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Hebraic / Christian
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JN101 He Who Keeps Israel
JN103 Hallelujah
Valorous Woman Prov 31
Ye4meni Ephod - all jewels

Wonderful Jewelry


A Dangerous Book for you Baptists, and a challenge to you Evangelicals, Charismatics and Pentecostals.  You will never be the same after reading FOSSILIZED CUSTOMS.

Fossilized Customs

New Cover
7th Printing

6 x 9
210 packed out pages
publisher's price, $10.95

I  have a very imited supply - will put this in the hands of Christians for $7.35 as long as they last! And at over 30% off.

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Quality Hand-made

Abstract Autumn
Abstract Autumn Wall Tapestry
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Orchid Nine Patch
Orchid Nine Patch Wall Tapestry
Li-Leger, Don
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Iron Work
Iron Work Wall Tapestry
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World Map
World Map Wall Tapestry
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Karma Wall Tapestry
Li-Leger, Don
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Just Printed, Includes downloadable AUDIO BOOK with purchase of the printed book. 



The Preaching of Simeon Kefa (Simon Peter)
From the Journal of T. Flavius Clemens

True Names Edition

This is the Authentic Peter as portrayed by his disciple and successor Clement.

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The autobiography of Clement of Rome.
The Travels of Clement and Peter.
Other disciples - James, Zacchaeus, Barnabas
Famous debates transcripted:
  vs. Gnostic
  vs. Occultists
  vs. Astrologers
  vs. Mythologists
An encounter with the murderous Saul of Tarsus
Teachings on and/or demonstrations in:
  Nazorean Faith
  Yahshua Messiah
  The Echad
  The Primal Adam
  The Standing Man
  Faith Healing
  Food ordinances
  Eating with Others


Authentic letters between Peter and James, Clement and James.

Available in printed form perfect-bound, 6 x 9,  paperback, 360 pages, 11 point type.

Complete audio free with purchase of paperback.

True Names Edition
This is a Slow Read
This is the Real Thing

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This is a product of the combined effort of Simon Peter, Clement (Phil 4:6), Ted Dornan and Jackson Snyder.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

  Les Heures D'Etienne Chavalier: Martyrdom of Saint James the Elder
Les Heures D'Etienne Chavalier: Martyrdom of Saint James the Elder Giclee Print
Fouquet, Jean
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Saint with White Sleeves
Saint with White Sleeves Limited Edition
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Saint James the Great Christian Apostle in Spain
Saint James the Great Christian Apostle in Spain Giclee Print
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Saint James the Great the Patron of Pilgrims Supposed to be Buried at 

Compostella Spain
Saint James the Great the Patron of Pilgrims Supposed to be Buried at Compostella Spain Giclee Print
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Just Printed, learn your Hebraic Roots, feasts, services and music

EloHymnal: Includes Sing the Scriptures plus many Hebraic  worship settings and healing, deliverance and repentance prayers. Short lists on how to keep the Biblical Feasts. No pagan names of titles.

Everything you need for your own home services.

102 ORIGINAL Scripture songs in spiral-bound book, 161 pages,  with downloadable demos and accompaniments for all songs.  Accompaniments fully orchestrated. 

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New True Name
Sample Demo 1
Sample Demo 2
Sample Accom 1

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The Church that will Miss the Rapture

The Last Things

End Times - now or later

A History of the End of the World

A Few of my favorites - click any one for more:

Christ Carrying the Cross, Uffizi Gallery, Florence Giclee Print by Francesco Salviati

Christ in Clouds Poster by Danny Hahlbohm

Christ and Child Posters by Danny Hahlbohm

King Of Kings Prints

The Good Shepherd Posters

Jesus at Twelve Prints by J. M. Hoffman

La Passion Poster


EloHymns and Ancient Words Six Packs for an incredible listening experience

Try Something Different


Jackson Snyder
Marcelle Logue
and the
Royal Klezmerines

Proceeds go to assimilate the Word of Yahweh and to advance the literacy of disadvantaged children of this country and its protectorates.

Click each CD for a Demo from that CD.

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CDs normal     $45.95
MP3s CDs      $35.95   
Download      $23.95

I Stand for Peace
The Slave of Elohim
The Smooth and the Tall
Days of Awe and Joy
Arise, O YAH!

Mystery CD

click each for a demo except the MYSTERY
Speakers ON!

Six Hours of Messianic Klezmer Praise, Worship & Warfare Music
True Name!

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CDs normal     $45.95
MP3s CDs      $35.95   
Download      $23.95

Satisfaction Guaranteed
You will love these and play them a thousand times in the name of Yahweh.


