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COURSE 14 - Jewish Mysticism, Kabbalah & Oral Torah


Vero Essene Yahad

Dr. Jackson Snyder

3495 1st St.  Vero Beach, FL 32968

(772) 696-2167

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Jewish Mysticism can be summed up in one word - Kabbalah.  This tradition has become popular with some celebrities, thus Kabbalah has been getting some attention in our day.  EARTH neither commends or condemns Kabbalah; but we do think it is very important that our people KNOW about it, and from a quasi-objective viiewpoint.


We are pleased to have some great teachers on the subject of Mysticism - all three are practicing mystics; all three are very qualified to put forth the beneficial characteristics of such mysticism.  Elder Lizbeth McGee is an elder in the Yahad, and one of the prolific teachers on Youtube and in the Yahad.  Bishop Henry Roth is our representative in Europe - Finland specifially - and he has been studying with rabbinical mystics for many years.  AbiYahu bein Tzion is a professional Kabbalah teacher in Chicago, and is (at age 25) one of the deepest and finest of teachers in the United States.  I add my 2 cents by doing an overview of the subject in the introduction.