Revelation, Niebuhr (1990)
   A Well-considered Review
Critique of Creation Spirituality
   aka Fox, McFague, et al

Is Timothy McVeigh in Hell?
No One Left Behind!  A Critique of LaHaye's Left Behind series
The Resurrection of Thu Ha Ngo  Disfiguring injuries at hands of vindictive teens teaches woman about forgiveness -- and others about courage ALSO: "Painful Memories Fill This Teen's World"
Basic Manual on End-Time Deliverance from
Predestination: John Calvin on the Eternal Predestination of God
   a fine essay by Alan Mills, whether you believe in it or not
U.S. Identified Baptists' Plane as Drug Carrier 
For Woman Killed In Peru, Life Was A Mission of Love   
The Traditions of Pentecost (2001)
   Shedding light on the powerful traditions of the church
Search for the Right Church Ends at Home   NY Times on the Home Church Movement
AN ORDER OF COVENANT AND PRAYER   In Celebration of a Proposed New Appointment of Clergy Leadership
Implications for Theology

Critical Essays
Spiritual Salvation: by Quaker divine D. Elton Trueblood.  A nice Essay.
To Call Upon God by Name:
Rabbi Bradley Shavit Artson

What's Wrong with the Prayer of Jabez? Something may be
Do You Have an Immortal Soul?
Studies on Death and Resurrection

The Ancient Cosmic Covenant Revealed: A Theological Basis for Conservation

Social Issues
The Declaration of Independence 1776
with quotes from the founding fathers.

A Child Named 'Today' (1990)
   the miserable plight of our children
Voodoo as Evangelism (1998)
   an essay on Mardi Gras

Mary / Wisdom
The Ever-virgin Mary
   St Gregory Palamas
Wisdom as an Image of God (1995)
   Includes the litany, "Wisdom Speaks!"

Infant Baptism from Catholic Answers
Baptism in the Holy Spirit through Modern History (1992)
Santification in Wesleyan Theology (1992)
Baptism: An Overveiw and Paradigm (1988)
Baptism: A Comparison of Luke and Paul (1988)
Regarding the Bible Word "Apostle" (1991)
   What is it really?
Predestination: John Calvin on the Eternal Predestination of God
   a fine essay by Alan Mills, whether you believe in it or not

"The scars you acquire by exercising courage will never make you feel inferior."
George W. Bush Testimony
  from his book
George Bush Evangelizes?
   by Michael Vincent

Temperament and the Apostolic (1999)
   Creation Therapy Applied to Eph 4
Dream Analysis: Association Method (1998)
   Eugene Gendlin's 16 Questions

Health & Welfare
A Cure for Aging - Aging and the Resurrection - K-House eNews
Getting the Love You Want (1993|
    A Survey or the book by Hendrix
CHRIST Institute (1995)
   SacraNatural Therapy
Dimensions in Healing (1996)
   An Outline for a Continuing Seminar
Restoration of the Fourth Temple (1996)
   The SacraNatural Lifestyle
Spiritual-Charismatic-Sacramental Healing Paradigm (1993)
   A hands-on method for sacramental healing
Staple Blessings for Physical Healing (1995)
   Psalm 104:15ff

Pastoral Care
Sexual Ethics for Clergy
   A Proposal
The Snyder Quintilateral (2000)
   guide for decision making

European Issues
Aristotle, Athens & Democracy (1987)

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