Five of our most popular ancient story and letter CDs plus a new "mystery" ancient apostolic CD. All are authentic and for a price that even amazes me!  Read on and see what you get!  (All include e-book and downloadability.) 

Proceeds go to distributing the Word and literacy of disadvantaged students in the US and provinces.

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CDs normal   $45.95
MP3s CDs     $35.95   
Download     $23.95

Tevyah & Tevit

Remember Fiddler on the Roof?  Well here is the REAL Tevyah from Scripture and his touching story of holocaust and healing. With guest artists Vrat-Na-Vrat,  Aaron Rosand and the Klezmerines. Acclaimed "the best you've ever done."  Jackson Snyder, 70 min.

Letter of BarNaba

If you picked up a New Testament in 250 AD, this great book would be in there.  Barnabas talks about prophecy, sabbath, food, and introduces the earliest ideas we have regarding "proto-Christianity." Theodore A. Dornan, translator and narrator.  70 Minutes.

Judith & Holofernes

This is the exciting story of Judith, the heroine of Israel.  Judith marks the characteristics of the STRONG WOMAN.  This has become one of the most formative stories in Judaism, and with good reason.  Also includes the LOST CHAPTERS OF DANIEL.  Jackson Snyder, 70 minutes.

Pilgrimage to Jerusalem
The Adolescent Yahshua

Based on a true-life story - no names have been changed. The adolescent  Yahshua / 'Jesus' makes his first journey to Tabernacles in Jerusalem.  Things don't turn out so good - but for the best never-the-less.  Jackson Snyder, 70 minutes.

The Recognitions of Clement:
The Authentic Peter

Clement was the secretary and successor of the Apostle, Peter. Excerpts from Clement's Journal are on this CD - the teachings of Peter, the letter from Peter to James, the Assault of Paul on James on the Temple steps, etc.  Theodore A. Dornan, translator and narrator.  70 minutes.

Mystery CD

This CD has not been released yet, but contains the hitherto unknown life and teaching of an Apostle we would never expect to rediscover.  Prepare for some major lost truths. Jackson Snyder, 70 minutes.

SIX CDs - 7 hours of Apostolic Teaching from the REAL Apostles.

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CDs normal    $45.95
MP3s CDs     $35.95   
Download     $23.95


Brand New from Paul Nison - a great book, easy to follow!

Paul Nison - Health According to the Scriptures

Health According To The Scriptures: Experience the Joy of Health According to Our Creator

Get Healthy Now

Why do some people get sick while others stay healthy? If diet were the only factor, why do some people who eat a healthful diet still get sick? This proves that diet is not the only factor.

Why do some people who eat a very unhealthful diet not get sick?

Are they just blessed? Are they just in the right place at the right time?

Our Creator designed our bodies to be perfect and never to get a disease. He made us to be perfect. Anytime you experience discomfort, itís because youíre not following our Creatorís commands. The answer to feeling well again simply comes down to going back to our Creatorís words. What does He say about health? What does He say about diet and food? What does He say about exercise and rest? Do you know what He says? Do you follow what He says?

Get Healthy Now

All the answers can be found in the Scriptures (holy Bible). During my lectures on the road, our Creator promptly guides my thoughts toward the very scriptural passages that run parallel to and shed light on my ideas. The Scriptures are a great instruction manual of how to live life; though its messages date back thousands of years, still they hold strong and ring true to this day. I wrote this book to help you find these timeless answers. Enjoy!

In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths

-Proverbs 3:6

Get Healthy Now
Health According To The Scriptures: Experience the Joy of Health According to Our Creator


CLASSIC MacNutt!  Deliverance from Evil Spirits

Frangipane - Three Battlegrounds - Self-deliverance

CLASSIC!  Frank Hammond - Demons and Deliverance

CLASSIC!  Deliverance and Inner Healing - Sanford

Deliverance for Children and Teens


Neil Anderson Pack, 2 Volumes   Victory Over Darkness / The Bondage Breaker, updated editions

Deep Wounds Deep Healing: Discovering the Vital Link Between Spiritual Warfare & Inner Healing Charles Kraft - helping self & others

I Give You Authority Charles Kraft - how to have & use it

Spiritual Housecleaning: Protect Your Home From Spiritual Pollution  Alice & Eddie Smith

40" Acoustic Guitar
Metal Tobacco Sunburst
Oom Pa Pa Price $249

One of many bandoleonsFull-Size Accordion - Green
Locking case
MSRP: $500.00

Who can find a righteous cello?Full Size (4/4) Cello - Natural
Hand Carved Spruce and Maple
MSRP: $700.00
Oom Pa Pa Price:  
Spruce, Catalpa and Rosewood
Oom Pa Pa Price:  $39.00

 The The Lost Prophet

Now your children can learn Hebrew