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Nazarene Acts of the Apostles (PDF)

The Nazarene Acts of the Apostles - Another "Acts"

Books I - X, the Letters & the Great Demise

 (September 3, 2019)

Presentation and audio editing by Jackson Snyder & Bogdan G. Schruumkoff

2019 Vero Essene Yahad  Vero Essene Yahad

The book was edited by Jackson Snyder, Theodore Dornan & Chris Plourde

2013 Vero Essene Yahad   Vero Essene Yahad


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          Part 1 - Books I & II
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          Part 3 - Books V - VIII
          Part 4 - Books IX & X, Letters
          Part 5 - The Great Demise
(The Martyrology)

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Part 1 - Books I & II (right click)

Part 2 - Books III & IV

Part 3 - Books V - VIII

Part 4 - Books IX & X, Letters

Part 5 - The Great Demise (The Martyrology)


Listen on Youtube Books I - X, the Letters & the Great Demise

Part 1 - Books I & II (left click)

Part 2 - Books III & IV

Part 3 - Books V - VIII

Part 4 - Books IX & X, Letters

Part 5 - The Great Demise (The Martyrology)

TO COME SOON: Parts 6 and 7. 
(More obscure Clementine histories that may be related.)

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The Great Demise, Martyrdoms, Unknown

Genesis, The Scriptures, Institute of Scripture Research

Matthew, The Scriptures, Institute of Scripture Research

The Mark, Esoteric Christianity, Maurice Nicoll

The Letter of Silvanus, Silvanus / Silas / Zillah

The Book of (Ethiopic) Enoch, Enoch Seventh from Adam

The Epistle of Barnabas, Joseph Barnabas

Others Available

  The Book of Secret (Slavonic) Enoch, Enoch

  The Slavonic Jewish War, Josephus

  The Didache, or Teaching of the Twelve, Simon Zelotes

  The Apocalypses of James, Judas Didymos Thomas

  The Odes of Shalome, Shalome bat Yoseph

  The Nazarene Acts of the Apostles, see above

  The Jewish War (excerpts), Flavius Josephus

And many more at




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~ AUDIO + EBOOK ~ Expanded, Expanded Version ~ THE NAZARENE ACTS OF THE APOSTLES or The Recognitions of Clement features true Hebraic names and a complete glossary. This book will change you forever. By Flavius Clemens ed. by Jackson Snyder et al.
This is an ancient account of the travels and teachings of the Apostle Peter, and his interaction with Clement and James the Just, brother of Jesus.
   Can you imagine what it would have been like to be taught personally about Jesus (Y'shua) by the apostle Paul (Saul) or Peter (Kefa)? Clement of Rome was a first-century convert of Barnabas who had that wonderful privilege. If you look in your New Testament at Philippians 4:3 you will find a reference to this Clement. 
   After Peter were martyred at Rome, Clement become a leader, in fact, bishop, of the assembly there. You can visit the Church of San Clemente in Rome today, thought to be built over Clement's house. Tradition has it that about the year 100 AD he was martyred by being cast into the sea tied to an anchor. Not much detail is known about Clement of Rome, but some of his writings provide valuable insight into the early church. (From Christianity dot com)
   This audio includes authoritative letters from Peter (Kefa), James (Yaakov) and Clement - letters hitherto unknown. (You cannot get this through any club.) (Some sections dramatized.) (May be serialized, received in sections as they are completed.)
This text is getting a lot of attention from "Jewish Christianity" scholars, for it retains the stories, doctrine, and preaching of the Nazarenes connected to the Assembly of YHWH in Jerusalem (the first church), overseer James the Just (Yaakov ha Zadik), missionaries Peter (Kefa) & Barnabas (barNaba), and the Gentile Clement. This is non-fiction. It is the 321 page travelogue of the Apostle Peter. The account has been neglected by church and synagogue and hidden away - too 'Jewish,' say churchmen. Clement of Rome hears Barnabas preaching and follows him to Israel. Clement meets James the Just (Ya'aqov haTzadik). Clement can write, so James send him to get an account of Peter's acts & preaching. Clement journals his preaching, acts, debates with others, their stopovers, rules, confrontations, the lost True Prophet doctrine, demons & how to cast them out, why Gentiles must stay away, and the Torah's place in the Yahad. Contains the Ascents of James, Preaching of Peter, Recognitions,letters to and from Apostles, Paul's attack on James, and the exposition of Simon Magus' magic. Include the 'lost books' known as the Ascents of James, the Preaching of Peter, and several authentic letters between Peter, Clement and James. This book will revolutionize your thinking.


Clement and Barnabas: Nazarene Acts, Book I

   By Kaye Redwine  Oct 31, 2016  Why haven't we heard these priceless words during all those years in the pews? My first impression after reading this book is that it is a love letter between Peter and a new convert, Clement. Peter lovingly teaches Clement the history of man from the garden to after the death of Messiah Yahshua (Jesus.) He grooms Clement to take his place as overseer upon Peter's martyrdom. Clement takes thorough notes of all that Peter teaches him including the content of a series of public debates between Peter and Shimon Magus, the sorcerer. Clement learns why Messiah came in the first century and how he felt about animal sacrifices and the state of the temple in the first century. Until I read this book, I did not know Peter as a mature spirit filled apostle. This true names translation is refreshing and enlightening on many levels.
   By Donald McGrew  Feb 9, 2016  We always wondered why Peter was so silent after the death of the Messiah, even though he was the obvious spokesman for the Apostles most of the time. Truth was, there is much written about Peter as well as many others during the first century that many have not been aware of. A very enlightening if not inspiring book and translation. Every believer that desires to know more about the "actual" first century church after the death of the Messiah should have a copy of this book.
Edited by Jackson Snyder. Other translations of ancient books by him are found on Ebay's KingdomKart dot com)

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